Tyreek Hill Speaks To Reporters On Sunday

Following practice on Sunday, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill spoke to reporters and addressed his offseason allegations of domestic and child abuse. 

Hill touched on a conversation with Chiefs team owner Clark Hunt, calling the talk “a very frank conversation” and followed that up by saying “I have to work on my life skills.” Hill also said he unaware of the recording with his girlfriend Crystal Espinal existed until it went public earlier this offseason. For the language he used in addressing Espinal, Hill said he was “very disrespectful” and wouldn’t want his sister, daughter or mother to be talked to in the same way [Pro Football Talk].

The Pro Bowl receiver also said “never again,” referencing his actions that led to this point, and added that he is growing as a person. He also said him talking about punching his son in the chest was in reference to teaching the 3-year-old how to box.

This marked the first time Hill had spoken to reporters since arriving at camp and he appeared ready to put the incident behind him. Hill didn’t go into much detail through the eight-minute ordeal, preferring to keep answers vague.

Earlier this month, it was revealed the NFL would not suspend the star wideout following its investigation into the incident. In a statement, the NFL said its investigation spanned four months and based on the evidence presently available, could not conclude Hill violated the Personal Conduct Policy.


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17 comments on “Tyreek Hill Speaks To Reporters On Sunday

    • Ironman_4life

      So because im a chiefs dan since 1984 im a Pos? Id love to hear the reasoning?

      • bledrules

        Anyone who’s shine a laser at an opposing qb is a pos abd most of the fans condone it

        • greg7274


          Owner traffics
          PSI change
          Ordered for
          Second half?
          Practice footage
          Surveillance tapes?

          …I’m stumped

          • bledrules

            And the only one that’s true is the tape which was more than 10 years ago
            So yup pos

    • brucewayne

      Let me guess, Patriots fan right? That’s ironic coming from that fandom !

  1. Z-A

    I like how he makes up stories on the fly and talks about literally nothing. Wish he said nah mean instead of know what I’m saying, nah mean would have been the way to go.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    “I have to work on my life skills.”

    This years winner of the Captain Obvious award…lol.

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “Look, guys, I’m making money, so there’s really no sense in talking about this until the next time I do it, know what I’m saying?”

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