49ers Did Not Pursue Antonio Brown

The 49ers had interest in trading for Odell Beckham Jr. before the Giants shipped him to the Browns, but they did not go after this year’s other available star wide receiver. In an interview with KNBR, 49ers GM John Lynch said that he did not engage in talks with the Steelers for Antonio Brown

We took a quick look and then we just said, ‘Hey, we’re not interested in that for our team,’” Lynch said (Twitter link via Matt Barrows of The Athletic). “That’s where we are. I think we feel pretty good about our receiving corps. I know a lot of people don’t share our sentiments.”

Brown, of course, went to the Bay Area’s other NFL team in exchange for third- and fifth-round picks. If Brown reverts to his old form in Oakland, there may be questions about the Niners’ lack of interest in the future Hall of Famer.

Meanwhile, Lynch indicated that the Niners’ possession of the No. 2 overall pick in the draft actually complicated trade talks with the Giants. The Giants were looking to come away with an additional first-round pick for 2019, but the Niners were unwilling to give up their valuable position.

I think, ironically, the fact that we had the No. 2 pick made it more difficult because they wanted that badly,” Lynch said (Twitter link). “They wanted two No. 1s. And we weren’t willing to part with that. It was too valuable of a pick.”

The Niners, who did not land Brown or OBJ, are set to feature a receiving corps headlined by Marquise Goodwin and Jordan Matthews. There will be opportunities to bolster the WR group in the draft, but there are no prospects that warrant consideration at No. 2 overall.

Given Lynch’s reluctance to part with the No. 2 pick, one can’t help but wonder if the Niners should have given more thought to a Brown pursuit.

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17 comments on “49ers Did Not Pursue Antonio Brown

  1. jjabrony

    “If Brown reverts to his old form in Oakland…”? I’m pretty sure the Raiders simply need him to stay in his current form. A lot of articles seem to act like his 2018 season was bad, but 100 catches, 1300 yards, and 15 TDs is an amazing season. It just happens that Pitt found a second talented WR to throw the ball to as well.

    • Steven Juris

      Going to interesting to see how good that WR really is now that he gets all the attention from other defenses.

  2. azcrook

    The Niners are still building….their #2 pick and other early picks in subsequent rounds outweighs a few years of Brown….locker room chemistry is very important to a young , upcoming team. A possible cancer inserted can destroy much of the team cohesion that has already been built over that past few years.

    • kenleyfornia2

      They could have got AB without even trading their 2nd highest pick let alone #2 overall

    • hr71

      Beckham is even more of a cancer than Brown IMO and the niners were interested in him. More injury prone too, hasn’t played a 16 game season since 2016. I do agree with building through the draft but SF has a ton of cap room and Brown could have helped them win this season. I still can’t believe OBJ fetched a 1st, 3rd and a good young starting safety while AB only got PIT a 3rd and 5th.

  3. Casey

    No one shares your sentiments. Should be make or break for lynch this year.

    • jkoms57

      You mean besides every Steelers fan who thinks Brown quitting on his team is irrevocable?

      There’s a reason it came down to Buffalo and Oakland.

  4. sports is life

    The more you actually look at Antonio Brown he a selfish d-bag

    He screwed his teammates and so did Bell. Hope the football karma bites them in the ass.

    • jkoms57


      Very excited for this season/draft.

      Browns and Ratbirds won the off-season, but that’s just on paper..

      Steelers will be vicious in 19

      • hr71

        Steelers will win 8 games if they are lucky, probably less. My prediction is 6.

        • jkoms57

          That’s absurd.

          Steelers win at least 11..

          offense operates behind an elite oline and qb.. skill positions are replaced by younger/faster talent.

  5. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    “We took a quick look and then we just said, ‘Hey, we’re not interested in that for our team,’”

    If Mr. Big Chest acted like an adult, he could have still (quietly) demanded a trade and had MORE THAN ONE team interested in him and gotten an even bigger contract.

    Judging by the WR deals since, he cost himself 8 figures, easily.


    • jkoms57

      Exactly he kept acting like he had a “plan”

      …but he kept acting out LONG after Steelers agreed to trade him.

      Makes no sense.. kind of like Bell money man settling for less money and changing the subject to his good health.

      Every part of this has been hilarious..

      Other than Steelers getting minimal return, good riddance to dumb and dumber.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    A team that has lost 8 straight meetings against the inept Cardinals should not be going on high priced flyers trying to find a quick fix. Losing out on Brown and Beckham actually allowed the Niners to add some needed defensive depth in this years free agent market. If Lynch stays focused on a 3 year plan and drafts wisely the team can become relevant again.

  7. jb1ckn3ll

    featuring Jordan Matthews? lol c’mon man. Dante Pettis will have zero trouble keeping that guy off the field.

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