Contract Details: Smith, James, Wake

The latest details on deals from around the NFL:

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2 comments on “Contract Details: Smith, James, Wake

  1. wrigleyhawkeye

    Help an idiot out. With regards to Za’Darius Smith, OLB (Packers), it says “Four years, $66MM. $20MM guaranteed. $20MM signing bonus” would the $20M signing bonus be the same guaranteed? Or would it be $40M total guaranteed? I assume the former, but the way it’s written it’s confusing. Why not just say “$20M guaranteed, all of which is in the form of signing bonus”?

    • Jamespfunk

      The 20 million signing bonus will act as the 20 million guaranteed. Meaning they could chose to cut him next season and they wouldn’t owe him anymore money but that would be one hell of an expensive 1 year deal.

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