Browns, Giants Alter Zeitler/Vernon Trade

When the Browns and Giants agreed to swap guard Kevin Zeitler and defensive end Olivier Vernon earlier this week, the two clubs also decided to trade draft picks: Cleveland was set to give up a fifth-round pick (No. 155) to New York, while Big Blue send a fourth-round pick (No. 132) to the Browns. Now, following the deal that will send Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland, the two teams have agreed to revise the Zeitler/Brown trade.

The pick swap will no longer occur, according to Art Stapleton of (Twitter link). Instead, Zeitler will simply be traded straight up for Vernon, while OBJ will go to the Browns in a separate move. However, you can look at both swaps together as such: Beckham and Vernon for Zeitler, Peppers, No. 17 overall and No. 95 overall.

It’s unclear as to why the Giants and Browns have reached this agreement. The return for Beckham has been widely panned, so it’s possible the Giants asked for the Vernon/Zeitler pick swap to be eliminated as something of a face-saving move (although undoing a 23-spot drop in the draft probably isn’t worth all that much).

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15 comments on “Browns, Giants Alter Zeitler/Vernon Trade

    • Kolukonu

      You make no sense. Giants keep their 4th rounder now, when they would have received a 5th rounder in return. This is the exact opposite of what you said, it makes them look better.

    • troll_smasher

      I don’t think it became official until today, so paperwork probably wasn’t submitted. My only guess

  1. ruckus727

    When the entire league knows you want to move a guy, you’ll never receive full value. It’s simple as that.

    • graysondecker

      The fact that the entire league knew the Raiders wanted to trade Khalil Mack didn’t stop them from getting multiple first round picks and additional compensation.

      • jjabrony

        In a sense, isn’t that what the Giants got? Two #1 picks ? One just happens to be a former #1 pick in Jabrill Peppers. You can’t ignore that part of the trade. Jabrill has improved in both seasons and has become a legit box safety. They let Collins go sign a laughably big contract and replaced him with a similar player still on his rookie deal.

        For a team in full rebuild mode, why pay a WR this much money? It’s just a waste. Not saying the Giant’s handled the whole situation well, but I don’t think the value they got back was bad at all.

      • The Raiders got two first round picks, but also sent a second rounder back in exchange for a third. The Giants got a first rounder, third rounder, and a high-ceiling player with half his rookie contract and his option year left at a position of need. You basically swap out a first round pick for a second round pick and Jabrill Peppers.

        That value is easily made up for by the fact that Mack plays a more valuable position, had a different contract situation at the time of the deal, and didn’t have any injury or locker room question marks like Odell has.

    • TheTruth12

      Who are you talking about???? No way the Giants would’ve got more for Vernon. If you’re talking about OBJ then it’s absolutely not true you only don’t get full value when you’re gonna cut a guy anyways or he has a full meltdown like AB neither happened.

    • crosseyedlemon

      So your saying GMs never overpay for these guys? Tell that to the Vikings who have a cap mess thanks to Cousins.

    • The Giants had no reason to trade him. He wasn’t asking for a trade. He wasn’t acting like a diva publicly. This is 100% on Gettleman for getting a subpar return.

      • east333

        K Mack is worth that trade and the guaranteed money he was resigned for. For a team trying to change locker room culture and free up cap space, I’d say the Giants did at least alright by the trade. They filled an area of need, and got at least one first rounder.

    • akaydn

      I’m pretty sure NYG moved Beckham now as a pre-emptive move. AB killed his trade value with a public tantrum and it wouldnt have been hard to see OBJ following his friend’s lead in the midst of a rebuilding season in New York.

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