AFC East Notes: Pats, Kraft, Jets, Bills, Fins

Although prosecutors are planning to release video of Patriots owner Robert Kraft soliciting sexual acts at a Florida spa, Kraft and his legal team are attempting to stop the publication. Kraft filed a motion to block release of the video, and the judge overseeing the case has indicated the state may not disseminate the video until after a hearing occurs, as T.J. Quinn of ESPN tweets. The women who allegedly own the spa in question also filed a motion to stop the release, and a judge will hear their case on April 29, according to the Boston Globe, meaning the video won’t be issued until then at the earliest.

Here’s more from the AFC East:

  • Earlier today, we learned Demaryius Thomas‘ one-year deal with the Patriots contains a $150K signing bonus and a $1.2MM base salary, and now Albert Breer of (Twitter link) has provided more details on the veteran receiver’s pact. Thomas can collect a $150K reporting bonus and a total of $1.406MM in per-game roster bonuses. Additionally, Thomas can also earn $750K for reaching each of the following incentives: 60 catches, 800 yards, 1,000 yards, and 1,200 yards. Clearly, Thomas isn’t a lock to make New England’s roster, but he can bring in up to $6MM by posting an excellent campaign.
  • Alabama State offensive tackle Tytus Howard met with the Jets today, reports Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News (Twitter link). Daniel Jeremiah of lauds Howard’s size (6’2′”, 322) and ability to “explode out of his stance,” but notes potential concerns about Howard’s level of competition in the FCS. Howard, who could be available for New York in either the second or third round, would be in contention to displace Jets tackles Kelvin Beachum and/or Brandon Shell, if not immediately than in the long-term.
  • In an engrossing profile, Bills executive Lake Dawson reveals to Tim Graham of The Athletic that he turned down the Dolphins‘ general manager job in 2014 following conversations with team owner Stephen Ross. “In terms of commitment,” Dawson said, “they weren’t going to give me the time, and they weren’t going to allow me to hire some of the people that I wanted to hire. The owner wanted a fast change.” Things have clearly changed in Miami, as the Dolphins are now embarking on a serious rebuild. Dawson, for his part, interviewed for the Panthers’ GM job earlier this year.
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19 comments on “AFC East Notes: Pats, Kraft, Jets, Bills, Fins

  1. Richard Hangslow

    Literally no one cares that an old man may or may not have gotten a hooker.

  2. pasha2k

    Sounds like the prosecuting Attorney wants be Pg 1 of the Enquirer. I would say this about ANYONE that this disgusting attention seeking prosecutor is trying to humiliate Kraft, into bending n pleading guilty. I am so irritated with the law goes after the clients n not the organizes of the parlor. I am not saying it as a Pats fan it’s coming from human life fan.

  3. madmanTX

    Prostitution should be legalized. That being said, if it isn’t legal where this happened, then Kraft is a lawbreaker and should be made an example of. Nobody is above the law. Don’t like the law? Get it changed. Tired of this Trump mentality of people on here, that it’s law enforcement who’s to blame, not the old perverted wiener wagger.

    • compassrose

      You think law enforcement is to blame for making people obey the law? You blame what Trump followers for writing opinions on here? Haven’t seen one poster claim to be a Trump supporter but they disagree with your stance so they must be his supporters. Why can’t you get it through your chowder head that people are following this not because some billionaire got a BJ. They are following it because we are tired of hearing the Patriot way. You guys have been tied to more scandals than all teams combined but you still spout that trash. You are on a good run but I remember when you played in a stadium with rickety old wood bleachers and you sucked. Cleveland wouldn’t have traded their teams from a few years ago for yours back then. You are just a retirement and a few injuries away. So stop spouting off about how good you are and remember how close you could be to the team’s in the 70’s. We comment because of your arrogance and this showed again the Patriot way is a joke. Kraft got busted breaking the law he needs to man up and face the consequences. No different than if I get a speeding ticket on some back road with no cars in sight. I might not agree with the law but it is the law.

    • bostonbob

      Madman, you are right. I’m a Trump and Pats fan. He broke the law, charge him accordingly. Don’t politicize it, pay the piper and get it over with. Do the crime, do the time.

  4. jorge78

    Sorry bros, but Kraft broke the law. Do I personally think sex work should be illegal? NO!
    Regulating human behavior is smarter than driving it into the shadows and people should have control over their own bodies, not the gubmint. But we are not living in my dream world. Maybe Kraft is worried that THE WHOLE WORLD will see that his hands are as “big” as Trump’s. And mushroom shaped. Anyways, the NFL should suspend him even if his million dollar mouthpieces get him off. Players have been suspended just for being in the room even if charges were beaten. And owners SHOULD BE held to a higher standard. I know billionaires like to “slum it” because the danger factor adds allure. Well, Mr. Kraft, welcome to the danger part. Man up and take your medicine.
    Be a man…..

    • pasha2k

      I’m guessing the world of Pat haters think Kraft should get a pimp to get his girls. Horrible situation, n I think all the good Kraft has done to the community is forgotten while having to possibly face a X-rated movie of himself, that is just horrible n if it were anyone BUT Kraft they would never do it!!

  5. phenomenalajs

    Jets don’t have a second round pick, so they’re clearly looking at him with one of their third rounders. They’ll need interior OL help, too. Unless they trade down from #3, the other third round pick or a fourth rounder will probably be for that.

  6. Birdman1182

    for the live of god, please dont release it! I dont want to see some old wrinkly mfer gettin a handy

  7. pasha2k

    Seems to only Pat haters care that he pay penalty. Do you ever see a regular “John” brought into court? No just cuz it’s Kraft! I do think Kraft should pay up and/or do community service, but to release a video just to humiliate someone is just WRONG.

  8. BoSoxWin

    The issue here is the Florida state law that says all state documents (including evidence) can been seen by the public. Read the Deadspin article on this. If anyone in Florida requests to see any type of document (proposals, evidence, etc) then by state law, Florida has to release it. I too thought they were trying to railroad Kraft into a guilty plea, after which they could seal the evidence, but due to the fact that this is still an open case and multiple media outlets have requested this evidence, state laws REQUIRES them to make it public.

    So it was very shrewd of Kraft’s lawyers to question the validity of how the tapes were obtained and if they were obtained illegally, then they will never get released. So it really comes down to Florida state law here and not so much the DA trying to get a guilty plea out of Kraft.

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