Latest On Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill

Although Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said that the criminal case against star receiver Tyreek Hill has been reopened, Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reports that district attorney Stephen Howe has not confirmed that one way or another (video link). Pelissero says that he received an email from Howe indicating that the Johnson County District Attorney’s office has no comment at this time.

Meanwhile, Angie Ricono of KCTV 5 reports that, shortly before Hill’s son was removed from the custody of Hill and fiance Crystal Espinal, Hill called 911 and advised that Espinal was passed out. Hill was living in a hotel at the time due to a no-contact order with the couple’s son, but an alarm was tripped inside Espinal’s home and, through cameras installed in the home, Hill was able to see her on the floor and their son walking around unattended. It is unclear why Espinal was passed out, and the phone call itself is now a part of the ongoing criminal investigation, so it has not been made available to the media.

And the outcome of that criminal investigation is going to be what decides Hill’s NFL future. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports spoke with a number of high-ranking executives from different teams who all expressed their belief that, barring a prosecution revealing guilt, Hill will be on a team in the future (Twitter thread). He is still under contract with the Chiefs, though he is presently banned from team activities.

Even if Kansas City ultimately cuts Hill, one club that won’t be signing him is the Browns. Robinson’s sources say that Cleveland GM John Dorsey has exhausted his political capital in terms of bringing in players with DV in their past, and that he is likely to steer clear of Hill. Robinson adds that, if Hill ever does get a long-term contract offer, it will either have limited guarantees or include a number of mechanisms to claw back money already paid out.

The NFL’s investigation is also ongoing, and the league has yet to comment on the latest developments in this saga.

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24 comments on “Latest On Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill

  1. DarkSide830

    so the NFL just said they reopened it just so that they could more easily get rid of him while making it somewhat legit. classic NFL.

  2. Guest617

    beat his pregnant wife, broke his kids arm and lied about it – should be in jail

  3. afsooner02

    This is a dude that deserves the Kaepernick treatment. Should be in jail, but if not, every team needs to take a stand and pass on him.

    • i hate my father

      To NFL standards, taking a knee is much worst than beating your pregnant girlfriend and beating his 3 year old son while breaking his arm.

      • kenleyfornia2

        I guess its fun to make up narratives. Have you seen the backlash to Hill? He is going to be suspended and has a long road back to even playing a game.

        • kylegocougs

          Have you not noticed the Kaep narratives? Totally blackballed. We can be quite sure from history that T. Hill will catch many more NFL passes, maybe even this season.

          Kareem Hunt will play this season.

          So many other guys will play who have violently offended numerous times.

          • kenleyfornia2

            Kareem Hunt got into a fight. He got suspended for it and will serve his time. What more do you want? Maybe Hunt and those other guys can adequately play at their position. Maybe Kaep just is not that good at QB. But hey why adress all that when you can just scream racism

            • TheTruth12

              What more do you want? Players that kick/beat women to not be in the league at all. The NFL can learn a thing or 2 from the NHL. Maybe Kaep lead his team to multiple NFC championships, and a Super Bowl what has Hunt done to deserve another chance other than 1 good season?

              • kenleyfornia2

                I love how you constantly call people dumb and say they have “no football knowledge”, but then you go and post something like that. So your still pretending its 2012-13 with Kap. If were judging players from that far back then Darelle Revis and Jermey Maclin are still nice, oh wait time is a concept who would have thought? “Hunt had 1 good season” LOL he lead the NFL in rushing his rookie year and was #1 this season until he got cut. If you put out a list of top 10 RB’s he is easily top 5. Thats why skill wise he gets another chance. But sure Kaep has done more to show he is a better player to roster in 2019. The idea hunt should not play again because of that incident is such a losers mentality. His incident was not life ban worthy. Chiefs thought they were smart too by doing that and it cost them a SB trip. Hill is a different case he should not play a game this season sure.

                • Matthew Heywood

                  Yes you have no football knowledge as you seem to think there aren’t bad QBs in the nfl.
                  Pederson started for the bills last year dropping the mic

                  • kenleyfornia2

                    I have never said once that he was not better than some backups. No one wants him for the media circus and its comical how you people don’t see that. He had an offer to play for the Broncos in 2016 and said no. Ravens were going to sign him until his racist girlfriend compared the Ravens owner to being a slave owner. The guy bring a black hole of attention no team wants. But the spin doctors like to sing a different tune.

                    • Matthew Heywood

                      So bringing in DV guys doesn’t do that same thing or worse?
                      If you can’t see the problem with that and the utter hypocrisy then you are being blissfully ignorant

                      • kenleyfornia2

                        You dont know what domestic violence is if you think Kareem Hunt or Ruben Foster are guilty of it. This mob mentality of everyone guilty is a joke. Look up what you are accusing certain people of before you just go floating the term around. Hill is different tho i wouldn’t touch him with a 50 ft pole.

                        • earmbrister

                          Yeah, no domestic violence with Hunt … they say that the cameras add 10 pounds. Do the cameras add poundings? Hunt should sit a LONG time before seeing an NFL field. Hill should never play again in the NFL. Kapernick’s “crime” was speaking out against social injustice. He should’ve been starting in Buffalo or DC this year.

  4. leprechaun

    He deserves the death sentence. He should be banned for life plain and simple

  5. oneiblnd

    So he had a no-contact order against him but he still had surveillance camera access. So he had access to spy on them which I will bet the wife didn’t know about.

    • I think there are enough questionable characters on the browns by now. Antonio Callaway’s rap sheet was pretty terrible, Sione TakiTaki has had his issues in college, obviously Kareem Hunt and his multiple infractions. But none of those guys have a DV charge… Hill is in a league of his own with strangling his pregnant wife and (allegedly/probably) broke his child’s arm. Plus Desmond Harrison was kicked out of UT many years ago.

      • sufferfortribe

        Which is why I questioned the article’s DV statement. Nothing but cheap journalistic sensationalism.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Dorsey was hired to find talent not make moral judgments on players so I agree with you that he shouldn’t be held to the fire. Ultimately the team owner has approved all the signings so the buck stops there.

  6. Clark K32

    So, Zeke gets suspended w/ no criminal outcome or past, but now the NFL is going to accept law enforcement’s decision, especially in this climate where DA’s are refusing cases just because they’re not slam dunks? This is pretty sick.

    I’m an innocent until proven guilty type of guy, but we already have a guilty plea in his past & no denial that’s him on the phone. Enough is enough. Remove the financial benefit of Espinal staying w/ this guy, before her or the kid are permanently hurt.

    • turkmurpson

      Zeke did have past transgressions. There’s video of him grabbing a girls top and pulling it off at a bar while laughing. Was he charged? No but it definitely shows a pattern of assault towards women with no remorse that is unacceptable in society.

      I believe the NFL was trying to make an example of Zeke because of the timing of his incident too. Unfortunately the league is wildly inconsistent in its handling of these cases. It’s pathetic. I don’t have a solution but I definitely believe there should be a zero tolerance policy involving women and children.

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