Latest On Russell Wilson Contract Deadline

Russell Wilson‘s self-imposed deadline for a new contract with the Seahawks has arrived, and Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers has been in Seattle for three days working on a deal, according to Ian Rapoport of (Twitter link). However, if Wilson and the Seahawks don’t negotiate a new pact by today, the star quarterback doesn’t plan to sign a long-term deal with Seattle at all, reports Peter King of NBC Sports.

As King reiterates, Wilson isn’t planning to hold off talks until 2020 if an extension isn’t agreed to on Monday. Instead, he doesn’t intend to ink any sort of new deal with Seattle if a long-term accord isn’t reached today. While it’s fair to wonder if Wilson’s April 15 deadline — and his reported declaration that he won’t negotiate after today — is all a tactic, it’s also possible that Wilson isn’t bluffing.

If a deal does get hammered out, it’s likely to include parameters that could increase Wilson’s salary based on outside factors, per King. Wilson’s earnings could potentially be tied to a rise in the NFL’s salary cap, or an increase in new league revenue sources such as gambling or television contracts. Aaron Rodgers reportedly asked for out clauses and/or other triggers during his negotiations with the Packers last summer, but neither he nor any other signal-caller has yet secured any sort of non-conventional deal.

The Seahawks weren’t blindsided by Wilson’s contract deadline, as he originally alerted Seattle to his schedule in January. As of last week, however, the two sides had still made very little progress in negotiations, and subsequent reports have indicated the Seahawks actually believe Wilson wants to play elsewhere, and will drive a harder bargain in Seattle than he would elsewhere. The Seahawks still control his rights through 2019, and can realistically retain him through 2021 via a series of franchise tags.

Wilson will be in attendance for the beginning of Seattle’s offseason program on Monday, tweets Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, so he could potentially take an active role in negotiating his new deal.

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19 comments on “Latest On Russell Wilson Contract Deadline

  1. TheTruth12

    Fun trade probably wouldn’t work salary cap wise but Carr, 4th, 35th for Wilson

    • bencole

      And there’s no way the 4th, and probably the 35th, would be in play for one year of Wilson for a rebuilding team.

          • compassrose

            We will take the 4th 35th and your first pick next year. Leave Carr out and you can trade him to another team Dolphins maybe. The problem is I don’t see Vegas as a good enough option for Ciara. She is part of the driving force.

            For those that don’t think he is good enough. Did you see the playoff game against the Packers? He won that game plus many other games. He is one of the best QBs in the league. Look at the stats and remember the OLs he has played behind.

    • compassrose

      Don’t get me wrong I don’t want him to leave but I don’t see him staying. We might as well get something for him. His value drops every year. I am sure there will be an agreement made before he is traded.

  2. wrigleyhawkeye

    I think Wilson thinks he’s a lot better QB than he is. When Seattle was good all he had to do was let the defense do what they do and not lose it. He’s not good enough to make up for the attrition caused by his salary.

    • Ironman_4life

      If my team didnt have Mahomes, id gladly appreciate russell wilson as my qb. Hes a playmaker and a very good athlete

      • TrollHunter

        Spot on, like I said he’s the only guy I’d clearly want ahead of Wilson.

        I really don’t get Seattle playing with fire here? Without Wilson that team sucks

        Make him the highest paid QB and move on. He’s earned it and it’s his time.

        • Yep it is

          Nobody and I mean nobody “ earned it”. $35,000,000 are you kidding me? It is a “ Ego Contest” and us the fans wind up paying for it.

    • TrollHunter

      Your insane! There is really only one QB I clearly would rather have and that’s Mahomes.

      Maybe Rodgers but he’s not looked the same the last few seasons.

      Sure Brady and Brees, but at their age they could go from great to trash in one offseason.

      Luck is right there with Wilson, but I give Russ the slight edge.

  3. BoSoxWin

    Wilson is definitely a Top 10 QB, perhaps even Top 6, but is he really worth close to $30M/yr? Not sure it makes sense to pay him this much and have less financial resources for the rest of the team, plus Seattle doesn’t have enough draft picks to round out their roster with lower paid, cost controllable players so I would not be surprised if a deal doesn’t get done today unless Russ will agree to a ‘discounted’ deal of $20M – $24M / yr.

    • CursedRangers

      All joking aside, would the Cowboys take Wilson over Dak? And if so, where would Dak land?

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