Antonio Brown Backing Off Retirement Talk?

Twice this year, Antonio Brown has invoked the possibility of early retirement. The most recent instance was in regards to the odd helmet controversy, but with an arbitrator ruling against Brown on Monday, the Raiders receiver appeared to back off this threat.

Brown posted (via Twitter) he plans on returning to the Raiders for what will be his 10th NFL season. He will be doing so wearing a new helmet, but it does not look like that was the deal-breaker Brown initially indicated. It is now “very unlikely” Brown will appeal the arbitrator’s decision, Adam Schefter of tweets.

While I disagree with the arbitrator’s decision, I’m working on getting back to full health and looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field,” Brown tweeted.

The Raiders, who traded third- and fifth-round picks to the Steelers to acquire the mercurial superstar, backed Brown over the weekend. Jon Gruden voiced support for the 31-year-old talent’s helmet matter and categorized Brown’s foot injury — reportedly stemming from a cryogenic chamber mishap — as being “a total accident.”

Brown has not participated in a full Raiders training camp practice yet, but it certainly looks like the team will not have to worry about its high-profile trade acquisition leaving the game early.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “Antonio Brown Backing Off Retirement Talk?

      • compassrose

        The helmet was to get out of training camp. Did you hear Chuckle say he is a hard worker? Now burning his feet wasn’t his fault. I am not sure about the rest of you never done cryo but I would be if I am standing on something that cold don’t I need protection for my feet? They wear gloves you think he would be smart enough to wear shoes. They probably got him all changed and sent him in a room and took off the shoes. He doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb.

  1. metnoxious

    Seriously? You mean he’s not retiring and walking away from 30 million dollars. He had me fooled.

  2. denny816

    If they would stop blaring every dumb thing he says all over ESPN and websites to get clicks, he’d have no reason to keep saying dumb things. Who cares anymore? WR obviously looking for some publicity as his career goes to Oak/Vegas to die.

    • paly2124

      He never said he was going to retire. The media just made it up. He said he would walk away last year in an interview before he got traded. They used that interview and said he would retire

    • he cant he is endorsed by nike and doesnt want to lose that money. If nike didnt make the uniforms im sure he would have an issue with that too.

  3. lannonrich

    Grown up and just be part of the team. It’s supossed to be about the team not just yourself.

  4. elEddieG

    Once again…..the “retirement” was all Schefter and his speculations. I don’t see anywhere where he directly said he would retire. Media & social media created that whole firestorm where he said he would retire. Now he has openly come out & said he will be returning soon yet the media, even this publication, is saying he is backing out of retiring Go figure.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    How much air time did the producers of Hard Knocks offer Antonio Brown? lol.

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