Giants Expected To Draft Quarterback Early?

With Eli Manning going into a contract year, and the 15-year veteran’s status not completely certain for 2019, the Giants will be connected to quarterbacks this offseason.

While the Giants could take their chances with Manning for one more season with an eye on an as-of-now-promising 2020 group of passer prospects, the team may not be willing to wait another year. The Giants are “looking hard” at this year’s crop of quarterbacks, a source informed Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, adding it would be a surprise at this point if they did not draft a signal-caller in the first two rounds.

The Giants, whose top two picks sit at Nos. 6 and 37, obviously made one of the more controversial decisions in recent draft history by taking all-world running back talent Saquon Barkley over Sam Darnold. While Barkley won offensive rookie of the year honors, the Jets have a potential long-term passer while the Giants remain without a Manning heir apparent.

Manning is still expected to return as Big Blue’s starter next season, but Vacchiano adds the franchise appears more serious about finding his successor this year than it was in 2018. The Giants entered their ’18 war room without a clear consensus on the draft’s top passer and were not blown away by any of them.

No known Manning dialogue has commenced between the Giants and Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, yet. The Giants, however, are not expected to wade into the free agency waters for a quick-fix solution, Vacchiano adds. Their 2019 starter options would appear to be Manning, who just turned 38, or a first- or second-round draft choice. Of course, the historically durable Manning could groom a younger passer chosen this year.

Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Daniel Jones and perhaps Kyler Murray are the quarterbacks receiving first-round buzz this year. Next year’s crop may well include Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa and Jake Fromm. The Dolphins are looking at the latter contingent; the Giants might not be.

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26 comments on “Giants Expected To Draft Quarterback Early?

    • dugdog83

      Haskins will be a terrible pro. Much better QBs next year when Giants are drafting high again.

  1. munlou

    Haskins if the price is not to high otherwise wait for 2020 Eli is still good enough for 1 more year after this season

      • IBFarr

        I think it would be better to go 0-16 with Eli at the helm and get the #1 pick then go for a QB that they don’t want.

        • dilz82

          As a Giants fan I concur. I’m just praying they don’t draft Jones at #6.

        • phenomenalajs

          Eli will not be the QB all season if they’re on there way to 0-16. They’ll see what they’ve got with whatever young QB they have if that’s the case. Unless they’re sold on Haskins and he’s there at 6, they’ll probably trade with the Rams or Patriots like the Ravens did last year with Lamar Jackson in order to guarantee the fifth year option for the QB they take (Lock?).

  2. playicy

    Should because Eli is washed up take lock the best one coming out this year

    • dilz82

      If Denver called me up and offered the 10, their 2nd and then a late round pick I’d take that deal…let them have Lock. I’d take a flier on Brett Rypien in the 4th instead.

      • Perksy

        Do we want to waste another mid round pick though on a QB? Webb was a 3rd, Lauletta was a 4th when they could have taken offensive line and defensive players in those spots. And no 3rd round pick this year.

      • donnie baker

        i live in Boise and have watched Brett Rypien play QB the past 4 seasons, he is far from the answer to the G-Men’s problems at QB

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “The Giants entered their ’18 war room without a clear consensus on the draft’s top passer and were not blown away by any of them.”

    Ah, so they’ll pick a QB from this year’s crop. I see.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Pretty smart decision. Mayfield was the only one worthy of the pick.

  4. Z-A

    Just go BPA. Going in, none of these guys warrants a trade up. None of them did last year either.

  5. acarneglia

    Haskins is probably the safest bet. Murray has most upside. Jones might be the best that no one is talking about.

  6. Pitches Love Velocity

    Who cares who the qb is of you have a putrid line. Trade the pick get oline help. Trade your 1st and 2nd to get extra picks.

  7. Pat

    In other news: fire is hot.
    Ice is cold.
    Football is boring until free agency starts now.

  8. Gcash144

    Haskins is not the way to go with the 6th pick. I will trade back into the draft and take either Greedy Williams or pass rusher maybe Ferrell and with the second round pick go after WV Will Grier

  9. metseventually

    Sign Bridgewater, trade the pick back. Use the pick next year for a QB

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Will there be so little interest in Bridgewater that he’d sign a 1-year contract? Even if it was for multiple years (which I’m not sure makes sense in this scenario), would he want to sign knowing that the intention is for him to be a 1-year starter at the most?

  10. lettersandnumbersonly

    the Giants with Eli in his contract year are one solid right tackle, getting their center back healthy and maybe resigning Brown at RG from being a playoff team. i point to the 2nd half of 2018 with Brown at guard as a solid indicator.

  11. RockHauler

    I agree with the comments above that Haskins is not the answer at the #6 pick. Giants need to see about restructuring Eli deal and reduce his cap hit and bring in someone like Bridgewater. Although history tells us that Eli won’t take a reduction in pay to help the team as he’s consistently been one of the top paid QB’s in the league over the past 15 years. Taking a pay cut (see Brady, Brees, etc) will help team in the long run. That is if he’s about winning and not about making the most money possible.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      And consider that through 2018, his career earnings are $117,490,000. How much more does he need?

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