Criminal Investigation Against Tyreek Hill Re-Opened

The criminal case against Chiefs star wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his fiance has been reopened, according to KCTV5. Head coach Andy Reid confirmed as much at Friday afternoon’s introductory press conference for the newly-acquired Frank Clark, per Terez A. Paylor of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). Prosecutors dropped charges against Hill earlier this week, but the case is back on after audio of a conversation between Hill and partner Crystal Espinal was leaked

After the recording of the duo detailing their son’s broken arm, the Chiefs moved to ban Hill from team activities. It seems probable that Hill will be released altogether, but that hasn’t happened just yet.

“We were deeply disturbed by what we heard [on the recorded conversation],” said general manager Brett Veach in a statement. “We were deeply concerned. Now, obviously, we have great concern for Crystal. We are greatly concerned for Tyreek. But our main focus, our main concern, is with the young child.”

Hill, who has a history of domestic violence accusations dating back to his college days, is alleged to have punched and used a belt to strike his three-year-old son. The Johnson County District Attorney’s office previously indicated that there was not enough evidence to press ahead with the case against Hill. Now, they may have enough ammo to bring charges against him.

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21 comments on “Criminal Investigation Against Tyreek Hill Re-Opened

  1. tank62

    Good send this turd packing out of the League and st jail awaiting trial

  2. MathTeacherSDSUAlumni619

    Could of been one of the greats. Now he will just be one of the aints.

  3. leprechaun

    Life time ban and hope he does jail time and then let’s see how tough he is

    • Miklo916

      You act only way to survive in jail is to be tough. Lol plus he won’t even interact with general population.

      • astick

        Have you been to prison? His assumption are as good as any that haven’t been to prison, I would suppose.

  4. rkmarx

    We all know how this is going to play out. He’ll be playing for a classless franchise next year after a 6-game ban. Jets, Raiders, or Ravens is my guess (potentially Steelers).

    • Steezy

      The raiders take an extremely tough stance against abuse and dv, leave the raider hate bs outta this.

  5. imindless

    Remember this dude beat his pregnant gf in college. This guy is a turd he will probably wind up on browns lol

  6. gemrookie561

    The fact that they didn’t cut him immediately after hearing recording is a disgrace.

    • Brian

      did you listen to the tape? I don’t doubt he gets suspended some games, but no where did he admit to anything, DA will look into it, His Fiancee may even say he did something, (doubt it, since she already covered for him twice.) and he will have no choice but to go back to the podium like last week and say there will be no charges.

      NFL should suspend him, my bet is 3 games due to lack of evidence one way or the other.

  7. gemrookie561

    Where do we draw the line? Beating of women and children is my line! He should never be allowed to step on an NFL field again. Period!

  8. Birdman1182

    Should be banned from the NFL, instead he will get cut, a 6 game suspension and be a future Redskin or Brown. SMH

  9. Z-A

    So the chiefs got boned while taking the moral stance with the kicker. Now they ate kind just holding back. Someone else is just going to pick him up anyway. Why is that the team he currently on suffers from a talent stand point? Maybe attach a comp pick… if you get these cases, and cut the guy and another team picks him up they surrender a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    • i hate my father

      I am 100% sure no team will pick up this piece of garbage up, his career is over. What he did is unforgivable and on top of that this is not the first time either he got a 2nd chance.
      He will likely get a lifetime Banned from the NFL, if not there that would also be disturbing issue. Also hard to play in the NFL if locked up too.

  10. crosseyedlemon

    Good time to claim that Amazon discount with the purchase of a Tyreek Hill jersey.

  11. Z-A

    If you’ve had the evidence all this time why not leverage it and wait until the jack*** actually gets a big pay day? You basically could have worked it so he has only chaperoned visitation rights with the child and made sure the child and yourself are setup for the rest of your lives and if he steps out of line, basically you send him to jail. Literally any lawyer worth anything could have sorted this out for you. And you immediately flip the power roles, you now have the power. Giving the audio to a friend was kinda dumb, lawyer is your best bet to do what’s in your best interest.

  12. JonnyFive

    OK! OK! Wow – HOT TOPIC! So quick to judge!

    Cheetah or Beetah! Who knows? NO ONE KNOWS! But its Provocative and it gets the People Going!

    Firstly: HOW and/or WHO broke the 3 year old kids arm? DO WE KNOW THAT YET? NOOO! That still hasnt been proven yet! Tyreek still has every right to defend his place in the NFL until proven guilty by verdict.

    BY THE WAY: I dont think either one of them is very smart. I think they are BOTH very easy targets and the tape doesn’t sound flattering at all…geeeesh!

    1. Does anyone even know if Tyreek was the cause of the arm break?

    2. Was there a confession, or did his girlfriend confess for him and we all believed it on the audio tape?

    3. Did the 3 year old tell Mom that Daddy broke his arm or did the 3 year old tell a professional investigator that Daddy broke his arm?

    4. Did Tyreek “break the kids arm” as THE Disciplinary Action (I cant imagine anyone snapping a kids arm..but, i sure it could happen…) OR did the kid fall during the discipline THUS causing the break/fracture to happen to the arm? (accident)

    5. Who became aware of the broken arm first? (When my son was younger,he broke his foot at his Grandmas house, his mom, my ex, then brought him over to my house…I was the one who took him to the hospital after he complained of a sore foot. It was later that I found out he had “fallen” but they thought everything was ok and said nothing to me) My point is, i was the last with him, could i have been blamed for it?

    6. Yes, Tyreek has admitted to punishing/punching his kids physically in the chest. (I dont believe he would use adult force though and I was whooped with a belt as a kid) If there is an argument here about child abuse, please leave me out of it. I was born in a different generation. At the same time, I dont use a belt on my kid. Its to risky these days. Ive found other, less effective ways that are safer and friendlier.

    7. Why was the pregnant wife (Espinosa) of Twins in Dubai International Airport taping this recording and sending it to friends? (Everything about that situation seems a…)



    1. If Tyreek admits while disciplining his child, the kid fell, and a medical examination can back that up, the NFL and the Chiefs should discipline him as they feel appropriate and let Tyreek play. After all, didnt the World just celebrate a Tiger Woods victory a few weeks ago?

    2. If Tyreek is found guilty of the crime. (breaking a kids arm) Lock em up!
    The NFL doesn’t matter at this point.

    3. If Crystal Espinosa lied to investigators. Charge her in court. (child abuse)

    4. If Crystal Espinosa is setting Tyreek Hill up, deal with her in court. Let Tyreek play.

    5. If they were both there during the incident. and both were involved in injuring that child and covering it up. Lock em both up.

    BUT, Give Tyreek a chance to prove himself INNOCENT first. Thats how its supposed to be done.

    BUT, I THINK it might already be to late for that. And thats what bothers me about all of this.

    I hope that KID finds the right home and always has a Mother and Father in his life. (Preferably his birth parents)

    And for the TWINS they are about to have:

    Dear Baby Jesus….(silent prayer)


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