New Audio Of Tyreek Hill, Fiance Emerges

We have a new update in the Tyreek Hill situation. Earlier Tuesday, Kansas City sports radio station 610 KCSP aired previously unheard audio of the Chiefs receiver and his fiance, per Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports

The new audio comes from the same recording that aired on a local TV station back in April. The TV station hadn’t aired this part, and in this new audio Hill can be heard denying the domestic violence incident he plead guilty to back in 2014. Hill was starring at Oklahoma State at the time, and his conviction led to him being dismissed by the team.

“… You ruined my life and you lied on me in 2014, bro,” Hill said. “And if you want to rewind that night we can rewind that night too, [expletive]. You was in my house. And did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no, I picked you up and put you out my door and after that you left. And on my son you did that, bro. And then then you get in the courtroom you want to sit up there and cry on the stand. ‘He hit me, he hit me.’ Man, come on bro,” he continued.

There’s then an exchange where Hill repeatedly asks if he hit her back then, and his fiance doesn’t really answer. The two can be heard going back and forth about the 2014 incident for a while before pivoting to the more recent allegation of child abuse, which is where the TV station picked up in April. Paylor has the full details on everything that’s new, but ultimately it doesn’t sound like this is going to effect Hill’s status with the league.

A source told Tom Pelissero of NFL Network that the NFL had the full version of the audio “months ago”, so this isn’t new to them (Twitter link). So far the investigation seems to be going about as well for Hill as he could’ve hoped given the circumstances. A few months ago it looked like his time with the Chiefs was coming to an end, but the recent reporting indicates he won’t be punished too severely.

The meeting between Hill and the league’s investigators reportedly went “very well” for the embattled receiver, and the Chiefs are now expecting him to be suspended for a maximum of four games. The team is expecting him to be at training camp later this month, and apparently could even reopen extension talks with Hill soon. We’ll keep you posted if there are any further developments.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 comments on “New Audio Of Tyreek Hill, Fiance Emerges

  1. Ironman_4life

    As a Chiefs fan i hate these discussions because it makes everyone a hypocrite. Same dudes that blasted Kareem are now excited hes in Cleveland.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The dude is all upset about being lied to and then he turned around and lied to the Chiefs brass. If your looking for a hypocrite you don’t have to look much further than that.

      • Ironman_4life

        Like i said this topic sucks. Noones right and we all agree to disagree

      • Ironman_4life

        Really since all they talk about on cleveland sports radio is kareem hunt and the Browns

  2. TJECK109

    Convenient that Hill taped a conversation in which he appears to be the only one talking.

    • graysondecker

      They state in the article that it’s the same exact conversation that was reported on in April, the one that got him in trouble in the first place. If he recorded this one, that would also mean he recorded and incriminated himself in the first place, which doesn’t make any sense.

  3. braveshomer

    Soooo the TV station only aired the part that made Hill seem like a monster but conveniently left out the part that may have given everyone pause and provided a more objective sound bite….not sure who is really the monster in the whole situation. Something obviously happened and everyone involved seems guilty at this point including the media…horrible situation especially for the child if he was abused smh

      • braveshomer

        even worse…ESPN didn’t have this as a top headline not long ago. Now they do but they immediately pegged down towards the bottom 2 underneath a bench player backing out on a deal in NBA….strange this whole story was their main focus with initial audio. Media is despicable and truly click bait related

  4. Polish Hammer

    Like Ray Rice, anybody that saw the video knew there had to be more to it than that. But the NFL ran to judgment and then the rest of the video surfaced and a whole new knee jerk reaction. 5hey should have suspended him indefinitely until the full video emerged instead of looking like the fools they were.

    • eaterofbirds

      He knocked her out and dragged her unconscious limp body out of the elevator. Ray Rice apologists are the scum of the earth—there is nothing more to add to that doesnt make it less dispicable. You see that…and you ask ‘clearly she must have asked for it’ is basically what you just implied. You’re probably still denying moon landings and the shape of the earth too eh?

  5. The two of them are in a toxic relationship & Hill is best served disassociating himself. This could be why the NFL has not taken action yet. Somebody needs Dr. Phil here before the kid gets the brunt of this – that should be the MAIN concern

  6. Richard Hangslow

    Personally I don’t care. Don’t raise your kids to look up to athletes. I want my team to field the best players, don’t care what they do away from the field.

  7. bnuttybbq23

    Cut his ass and keep it moving!! We DO NOT need him! I’d rather lose without him then win with him!!

      • 70sChild

        If KC is that afraid of Tyreek if they ever let him walk, they should get some good CBs for a change and cover somebody. Anyway, the Patriots showed Hill can be slowed down.

    • eaterofbirds

      Hes just a human and theres quite a few others on the field that can stop him. Like said above, thats probably what Bellichick coaches up to stop him. Hes fast sure, but if you arent in a position to make a play or move on him, then well…you arent doing your job that the coaches instilled in practice and camp.

    • 70sChild

      Yeah really. I started out life in an abusive family. I know how these guys operate. Denial, and blaming everyone else, just like Tyreek did on that tape. Common tactics of abusers.

    • twentyfivemanroster

      But to be fair, do we know if he was actually referring to violence or that he has some incriminating evidence on her? The new extended audio could suggest the latter.

  8. Wellthisshouldbeinteresting

    New audio of Tyreek Hill, huh? Welp, we’d better suspend Ezekiel Elliott juuuuust to be sure.

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