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The holdout of Chargers running back Melvin Gordon is expected to continue into the season, sources tell Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). At this stage, contract talks have not progressed as he hoped, and Gordon plans to train in Florida for the foreseeable future. 

Gordon can’t sit out the entire season — or at least, he can’t sit out the entire season if he wants to become a free agent next spring (which he does). If Gordon doesn’t report by November 29, he won’t be eligible to play during the 2019 campaign. At that point, his contract would toll: his $5.605MM salary would simply carry over to 2020, and he’d remain under the Chargers’ control.

Gordon has simultaneously said that he’d like to remain with Los Angeles and formally requested a trade. Meanwhile, “mounting pessimism” exists that Gordon and the Chargers will strike any sort of deal before the regular season gets underway. The Chargers are reportedly offering Gordon something in the neighborhood of $10MM annually, but the former first-round pick is looking for an additional $2-3MM per season.

Gordon, 26, has averaged 907 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground during his four-year career. He’s averaged 46 catches, 395 yards, and three scores via the passing game during that same timeframe. The Wisconsin product was named to the Pro Bowl in both 2016 and 2018.

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30 comments on “Latest On Chargers, Melvin Gordon

  1. TheTruth12

    Doesn’t matter if they have him or not, gonna get blown out by New England in the playoffs again.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Check down Tom and the Pats will get blown out if they actually have to go on the road against the team with the better record this time

      • TheTruth12

        Lmao hello KC game? Lmao hello undefeated against every playoff team last year. Umm hello deepest weapons around Brady in year. Umm hello best DBs in the league.

        • kenleyfornia2

          Chargers have just as much talent and would not broadcast their whole game plan this time. There is a reason they won more games than New England last year and what happened in the playoffs has an asterisk since the better team had to go on the road.

            • kenleyfornia2

              Imagine being this much of a Patriots lunatic to come onto articles not even remotely relevant to them and run your mouth. The real Pats fans will at least be relieved when this era is over that the bandwagons will fade away and choose another team ( Like you admitted to with the Lakers for Portland haha). Wonder what team will be next for TheTruth…. Hmmm the Bears are looking like a pretty nice team to jump to

        • Ironman_4life

          Although I think you’re kind of an idiot and I disagree with half the crap you say I think that Tom Brady’s going to get one more ring. The Raiders will have a ring before the Chargers get one and it’s gonna be a while

      • earmbrister

        The only problem is that the Pats pad their record by playing in the worst division in the NFL.

        • kevin

          not gonna be different this year . dolphins in rebuild and jets essentially taking the old dolphins to the jets and the bills well they the bills

  2. zpgreen

    I’d love for the Chargers to just not budge at all and see if Gordon reports or not.

    Time for teams to stand up to players and stop letting them force their way out of contracts that they signed.

    With that being said, I am definitely not against players pursuing what they believe to be fair market value. However, that battle needs to happen with the owners, commissioner and players union as opposed to individual players and their agents battling with the team in the media.

    • highplainsdriftr

      I think running backs should get some special consideration in these holdouts. We know these guys get chewed up and spit out by the league. If they don’t make their money by 27 they won’t get paid. I find the comments to always be strangely pro management, and I get we root for teams, but we tune in to watch the talent on the field. Zeke is the same thing. I hate the Cowboys and Zeke is a douche. But the Cowboys are going to run him ragged the next two years. He is smart to say ‘pay me first’. And enough honoring the contract BS, we all know how teams honor contracts as well.

      • lautrec

        All that may be true about running backs getting wore out. Also true is a contract is an agreement between two parties with a defined outcome. This means that although the person defying the contract for what most of us would classify as a reasonable request, it is also incumbent upon us to understand the other party in the contract has the right to continue to expect the terms of said contract are completed as originally agreed by BOTH parties. To demonize either party is showing bias and subjective opinion.

        • Buyouts both ways. You want out? Pay for it. Settle it in small claims court. Whatever. This is getting annoying every year now. Make it feasible for two parties to part ways if this is what it comes to.

          • I know. It’s just now who’s next years holdout going to be? Not to mention they better have this wrapped up before my fantasy draft lol.

      • Ironman_4life

        That’s a great idea and then every team can have 11 running backs to get special treatment

    • bencole

      Hey, contracts are meant to be broken if there’s financial benefit to a party even after breach damages.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Teams like the Chargers, Saints, Falcons etc. which have an aging starting QB need to push for a title now before they have to face a major rebuild. Invest in the key players and at least give yourself a shot. The alternative could be having regrets for a decade while you try to become relevant again.

  4. Shorter contracts or more money for rookies with or without player option. There will never be arbitration like MLB so just cut the length of contracts. I get it. They want to have franchises keep their star players. Ok. So do what you can to keep them. And tell me the Chargers would actually keep Gordon if he sat this entire year and threatened to do it again next year too? They would have to trade him by this years deadline I would imagine if it got to that point. Every day he sits his value in the market diminishes for the Chargers. Same with Zeke. Make a decision and stand by it.

    • CursedRangers

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a cap put on what a single player could make per year. Similar to what the NBA does. The salaries for QB’s are getting absurd and coming at the expense of other players getting paid.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The NBA could never do that if they had 53 player team rosters to deal with.

  5. crazylarry

    Gordon is just another Clown NFL Player who over played his hand. Personally I hope he never plays again. See what it is like in the real world.

  6. LouGrozasToe

    I guess I can’t blame the guy for trying to squeeze out more $$$, but he aint Zeke, he should take the $10M deal and be happy.

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