Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To Browns

Odell Beckham Jr. is finally on the move. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports (via Twitter) that the Giants are trading the wide receiver to the Browns.

It sound like New York has received a relative haul for their star receiver. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports (via Twitter) that the Giants will be receiving a 2019 first-rounder (No. 17 overall), a 2019 third-rounder (No. 95), and safety Jabrill Peppers. The deal will leave $16MM in dead money for the Giants, who inked the receiver to a five-year, $95 million contract ($65MM guaranteed) back in August. The move will open up $5MM in cap space, according to’s Tom Pelissero (via Twitter).

This would seem to be a relatively big haul for Beckham, especially when you consider what the Steelers recently received for Antonio Brown. While Brown is older and desired a new contract, Pittsburgh was still only able to fetch a third-round pick (No. 66 overall) and fifth-round pick (No. 141) from the Raiders. Of course; Beckham may also be seeking a new deal;’s Ian Rapoport tweets that the receiver is expected to ask Cleveland for a new contract.

There had been conflicting reports regarding Beckham’s availability in recent days. Despite general manager Dave Gettleman‘s consistent insistence that Beckham was not available, we learned yesterday that the Giants had been discussing a trade. We heard earlier today that an AFC North team was engaged in conversations with the Giants, and we’ve now learned that the team was Cleveland.

The Browns seemed like a relatively natural fit for Beckham and his $18MM salary. Despite signing Jarvis Landry to a lucrative deal last offseason, Cleveland’s front office was still hunting around for a big-name addition. The 26-year-old surely fits that bill, as he’ll team up with Landry, quarterback Baker Mayfield, and running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to form one of the more talented offenses in the NFL.

The 26-year-old was still productive in 2018 despite missing four games due to a quad injury. In 12 games, Beckham hauled in 77 receptions for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns. The former first-rounder is all over the Giants all-time leaders list, with top-five appearances in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdown receptions.

While the focus of the trade will surround Beckham, Peppers is an intriguing inclusion in the deal. The former Michigan standout had spent the first two seasons of his career in Cleveland, including a 2018 campaign where he compiled 79 tackles, one sack, and five passes defended. While the 23-year-old hasn’t necessarily displayed the talent that earned him a first-round selection, he’s still an intriguing asset for the Giants. While the team recently added Antoine Bethea, Peppers could theoretically supplant Michael Thomas in the starting lineup.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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113 comments on “Giants Trade Odell Beckham Jr. To Browns

    • metseventually

      Replaced Landon Collins, got two high draft picks, completely dumped an enormous contract. But that’s “dumb”.

      • justinept

        Refused to trade Collins when they had the chance, then lost him for a comp pick.

        Wasted a generational talent at WR because they couldnt dare part with a bottom-5 QB.

        Used the 2nd pick of a draft on a position that has the shortest shelf life of any other position. Then increased the length of their rebuild a year later by parting with, arguably, their best offensive and defensive player – both of whom were in their mid 20s.

        Yea. Very dumb.

        By the time the Giants are relevant again, Barkley’s best years will be behind him.

        • gmetwagner

          Collins isn’t an $84,000,000 player. GIANTS made a mistake by not trading OBJ 1 year ago before that horrible contract. This was the right thing to do right now. AB provided the blueprint on how to leave if you’re unhappy.

      • “Dumped an enormous contract”

        Still have $21M dead cap next two seasons and only got $5M in savings. Okay….

        • Perksy

          I was going to ask what is the Giants cap hit on Beckham now that the trade has gone through? $16m this year, $5m next year? Anything for 2020? Confusing how the whole thing works.

  1. metnoxious

    Haha. I don’t think this is truly what Odell had in mind when he said he wanted to head west. He’ll be in LA in 2 years.

  2. gizmoldp46

    go Brown’s good for them they really needed a wr and have room in beer the cap for him.

  3. Thronson5

    Brown are gonna be really good. Great pick up for them. Sucks my 9ers strike out again but hopefully this means they’ll actually start signing some guys now

    • atuck_sfg

      Agreed, was hoping they’d send next years 1st rounder for him, but oh well, go sign a CB and a safety now

      • Thronson5

        I was hoping the same and I agree, if they get a CB and safety to go with Kwon and that trade for Ford I’m liking the offseason they’ve had. Even if they just get Ford and Kwon that’s already a upgrade on the defense.

  4. jdrushton

    As an Eagles fan, I’m happy that OBJ is being traded out of the conference. It’ll make it easier to concentrate on stopping Saquon Barkley.

  5. joeyrocafella

    Wow!! Look out for the Browns next year… Gettlemen will be looking for a job soon

  6. santheman3

    Dave Gettleman is a clown and he needs to go. He makes me wish i wasn’t a Giants fan.

    • crosseyedlemon

      You have to wonder how much authority he actually has there. Two years ago the rebuild was on, then they extended Beckham indicating it was off and now I guess it is on again.

    • Cosmodogs

      You think you are disappointed with this trade, how do you think Steelers fans feel? They dealt the same WR, though 4 years older(but in phenomenal shape), for a 3rd and a 5th. Oh, and OBJ has actually been a bigger a*s hat than AB was over the last few years. If Gettleman should be fired, what should they do to everyone in the Steelers upper management?

      • justinept

        Brown refused to play with Ben any longer. He walked out on the team right before a must win game and demanded to be traded. Beckham didn’t even request a trade, much less demand one. The two scenarios arent even close.

  7. Michael Chaney

    I love the acquisition for the Browns, but it definitely seems like they gave up a ton. They’ve filled the hole at receiver, but now they need another safety next to Randall. They still have a lot of picks and they’ve managed to fill their other needs though, so I’m trusting Dorsey here.

    • ruckus727

      You gotta pony up for a generational WR who barring injury is a lock for the HOF. Even if he’s a D-bag sometimes. Personally I think it’s a great move considering their draft capital. I’m
      Not a Browns fan but it must be an exciting time to be one.

      • justinept

        The pieces going to NY wont combined to have the impact Beckham will have in Cleveland.

    • Connorsoxfan

      I like the move for them. They’ve got a good supporting cast but need game changing talent. Beckham is more likely to provide that than 17 and 66 or whatever is was and Peppers was promising but replaceable. Especially if they can sign a top safety off the FA market which would make this look even better.

  8. slpdajab55

    Congrats Browns … as a Bengals fan … still living the nightmare of crappy football… I’m glad to see the Browns putting things together. If the Bengals can’t win then I’d rather the Browns win than anyone else in the division. Cheers!

    • TheTruth12

      This is a HORRIBLE trade for the Giants, you start talks with two 1sts and don’t accept anything less.

      • metseventually

        With the contract he has- absolutely not. This is a slight overpay for Cleveland.

        • TheTruth12

          That contract that he’s worth every penny? That contract that’s gonna get beat by Thomas and Hill, Jones and AB are gonna end up getting more per year than OBJ. We’ve heard all along “we didn’t sign him to trade him” When you say stuff like that you have to gut a team of its picks I’m talking two 1sts and a 2nd min. If no teams offer it then keep him. They weren’t in a position where they had to trade him at all.

      • josiahdd

        Two firsts?? The Steelers got a third and a fifth for Antonio Brown. The Giants made out in this deal.

    • ruckus727

      But ODB is a jerk off so automatically his price drops. Great player but front office guys don’t want headaches. Especially when they cost $18M/season. They want those guys being team leaders and community icons. ODB isn’t that guy. That said, I would make that trade every day from Cleveland’s perspective. Great move by them. I’m sure NY preferred to move him to the AFC as well, also limiting potential trade partners. I think Gettleman made up his mind to trade ODB and got as good of a deal he could get. I see why Giants fans don’t think it’s enough but it’s pretty close to enough from a neutral perspective.

      • How is OBJ a jerk off? Seriously. He shows passion on the field and works his butt off.

        Also, if that’s the league perception of him, then you KEEP HIM. You don’t sell low off of some prejudice.

  9. goldenmisfit

    The Giants got in return peppers, the 17th overall pick and the Browns third round pick I think the Giants got a very good deal.

    • The Giants got a horrible deal. OBJ will have so much more impact for the Browns than what the Giants got back. When healthy, he’s one of the best WRs in football and can take it all the way on any given play.

  10. TheTruth12

    The return is weak what a steal by Cleveland.
    Hot take: Not only do the Browns make the playoffs, they win the division, AND they get that 1st round bye.

    • jimmyz

      Browns don’t have much of an o line now after trading Zeitler and Thomas retiring last offseason, need a corner opposite Ward and now a safety with Peppers leaving and could use a replacement for Jamie Collins though cutting his contract was the right move. They are pretty loaded at skill positions on offense but still have significant real needs and now get to watch 50 some picks go off the board in the draft before they get a chance to fill those needs.

    • Cosmodogs

      I apologize if I am wrong, but I thought you were one of those stating it was ridiculous for the Steelers to try and get a 1st rd pick for AB?

  11. dust44

    This should keep Odell happy for a few years being with his boy Jarvis. Baker is so accurate and now having those 2 is huge for his growth.

  12. braveshomer

    What would be more epic? Lebron and the Cavs bringing a ship to Clevland or Baker and Browns bringing a ship?!?!… that’s a tough one

  13. honey nut ichiros

    Per Adam Shefter Twitter

    Giants receive Browns 1st round pick (#17 over all 2019)
    the Browns second 3rd round pick and safety Jabril Peppers

  14. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Saquon Barkley is quietly weeping tonight picturing the 11 guys in the box every single game next season.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Noodle arm Eli Manning can still find an open receiver. He aint Lamar Jackson

  15. padam

    It’s gotta make the Steelers wonder why couldn’t they have gotten more. Understood circumstances were different, but still…

    • TJECK109

      Extremely different circumstances. One player made it clear he wasn’t going to play and that he wanted a new contract. The other has the new contract and is younger and didn’t screw his value. It’s easier to get rid of talent than a cancer

  16. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Somehow I even doubt Cleveland’s ability to screw this up, like they typically do. That team is insanely stacked in that pretty crappy division in 2019.

    Could you imagine TB12 having to head out on the road to CLEVELAND?!?! for the AFC Championship game??

  17. jirogers72

    Gettleman only believes in huge offensive lines which he calls “molly hogs”. Should I say more?

  18. belfalbran

    Good haul for the rebuilding process. Trust the process. Haha… fly eagles fly!

  19. Z-A

    Hard not to like this pick for the Giants honestly. Peppers graded out well, cost much less than Collins (makes me think this was in the works for a while). 19th overall, you can get a WR or OL at that spot. Pugh was 19th overall. Little,William’s, or Ford could be there. Tyrell William’s comes to mind as a cheaper replacement for OBJ as an outside reciever. Sheppard split time at the slot and outside 49%-51%. So they could go Golden Tate for a slot guy too.

    • It’s quite easy to hate this from the Giants perspective. You’re gambling that a 17th overall pick, a third rounder (how often do they pan out?), and Peppers will provide more value than OBJ. Draft picks bust all the time, OBJ has established himself as a fantastic receiver.

      Silly trade for the Giants, and it’s hard to imagine them not getting more for OBJ.

      • Z-A

        Talent wise, you want that type of weapon for a rookie QB, ego wise no. Nate Solder was 17th overall. Damien Woody, Steve Hitchinson, Iupati, Gosder Cherilus all OL all starters and above average or pro bowlers. That’s 2013 to 1999. I’m saying they should target OL with that pick.

  20. jjabrony

    Giants will hope Dwayne Haskins falls to pick #6 and will grad a top WR with Cleveland’s #17 pick. They are in full rebuild mode now. Replacing Eli and OBJ in one draft.

    • DarkSide830

      more likely they use the two picks to move up if they really want haskins.

      • jjabrony

        I thought about that too but that just feels like a lot to give up for a QB that doesn’t seem like a huge target for most teams. Now that the Jags have Foles and Skins have Case (i know, not a great QB but still they have someone there), Giants really only need to worry about the Dolphins moving up.

  21. Rosstradamus

    Steelers turned down similar offer, didn’t want to send AB to division rival…wouldn’t that be a Great Story…LOL

    • ohiodevil

      How is that an overpay? Peppers is good but can be replaced easier than finding an elite WR. They already have one of the youngest rosters in the league and OBJ is better than anyone they would take at #17.

    • dkcsmc1991

      Not an overlay at all. The value of a trade is what it does for the team; not simply a perceived value of what the picks could bring. Trades do sometimes work the both sides.

  22. Jason kapono

    Great deal for both teams. Giants got off a contract they didn’t want in the first place. By the time their team comes together (2-3 years) Beckham will be overpaid. The Browns are ready to win now.

    Both teams got what they wanted and needed for their version of success.

  23. jerseystrongsports

    Brown going for mid round picks hurt the market. If QB they want not there at 6. Edge/LB or dB. At 17 maybe Jones QB from Duke. Giants were not going to win in the next 2 years no matter what. So young talent way to go

  24. Ramon Garciaparra

    Giants now have one draft pick from the Reese era, Shepard. If you are looking for a reason why this trade was necessary look no further than that. Giants need to add talented players. Last year’s excellent draft brought in a handful. A similar haul this year will make them relevant. OBJ is a wonderful talent but he is an injury risk having played just one full season and is simply an unreliable character. He plays with passion but it is often misdirected to the detriment of the team. His legacy as a Giant is a strange one, known as much for hugging the kicker’s netting as he is for one wondrous one handed catch on a Sunday night. In the end he was just too much drama for a traditional thinking franchise.

  25. TonyL

    Bad move. Only Barkley on O, so every defense that can contain him contains the offense. *sigh* another 1-15 season on the way.

  26. melonman2333

    If the Giants are starting a rebuild, they have a good start. 2 first round picks and an extra third, as well as a 3 star linebacker.

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