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One of the weirdest opening weeks in recent memory is starting to wind down, and a full slate of regular season games is right around the corner. Before that though, we have one more batch of notes on Antonio Brown. The All-Pro receiver is a member of the Patriots now, and there will surely be more fallout to come as the dust settles. Brown was on the open market for just a few hours before inking a one-year deal with New England, and the defending champions now have one of the best group of skill position players in the league.

Here’s the latest on the star of the 2019 offseason:

  • First off we have more details on his new contract, courtesy of Adam Schefter of It was initially reported that Brown’s deal would be worth “up to” $15MM, and include a $9MM signing bonus. Per Schefter, there’s only $1MM in guaranteed money besides the signing bonus. The other $5MM is incentives, he reports.
  • The Raiders ultimately didn’t suspend Brown over his confrontation with GM Mike Mayock, and the Patriots obviously won’t be suspending him. That doesn’t mean he is out of the woods entirely though, as Brown could apparently be suspended by the league office for a Personal Conduct Policy violation. A league spokesman declined to comment on the matter, per Mike Florio of, who notes the policy specifically prohibits “[v]iolent or threatening behavior toward another employee or a third party in any workplace.” If the league finds that Brown threatened Mayock as some have reported, he could be slapped with a suspension.
  • The Patriots raised a lot of eyebrows by giving Brown a $9MM signing bonus given his recent erratic behavior. Teams can usually recoup 25 percent of a signing bonus if something goes wrong, per Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports (Twitter link). La Canfora wonders whether the Patriots asked for different language in the contract to protect them further in the event that things go off the rails like they did in Oakland.
  • The Raiders voided Brown’s guarantees before releasing him, and there have been rumblings that Brown might pursue a grievance to try to recoup some of that money. Even if his agent Drew Rosenhaus does pursue the grievance and it is successful, he won’t be getting all that money back. Brown’s deal with Oakland contained offset language, so “the $9 million signing bonus he’ll get from the Patriots — and any other money he earns as a player in 2019 and 2020 — reduces the amount he could pursue in a potential grievance over his voided guarantees,” Tom Pelissero of NFL Network tweets. As such, it doesn’t seem like the grievance will be very high-stakes, if it gets filed at all. 
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43 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown

  1. Very strange that he forces his way out of Pittsburgh and out of Oakland to wind up with NE on a still solid deal. After maybe a couple hours after being released from some of the most moronic behavior witnessed ever… also, how can brown get away w using a racial slur, threatening violence and being an overall NFL distraction? How is he not suspended by the league office and fined by the league office?

    • vtncsc

      Did you read the article? Are you new to the NFL? It takes weeks, if not months for the NFL to hand down suspensions.

      • Haha you’re a funny guy, I can tell, at least AB has one guy left defending him. Especially after a racial slur he used and fight he instigated against a current GM. I’m sure months of “investigation” is needed for this one, for the low wonderlic score people like yourself. Have a good day. I hope you get to your blue collar, high school diploma optional, job on time tomorrow.

        • There is interviews to be done and appeals filed and arbitrators and review with the legal team … i hope they put him on the ineligible list until they decide but that is probably not going to happen. I say 2 weeks or so unless they put a rush job on it which i doubt nflpa is willing to do and will drag it out.

        • Natergater77

          You’re kind of ridiculous. It took them months to resolves Zeke’s Las Vegas episode.

          No one is defending AB, just stating what it takes for league process. Maybe you have some feelings to work out yourself between now and then.

        • sigdawg25

          I have a high school diploma and I drive a truck for a construction company. You got a problem with that. Talk about moronic behavior. Stick to topic at hand and don’t worry about someones education and occupation that you probably have never met.

          • elscorcho the marlin
            elscorcho the marlin

            He will want all those blue collar workers when anything breaks in his dwelling space. He will all of a sudden think the AC technician is a god, or the plumber is his savior. There’s a line in fight club, that’s appropriate, here : the people you are after are the people you depend on, cook your meals, haul your trash, connect your calls, drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Don’t, f… with us”

          • lautrec

            I appreciate what you and all hard working people contribute to our society. Thank you. I have encouraged my children from pursuing worthless liberal arts college degrees and to obtain something of value such as a technical skill and ADDS to society. Like driving trucks, construction, medical related etc. Th e most useless people in society are college professors who do nothing but teach hate, dogmatic rhetoric and just stupidity.

        • yogineely

          Wow, I hope your silver spoon falls down your gaping throat and you choke on it you horrible, uneducated, waste of life. Die slow idiot

          • washington_bonercats

            Bruh this dude really said die slow idiot lmaoo. He hit the boiling point!!! Im weak lol

        • yogineely

          You’re an idiot, you make fun of a high school diploma, but your writing suggests you don’t have one of that level. Or you’re a rich kid, which means you have zero life experience.

    • vacommish

      He should be suspended by the league for his behavior for all the reasons y9u mentioned. Each year more and more players hold out on existing contracts, are involved in domestic violence, and draw attention to themselves for their on field antics versus performance. The team is playing second fiddle to the player. Fans continue to get turned off by the behavior.

      As for the Patriots, it is highly suspect that he forces himself out of Oakland in the am and is signed by the Pats. Everyone saw it coming because they have a history of shady behavior. Something fishy there…

      • BOSsports21

        Everyone wants to complain about “something fishy”. It takes two to tango. The Pats could’ve offered less money than another team. AB didn’t have to sign. Thing is, he wanted to WIN and the Pats know that he either shuts his mouth and plays football in a team-oriented environment or he gets dropped like 3rd period French. If he’s suspended, so be it and it may be likely, but even if he plays, say, 6 games and the playoffs, any one of us would take that any day of the week..

    • Max Jackson

      I know, there’s moments where players are like “we’re people too” but if you did half the crap that transpired this week to your boss it wouldn’t exactly end in a rebound.

      That being said, I hope everybody can play football and enjoy it. I’m far from being a Raider fan but I can’t imagine working there is THAT bad for $30 mil a year, at least enough to pull this much vitriol.

      Financially Brown’s world isn’t doing so hot since earlier this year. I’m glad he’s enjoying his lawn. ? WTF do I know.

      Play ball!!

    • justinept

      His can someone threaten violence and use racial slurs without getting suspended? IDK. why dont you ask Riley Cooper?

    • MZ311

      Look, I’m with you on this but there is a process. Just like with any investigation. These things take time.

  2. earmbrister

    Has anyone in the NFL had such a fall from grace in such a short period of time?

    Oh yeah, Aaron Hernandez.

    The Patriots have turned into such a classless organization. The fish rots from the head Mr. Kraft.

  3. If the League doesn’t step in and suspend AB for minimum 6 games then they’ve done nothing but eliminated any barriers to adverse activity by any player short of 1st degree murder, even that would be questionable for league discipline. ABs rant against MM was both threatening and racist and in today’s climate should not be deemed acceptable. The pats signing him speaks of their contempt for NFL conduct standards.

  4. madmanTX

    Brown can pay immediate dividends to the Patsies, when he puts on headphones on the sidelines tomorrow night and (if he ever really bothered to learn them) calls out the Steelers plays to his new team, because…hey, cheating is the Patriots way.

  5. Blackjackscout

    No one is surprised that AB is with the Patriots. Brady and Belichick will sit him down fast and tell him what professionalism is really all about, and the attitude that their system and team demands. I think he knows that Belichick has all the juice.

    His behavior should improve and Belichick will probably rehabilitate him. If he does, it’s bad news for the rest of the NFL, as the Patriots just add more power to their offense.

  6. Nobby

    Patriots rule. Number seven is on the way. The rest of the NFL is now on notice

  7. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a helluva drug.

    BB and Brady are Icarus. Mr. Big Chest is the sun.

    Have fun.

  8. Ed "The Mythical One"


  9. crosseyedlemon

    Is Gronk actually going to stay retired and watch as AB tries to upstage him? This is going to get interesting now.

    • g8752

      don’t think Gronk could come back now even if he wanted to because the Patriots are probably out of cap space

      • Gronk is still deep healing the back and other serious injuries. Next season would be the season for him to come back. He’s a relatively young man.

  10. rxbrgr

    I don’t think you can guarantee this will be the final AB-related post prior to the first kickoff.

  11. DarkSide830

    so you’re possibly going to suspend Brown with his new team? seems unfair to the Pats to be honest.

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