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On Saturday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft released his first statement since being charged with two misdemeanor counts of soliciting, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets

“I am truly sorry. I know I have hurt and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co-workers, our fans and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard. Throughout my life, I have always tried to do the right thing. The last thing I would ever want to do is disrespect another human being. I have extraordinary respect for women; my morals and my soul were shaped by the most wonderful woman, the love of my life, who I was blessed to have as my partner for 50 years.”

Documents released by the Palm Beach Attorney’s Office indicate Kraft visited the Orchids of Asia Day Spa twice in a 24-hour span, and on Jan. 20 was videotaped receiving “oral and manual sex” from a woman at the Jupiter, Fla., Spa. According to officials, Kraft gave the woman a $100 bill and another bill before leaving. He flew to Kansas City shortly after this alleged act, being in attendance for the Patriots-Chiefs game later that day.

Earlier this week, the Patriots owner rejected a plea deal that would have had Kraft admit that he would’ve been found guilty had the case gone to court. Kraft and his lawyers have denied any wrongdoing at every step so far, and his lawyer William Buck has stated that he believes the video evidence violates the fourth amendment, according to the New York Post’s Emily Smith.

“We’ve looked at…the law around the warrant for the video surveillance inside the spa, and we think it is a violation of the fourth amendment. We also believe the traffic stop [made by police as the men left the spa] was illegal and a violation of the constitution.”

Also this week, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder believes the video evidence will eventually be made public, NBC Sports’ Darren Hartwell writes.

“Once a case is over, it’s not an ongoing investigation,” Snyder said. “There has to be a specific reason not to release a public record. And the fact that there is sexual activity is not an exemption.”

Kraft’s court date is set for March 28. Before he appears, however, he is expected to be in attendance at the NFL’s owner meetings, which begin Sunday.



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52 comments on “Latest On Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

        • qbass187

          Exactly. What’s even more absurd is the ties to human trafficking the police and prosecutors kept alluding to when the KNEW none of it applied to this case.

          • whynot

            Even if that aspect is not applicable, he is still charge with an actual crime. You can’t defend his actions regardless of how much you may want to.

  1. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Why are his lawyers fighting the release of a video that would (if he is indeed innocent) would exonerate him and clear his good name?


    Is what Kraft did the biggest crime on Earth? No, but…

    When players get busted for pot the common refrain among those who seem to supporting Kraft now is “whether it’s a dumb rule or not, it’s the rule, so therefore the player’s are dumb for not following the rule and it’s OK to affect or even destroy their careers since they should have known to follow the dumb rule.”


      • earmbrister

        He’s the owner so rules don’t apply to him? He’s got no class. He apologizes publicly, then his lawyers claim that there’s some constitutional crisis in busting him. Be a man for heavens sake, own up to your mistake, and move on.

        • earmbrister

          I was responding to Pasha, his apologist. Kraft has diminished himself in his response to this. Own your own actions and take responsibility. And don’t invoke the name and character of your departed wife. Sleaze.

    • medic87

      and?…..dont all players lawyer up? and fight whatever they are charged with? does he not have the right to have his day in court and challenge the charges agains him?

  2. compassrose

    This press release sure makes it sound like he is guilty. He is going to hang his hat on the tape was illegal and the stop to identify him. I have no idea about the law in Florida but I do know he can’t claim innocence because he believes the tape and stop were illegal. Still guilty you might get off on a technicality though.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Public opinion has already convicted him so at this point he is just trying to minimize the damage to his reputation. He cares much less about having to pay a fine or doing some hours of community service work.

      • whynot

        The statement implies he did something wrong but his legal team will turn the legal system on its head to get his privileged ass off on a technicality. Though it seems that’s not his favorite way to get off, but he’ll take it anyway.

  3. GiantsX3

    He refers to his wife in past tense. Hopefully her standards are higher than his. His statement is an admission that are clearer to the people closest to him.

    • Polish Hammer

      You do realize his wife died several years ago? Not long after he hooked up with an actress in her 30s and she had a kid in the last year or so (presumably not his)…

      • pasha2k

        Pol I’m glad you said that fact because I think this is a persecution of a natural act just to make the headline news!!!!!!

        • earmbrister

          What are you, his excuse manager? The man is a sleaze. Not for the act, but for the lack of a spine to own it.

      • pasha2k

        That’s right it’s. It his, both he and she say that. Perhaps there is medical reason?

    • TheTruth12

      Bring back the downvote so we can downvote brainless idiots like this guy. Here’s some advice for everyone don’t talk about things you clearly know nothing about cause you just look stupid.

    • CubsRule08

      He references her in “past tense” because she died a few years. Everybody knows that.

      Way to make yourself look dumb.

  4. Richard Hangslow

    Does anyone really care that an old man may or may not have gotten a hooker.

    • No. It’s the fact that his patronage directly supports human trafficking that is the problem. He could easily go to Nevada and get prostitutes and it would be no big deal. He’s a billionaire, he could go anywhere in the world where it’s legal.

      • dombrowski

        Look deeper, the human trafficking part was BS. FBI came in to investigate and found there was no human trafficking. Cops used that false pretense to get attention to there case. An old guy got a hummer from a consenting woman at a massage parlor. End of story.

        • whynot

          Stop apologizing for his criminal activity. Even without the human trafficking angle, the arrest of a billionaire on prostitution related charges would be news. End of story.

    • whynot

      Yes, it’s illegal and he is a high profile person trying to use his financial resources to get away with a crime. So yes, that is a subject of interest for many for a variety of reasons.

  5. pasha2k

    None cares crept the ones looking for headlines, or are universe of Patriot haters!

    • whynot

      Being a patriots fanboy shouldn’t prevent you from acknowledging the simple fact he was caught in a illegal act and now must face the consequences just like anyone else. Though he has the financial means to fight it every way feasible.

  6. TJECK109

    I love how the attorney is looking to suppress evidence by saying it was illegally gained. They aren’t trying to prove he is innocent. He’s toast. That apology was self serving in a way to garner sympathy. Pathetic

    • jonnyzuck

      if it was illegally obtained then he should go free and law enforcement should learn to follow the proper procedures next time

      • whynot

        He’ll get his day in court and his super team of lawyers will get to argue their case, we shall see how things turn out.

  7. Dark14ry

    Kraft is trying to deny it because he stands to lose 1/2 his fortune for being a dog and running to a prostitute. If he admits it, he gets screwed. I cant wait to see the tape. This chick must be the finest woman on earth to risk his reputation and 1/2 his fortune for a handy.

  8. K3vin

    I wish the Patriots organization would decide if they want their ball deflated or not? kraft says yes and Brady is a no, which is it?

  9. crosseyedlemon

    When the “tuck” rule won’t get you out of a tight jam it’s time to try the “f—” rule.

  10. Dark14ry

    1/2 his fortune means his wife can divorce him and take 1/2 his mutually built empire…..if she wanted to.

    • compassrose

      She is dead so I think she is going to have a tough time divorcing him. Plus as the saying goes you can’t take it with you.

  11. cdnbearssss

    Prostitution is illegal, in certain areas, respect is the thing I smirk at. However. What is illegal is videotaping this stuff. Watch pretty woman, not like this is new.

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