Giants To Trade Olivier Vernon To Browns

The Giants are trading Olivier Vernon to the Browns, according to Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter). In return, the Giants will receive guard Kevin Zeitler (Twitter link). The Giants had originally agreed to send the No. 132 pick to Cleveland, with the Browns shipping No. 155 back to New York, but the two side have since canceled that portion of the swap.

The deal gives the Browns a formidable defensive end combo between Vernon and Myles Garrett. The swap also allows the Browns to focus on other areas of need next week, rather than overpaying for valued edge rushers.

Vernon inked a massive five-year, $85MM deal with the Giants in 2016. A few years later, the Giants found themselves looking to unload him or potentially release him outright. Vernon is still productive, but he no longer profiles as one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. Even at his time of signing, his contract was a function of an inflated pass rushing market that continues to be player friendly.

Vernon is due $15.5MM in each of the two remaining years on his deal. The Browns had roughly $77MM in cap space entering Friday, but it’s not immediately clear whether the Giants will be chipping in towards what Vernon is owed. Such an arrangement is not unheard of. In the Case Keenum trade between the Broncos and Redskins, for example, the Broncos agreed to pay half of Keenum’s 2019 salary.

Vernon, 28, gave the Giants a career-high 8.5 sacks in his first season with the club. He’s continued to get to the QB with 22 sacks over the course of three years, but injuries have cost him nine games over the last two campaigns. Last year, he averaged four pressures per contest in eleven games.

The Giants, meanwhile, pick up one of the league’s best interior lineman in the trade. Zeitler was Pro Football Focus’ No. 6 ranked guard last season and is midway through a five-year, $60MM deal. The 29-year-old is set to make $10MM this season, though much of that hit will be absorbed by the Browns.

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57 comments on “Giants To Trade Olivier Vernon To Browns

      • ohiodevil

        They didn’t draft Corbett in 2nd last year for him to sit again…..

        • jkoms57

          Not every pick works out… You’d think a browns fan would know that :)

          Zeitler is one of the top guards in the league and traded for a decent pass rusher.

          Not a blatabtly bad move, just a bit of head scratcher.

          • jb19

            I disagree. I would rather have an above average DE than a good (non-pro bowler) guard. Especially when the browns think they have a cheaper replacement already on the roster. I believe he was pick 33 overall and based on Dorsey’s last draft, I bet he’s good. Ogbah needed to be replaced. He just wasn’t getting the job done.

  1. jkoms57

    Browns have everything in place. Looking to make a huge playoff run..

    So of course they’ll finish last in the division this year. It’s the Browns.

      • jkoms57

        Well the browns kind of have to do something BESIDES being a laughing stock before they can get any kind of credit

        • ohiodevil

          Will you delete your account and never come back when you’re not?

          • troll_smasher

            Of course he won’t delete it. He’ll Come back with some other nonsense to deflect from how wrong he was. Right now he’s projecting b/c of the dumpster fire he’s witnessing Pittsburgh.

            • jkoms57

              Dumpster fire? By finishing better than the Browns even with the issues faced ?

              Lolololol… Steelers are hype AB & Bell are gone.

              Both are losers just like the Browns..

              We like winners here.

  2. Michael Chaney

    Personally, I’d probably rather have Zeitler; moving him opens up a spot for Corbett to play inside, so if he’s ready then it’s a good move but I’m not fully convinced he is.

    Either way, Vernon could definitely have a good year with opposing lines focused on Garrett and Ogunjobi. So I definitely don’t hate the move by any means.

    • jkoms57

      They prob could’ve took on Oliver’s salary for a 5th round pick…

      Browns got swindled hard.

      • Thomas.Swanson

        You clearly have no idea what you are talking about….they wanted to move Zeitler and go with the guy they drafted in the 2nd round last year… getting another pass rusher was a move that made sense to them…..stick to Madden slugger.

  3. adshadbolt1

    I really don’t like the move Zietler is a really good guard. I get they have Corbett but can they really trust this guy to have similar production. They have all the cap space they need I would have much rather given up a pick for Vernon

  4. playicy

    I don’t agree by trading zeitler away, but Vernon is a good veteran pass rusher, which the team needs to stop the run

  5. oneiblnd

    Definitely a sign in which direction the Browns will not be using their top draft picks. Go bookend best CB on the board.

    • ohiodevil

      Vernon most likely will play OLB, so I still see them going DL at #17 (if they don’t trade that pick).

        • ohiodevil

          He playes OLB last year, at least that’s what Pro Football Reference has him listed as.

            • ohiodevil

              Click on link in article and scroll down to this past season, was listed as LB. doesn’t matter though, as long as he’s on the field and gets to QB.

            • jkoms57

              When dumb browns fans don’t understand that a 4-3 DE is also a 3-4 OLB…

              Tisk tisk,
              This is like beginner level stuff…

              • ohiodevil

                Typical Steeler fan doesn’t know the difference between a Linebacker and Defensive End… had their hand on ground one stands up….middle school stuff, but most Steeler fans didn’t get past Middle School so no surprise.

              • Thomas.Swanson

                You clearly have no idea what you are talking about…..stick to Madden

        • ohiodevil

          That’s up to the coaches….he was listed as a LB last year. I don’t care where he lines up, as long as he gets to the QB, who cares.

          • kevinrallen0

            Vernon is an edge rusher. He was a lb in a 3-4 defense, not an off ball lb like a 4-3 defense would have. Different scheme, different position.

  6. connfyoozed

    Zeitler is simply better at his position st this point in his career than Vernon is at his. I’m not liking this move for the Browns.

      • TheTruth12

        Lmaooooo so salty they traded one of the best guards for an overpaid pass rusher how is that a good deal for the Browns at all? Opens room for Corbett to start but it’s still an L for the Browns

        • Thomas.Swanson

          How is it a ‘L’ for the Browns if they wanted to give the starting RG spot to Corbett? They had a need to add another guy who can rush the QB and they got him, and it cleared the spot for the guy they drafted in 2nd round last year. They coaches and front office clearly know a lot more than any of us (especially
          jkoms57)… we won’t know if this trade will be work out or not until this upcoming season. On paper, sure it looks like a bad move….but Dorsey has a good track record.

    • Sick of Losing

      Amazing deal for the Giants. I am PUMPED. Let’s go Big Blue! Prove my username wrong!

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