NFL Draft Pick Signings: 5/8/19

More draft choices put pen to paper on Wednesday. Here is the latest on the pick-signing front:

  • After signing two sixth-round picks on Tuesday, the Steelers checked a few more items off their offseason checklist by signing three more draftees. Third-round wide receiver Diontae Johnson signed the standard four-year rookie contract. Both fourth-round running back Benny Snell and seventh-round offensive lineman Derwin Gray signed as well. Johnson will be the player likely tasked with making the earliest impact, considering the Steelers lost arguably the greatest wideout in franchise history. Johnson will join Donte Moncrief as the new receivers tasked with helping the team replace Antonio Brown.
  • The Dolphins signed both of their seventh-round picks — fullback Chandler Cox and running back Myles Gaskin — on Wednesday. Gaskin, the No. 234 overall pick, succeeded Saquon Barkley at Penn State. Despite his late draft slot, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald tweets he is the frontrunner to become Miami’s No. 3 back.
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10 comments on “NFL Draft Pick Signings: 5/8/19

    • bravesfan88

      Lol…Yeah, that completely threw me off for a second…

      Either way, Myles Gaskin is a real gamer, I’m betting it is going to be pretty difficult for Miami to keep Gaskin off the field.

      The Dolphins will have Drake as their feature back to begin the season; however I think they’ll slowly work in Gaskin more and more as the season goes on.

      He very well may start out behind Ballege, but Gaskin very well could pass him on the depth chart with a strong camp and pre-season. Then, the only man standing in his way will again be Drake. Do not underestimate Myles, because he thrives as an underdog.

      Whether it is due to Drake suffering through an injury, or Gaskin simply showing more promise, MG will surprise a lot of fans when he takes Drake’s job towards the end of this upcoming season…BOOK IT!!

      • Dolfan4life

        Meh when used correctly Drake is a beast I doubt Gaskins has any chance at that spot unless phins are cheap.. contract year for Drake. I like Gaskins but I think you guys are sleeping on Ballage.If phins truly are going 2 run Patriot way all 3 will get chance 2 shine

  1. K3vin

    This site post a thread on posting policy, and say about calling out the author. How about being held accountable to get the article right?

  2. madmanTX

    Brown was no Stallworth or Swann. If Brown was so great, how many rings did he win in Pittsburgh?

    • Polish Hammer

      That means nothing, Swann, Stallworth and Bradshaw were good players but weren’t great but the teams they played on were loaded and in turn everyone thinks they were superstars.

  3. Whateverworks77

    Seriously…Gaskin was on the other side of the country from PSU. Every time you write something it has errors. Try fact checking…or…selling used cars.

  4. metsdolphinskings

    would love an article on miami undrafted free agent signings. Seems like every other team has one

  5. Jack0207

    Saying Drake will lose his job to Gaskin is a bold statement. Gase imo definitely didn’t utilize Drake enough. Drake is a elite talent. Look at the Bengals game where Drake chipped a DE 40lbs heavier and knocked him on his butt and then took the dump off pass and turns a 3rd and 18 into a first down. There isn’t many backs in the league who could do that.

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