Dak Targeting Russell Wilson’s AAV Mark

Dak Prescott has threatened Antonio Brown‘s grip on NFL news cycles over the past few days, and now that the Raiders receiver’s helmet mania is winding down, the Cowboys quarterback’s contract negotiations may be the NFL’s top mid-August talking point.

Momentum does not appear to be building toward a Prescott extension, and the Monday report of a $40MM-AAV goal may not be too far off. Prescott is targeting Russell Wilson‘s $35MM-per-year deal, Charles Robinson of Yahoo.com tweets. While another Monday report indicated Prescott absolutely is not eyeing a market-altering, $40MM-AAV accord, Robinson adds that other teams have heard the $40MM target rumor during this process as well.

While Prescott is aiming higher than 2016 draft classmate Carson Wentz, likely because of the $32MM/year deal Wentz signed, the Cowboys’ negotiations also played into the Eagles’ negotiations. Leery of a monster Prescott deal forcing them to up their Wentz price, the Eagles moved quickly to get their quarterback signed earlier this summer, Robinson reports.

That played a part in getting Carson’s deal done early,” a source told Robinson. “It was a priority [for the Eagles] anyway, but not knowing if Dallas would just completely cave in with Dak and do something stupid definitely entered into the conversation.”

Dallas has not yet caved to Prescott, who is reported to have turned down a $30MM-per-year offer. But talks with Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have not progressed to the point either extension feels imminent. The Eagles acted despite Wentz having two years left on his rookie deal. Landing Prescott in Round 4, the Cowboys do not have that luxury.

The franchise tag may enter the equation, of course, with Amari Cooper, Byron Jones and La’el Collins also in contract years. That would also be a bold choice from Prescott, who will earn barely $2MM this season. But it is fairly clear he does not have a team-friendly deal on his itinerary.

As a former third-round pick, Wilson was in this situation four years ago. The Seahawks quarterback signed what was then the No. 2 quarterback contract ($21.9MM per year). The cap has gone up by more than $30MM since, and the quarterback market has changed dramatically over the past year and change. That’s helped lead to this Prescott-Cowboys standoff, one of the more interesting negotiations in recent memory.

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45 comments on “Dak Targeting Russell Wilson’s AAV Mark

  1. infield fly

    But Dak has accomplished nothing yet! Why would he be worth Russel Wilson money?

    • dmarcus15

      Dak has great numbers just like Romo had but the main number is the one he and Romo had a problem with and that’s playoff wins.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Imagine paying someone who is 12-1 when passing for 255 yards or more…preposterous!

            • Mikel Grady

              Dak 32-16 while Wilson is 29-18 . My stats come from pro football reference . Where is yours from ??

              • rgreen

                You’re using the last 3 years,while Dak had Elliott and a strong offensive line.Wilson had the same record in the 3 years he had Lynch….Wilson also got a ring,and got close to a 2nd.

      • haywire4fun

        Never threw for more than 4k or 25 tds. He’s a backup at best. Hell even Eli threw for 4k last year and they threw him away like a can of salted offal. Dak for the last few years (Barring last year) has had the privilege to be behind one of if not the best O-line in football. If he can’t succeed in that environment he never will. Give him the 2015 Foles treatment.

  2. TJECK109

    Guess Dak isn’t worried about who he has to run the ball or throw to. Cowboys window will be closing fast with all the huge contracts they need to shell out.

    • highplainsdriftr

      They will get them all signed, but they’ll be in a cap crunch year after year

  3. crazylarry

    Dak at $30,000,000 the pay scale has become a joke. Franchise him for 2 years and find a replacement in the meantime. He is a product f the Cowboys system.

    • DarkSide830

      obviously Dak is better then most people claim him to be, but he still isnt a top-5 QB, (as $30 mil would play him) and is only borderline top-15. he’s better then plenty of guys, that’s obvious, but he’s nothing beyond average. its not that hard to find a QB that is simply “competent;” look around tbe league and tell me less then half of the teams have a competent QB. he is average, and should only be paid like as an average QB.

    • TheTruth12

      You don’t have to be competent to hand the ball to Zeke most of the game. Tannehill or even Mark Sanchez could come in and win the same amount of games as Dak.

      • Agree on Tannehill, but Sanchez can’t even handoff competently, hence the famous butt fumble. Did you see his atrocious half of play for the Redskins last year? Got pulled from his first start.

  4. amk3510

    Dak is a walmart brand Russell Wilson. Wilson won a superbowl in his 2nd season. So much for standards

    • DarkSide830

      Contract comparison is a slippery slope, because of inflation within sports. lets face it; Russell Wilson is not football’s best QB, and probably not its best off of their rookie contract either. It’s just as Michael Thomas is good, but not football’s best reciever.

        • DarkSide830

          the inflation makes these sort of things possible. if Brees, Rivers, Brady, etc were in the same age and contract situation as Dak is they’d surpass Wilson by a mile each.

  5. silversteel

    I can’t see dak even worth 22-24 mill a year. I wouldn’t give him Kirk cousins money either. Forget 35. He’s average nothing special. They should trade him and get another Qb next year.

  6. bowserhound

    Man, these NFL guys sure seem to think crazy is a good thing. Tag him out of spite.

  7. TheTruth12

    Dak is the most delusional player in any sport, he is easily replaceable especially in that system. Anyone that thinks he should get paid more than 20M is also just as delusional!

    • dmarcus15

      Tom Brady made $20 mil base salary in 18 I believe it goes to $30 this year it’s just crazy how these guys don’t realize being the highest problem kills your team. If The big 3 took $5mil less a year what the team could do. that is how dynasties are made being a true team player. If I was Jerry Dak, Coop, Zeke would be on the block.

      • Polish Hammer

        Dak isn’t worth $30mil or even more that he’d turn that offer down. But he also hasn’t been in the league as long as TB12 nor does he have a wife make fortune so you can’t compare the two or anybody else to Brady either.

    • earmbrister

      Truther – As Matt Damon said in the movie Rounders, if you look around the poker table wondering who’s the chump, it’s probably you. In this case, you’re the delusional one.

      Dak is making $681k this year. Guess what that makes him? The 25th highest paid QB? Nope, try again. The 35th highest paid QB? Not even close. Certainly top 50 right? Wrong again. He is the 79th highest paid QB. It’s a joke what no names are being paid more. Guys you can’t even connect to a specific team without looking. The man is 32 and 16 in three full seasons in the NFL: i.e., he’s averaging about 11 wins per year in the regular season. His QB passer rating in the playoffs is 96. The man is a WELL ABOVE AVERAGE quarterback.

      Kirk Cousins is being paid $28MM per, Derek Carr is being paid $25MM per. Where in the world did you pull that $20MM figure from? Oh, yeah, I know.

      Salaries in sports always are rising. If he signs for $35MM per, in four years he’ll be drastically underpaid. Of course, not as underpaid as $681k per to be QB’ing a successful team.

      As for the “system” theory, quality QBs are hard to find. Ask the Redskins how easy it is. Or about a dozen other teams.

  8. joparx

    If you gave Andy Dalton the Cowboys oline and run game, is he better than Dak? I hope the cowboys pay him 40 million a year and handcuff themselves to mediocrity for the foreseeable future

    • earmbrister

      The answer to your question is no.

      We all know what Andy Dalton is and is not.

  9. snotrocket

    Dak Prescott 2018 QBR 55.2. Nick Muellens 2018 QBR 51.7. Dak is barely better than an undrafted back up. As a Niners fan, I hope they back up the Brinks truck for him and cripple their cap for the foreseeable future.

  10. Paul1989

    Shocker, I thought that tool Florio said he wasn’t seeking 40 million. Looks like the tool was wrong again. He should have stuck to his usual stance which would be, I hear Dak and Dunk may or may not be seeking 40 million a year. That way he can try and claim he’s right.

  11. Yes Cowgirls!!! Please make Dak and Zeke the highest paid at their positions! That would cripple this franchise for many years and that would awesome!


    Cooper is a Top 10 WR – I give him the money
    Elliott is the Top RB in the NFL – I give him the money

    Dak is an average QB in a great situation. He is not worth 30 million a year, SCREW THAT. Let him walk and go all in on the 3 top QB’s coming out in the draft. You can use the savings on paying Dak for signing Byron Jones and company.

  13. jorge78

    Time to trade Dak for Josh Rosen! I mean, Herman Munster could succeed behind that offensive line!

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