Giants To Sign WR Golden Tate

The Giants have agreed to sign former Eagles wide receiver Golden Tate, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). Tate will receive a four-year, $37.5MM contract with $23MM fully guaranteed, according to Schefter. 

Tate entered the offseason as one of the top available wide receivers, but many others agreed to deals during the legal tampering period. Alas, Tate has a home, although he’s a bit late in signing during Day 2 of the official free agency period.

The Patriots and Steelers, two teams who explored acquiring Tate from the Lions before last year’s trade deadline, were also said to be considering him. Instead, the Odell Beckham-less Giants have swooped him up in an effort to revamp their receivers group.

Between the Lions and Eagles, Tate caught 74 passes for 795 yards and four touchdowns in 2018. It was the first time he failed to crack 800 yards since the 2012 season, his first year as a starter.

A 1,000 yard receiver as recently as 2017, Tate could be in line for big numbers once again. His ceiling is obviously lower than OBJ’s, but he can help move the chains in New York. Going forward, Eli Manning will rely on Tate, Sterling Shepard, tight end Evan Engram, and running back Saquon Barkley to keep the offense moving.

Tate’s deal carries an average annual value of $9.375MM, putting him just outside of the Top 25 at the position. His AAV is roughly half of OBJ, who leads all receivers at $18MM/year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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39 comments on “Giants To Sign WR Golden Tate

  1. Thronson5

    I don’t get it. It’s rebuild time, draft a QB, release of tread Eli and move forward with a full rebuild. Some teams are in denial with where they are at as an organization and don’t want to start the rebuild even though it’s already started for them. Yea sometimes when you think a team needs to rebuild they surprise you and do good but I don’t see that happening with the Giants. Maybe I’m wrong, if I am I will admit I was wrong but I just think it’s time to go full blown rebuild.

    • jjabrony

      Right there with you bro…baffled by this move…how does a pricey aging receiver help your rebuilding process…not a Giants fan, just a confused outside observer

      • Thronson5

        Yea I’m not a Giants fan either. Just a fan of football and I don’t get when teams do this. This really confuses me. Not sure if they really think they can contend or what but this makes no sense to me.

    • dmart93

      Well you still have to spend a certain amount of cap space within each period or two year period. So that’s one reason contacts get inflated and another reason why a rebuilding franchise would make that move

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s not as though the Giants are under pressure to succeed quickly. They are able to deflect criticism by pointing out that the Rangers and Knicks haven’t won anything meaningful in decades either.

    • cka2nd

      And one more win and 11 more points than the first half of the season, and a pretty good performance in a winning playoff game (judging by the numbers, at least). They gambled that he’d help them to a second straight title, and lost. We’ve all probably seen worse gambles with far worse results.

    • PhilliePhan

      They’re likely to receive a 4th round compensatory pick next year for losing him. Also he did catch the game winning td in the playoff game against the Bears. Doesn’t seem like that bad of a move to me.

      • ziggy13

        eh with all the crazy contracts being doled out I would be shocked if it were more than a comp 5th

      • BoSoxWin

        I don’t believe they get a compensatory pick for losing Tate as he wasn’t with Philly for the entire season. I believe that is a requirement.

  2. zach 1224143625

    Did he not want to go to a winner that was his factor he said he would consider. This move

  3. Gettleman is really trying to be the worst GM in the league. Baffling move after baffling move.

  4. snotrocket

    Giants GM is just a chimpanzee throwing darts at at dartboard with possible outcomes taped to it.

  5. Michael Chaney

    The Giants really need to pick a direction. Drafting Saquon at #2, signing Solder, and now signing Tate shows the intent to win now, but trading Odell and stockpiling picks shows the intent to rebuild.

    I just don’t get it. Cut Eli, draft a QB, and accumulate more assets. It’s amazing they haven’t done it already.

    • Perksy

      With all this rebuild talk did Gettleman ever say they were actually rebuilding? Or has it just been the media? It seems more like they are cleaning out the locker room of the previous regime and bringing in players to bring back the Giants name reputation.
      With that said I would prefer them to trade a 2nd or 3rd for Rosen so no bonus money needs to be paid out. Less risk, just paying the remaining rookie deal salary.

  6. Bryzzo2016

    What the hell are the Giants doing?!? Rebuilding with a 126 year old QB, signing an aging slot receiver, after trading the best young receiver in the game. Pick a lane.

    • Perksy

      They’re not rebuilding they are cleaning up the mess. They want things to go back to the Giant way, not the OBJ way.

  7. Yep it is

    No wonder “ Getitwrongman” is no longer in Carolina. Absolutely a rudderless ship they have become. They are the “ New Old Browns”.

  8. Z-A

    I mean I figured they would go after him or Williams depending on where they wanted to play Sheppard. So Sheppard will play outside more.

  9. padam

    I guess the OBJ deal now looks like Tate, Peppers, a first and third round pick, and 9M less per year vs the cap.

    As good as OBJ is, not bad.

    • Chris

      $16 million in dead cap this season combined with Tate’s deal means the giants are paying $25 million this season for their #1 WR who’s gonna perform like a #3.

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