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The Raiders’ one-man content machine continues to produce headlines, with the latest Antonio Brown news coming from a Brown social media post (video link). Brown may or may not have recorded Jon Gruden without his permission, sharing an edited video that appears to reveal a conversation between the wide receiver and his head coach.

In the video, a person sounding quite a bit like Gruden is heard saying, “Please stop this s*** and play football.” The video also shows Gruden calling Brown the “most misunderstood f***** human being in my entire life that I’ve ever met.”

Instead of being put off by this, Gruden — per’s Chris Mortensen (on Twitter) — was “amused” by this video and thought it was “awesome.” So there’s that. California’s two-party consent law makes it illegal to record conversations without both parties’ consent.

It is not certain when this conversation took place, and Brown’s video does not reveal the entire conversation. If it occurred after Brown’s confrontation with Mike Mayock — for which the Raiders have fined him but not suspended him — that would be quite the development. Gruden has backed Brown at every turn, despite the latter’s rampant unavailability and tumultuous Oakland tenure thus far. The Raiders made the decision not to suspend Brown earlier today.

Brown remains on track to suit up for the Raiders’ Week 1 game against the Broncos on Monday night in Oakland.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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41 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown, Raiders

  1. mcase7187

    The worlds biggest baby he is the type of player the nfl doesn’t need me me me me player

  2. tammelinb

    If the Raiders allow AB to get away with his insubordination, they are destroying the team and any chance of success. It will be an open door for the inmates to run the asylum

  3. bobby cox

    Amazing Gruden the coach backed AB. Gruden basically ran over Mayock with AB’s scabbed up feet. Should have been suspended for min of 3 games by NFL. Imagine if roles were reversed and Mayock said a comment like that to AB, would be out of a job. Sad. Makes me so happy Giants traded Odell.

  4. madmanTX

    It’s more amusing how Gruden pulls a Tomlin and condones Brown’s behavior just to get him to play. Playing into AB’s ego by calling him “misunderstood”…right, because we are all misunderstanding that Brown went after Mayock over a stupid fine, which he rightly deserved. Good luck to the Raiders, who will likely win some games as long as they let Brown pee on their legs and call it lemonade.

  5. compassrose

    This is exactly what I said would happen in an earlier post. He would ask for forgiveness then turn around and do something else. I didn’t think it would be this fast though. This guy is some kind of stupid. Calling the GM a cracker then illegally presumably recording a phone call. With the rest of the stuff this nut job has pulled. I kind of feel sorry for Mayock I liked him on ESPN thought he was crazy to leave. Now he has to deal with the two stoogges. If Chuckie and Chuckles went over his head and decided to let him play be should leave and sue chuckles for allowing AH done with AB AH A**Hat to create a hostile environment. The racial slur was enough.

  6. of9376

    AB is one of the most unstable petiole I’ve ever seen. He clearly either has concussion related brain injury or he needs to see a Psychiatrist.

    I almost feel bad for him…..almost.

  7. af1257

    Looking at the depth chart it’s easy to see that Gruden will kiss Brown”s backside at every turn. Without a true standout receiver he is their best option to get deep yards or break off a long catch and run. Chucky will support AB and continue his rhetoric that AB is simply “misunderstood” until they’re eliminated from the playoff chase. Then Chucky will turn on him like a shark in blood filled water.

  8. phillyballers

    Lol, I think it’s time for a piss test. Figure out what drugs this dude is on.

  9. raiderfurlife

    Catch the ball don’t drop it run and shut your mouth that’s where you get $30 million for

  10. Cosmodogs

    I am sorry, but let me understand this correctly? Donald Sterling gets recorded by a scorned girlfriend who is flirting with a guy, and uses a racial slur to depict this person, and is forced to sell his team by the NBA, but it is illegal in the same state for a recording to be presented by AB?

  11. Breezy

    Gruden’s not wrong about him being the most misunderstood guy. Have you read this dude’s tweets?

  12. bigeasye

    It seems like AB is living proof that CTE exists. I hope the supposed fine is the $30 mill in guarantees and give him a chance to earn it back by not acting up. Like my mom used to do to me when I’d act the fool in elementary school.

  13. Gruden will take it on the chin in public, for the sake of trying to keep things together. But it doesn’t change facts – Brown is clearly an immature, insecure fool. Walking on thin ice already, and he’s recording conversations with his coach and editing them for the public? Dude needs to pull his head in and focus on ball.

    He better produce, because his leash will be short, and it won’t take long for him to be washed up like many others.

    • Al_Vengenace

      He shouldn’t be playing. At all. Period. At some point people that act in this manner need to understand that just because the can ball doesn’t mean they can act in ways that would get normal people thrown in prison, unemployed, and then having to explain this situation over and over again every time they want to seek new employment.

  14. yoyo137

    Everyone is too big of a hater to realize AB only has a problem with egomaniac Mike Mayock, and not with Gruden or any of his teammates. Mike Mayock needs to stop being so sensitive and realize he’s not goijg to outlast AB in the Raiders organization.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Please, please, please, please, please make Mr. Big Chest into your personal role model and emulate his behavior in your own life.

      Let us know how that works out, OK?

      • lucienbel

        I don’t think the problem is anyone other than Antonio Brown. As said, he did this crap in Pittsburgh too. He is very clearly the problem. It’s something new every single week with him.

  15. of9376

    The Raiders are so inept, they can’t suspend Brown for nearly getting into a fist fight with the GM.

    5 wins max.

  16. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    This is still Ben’s fault, right?

    Maybe Kevin Colbert’s?

    Everyone but the grown child with CTE, right?

  17. crosseyedlemon

    The entire AB show this pre season has been a masterpiece of sports marketing but they still have to avoid a plop! plop! fizz! fizz! season.

  18. Max Jackson

    If AB actually threatened violence against Mayock, he should be fired. If they actually have witness testimony of a player physically threaten head office personnel (the GM no less), this sets a very weak precedent for the team if they condone that.

    If this is true, AB is proving that their front office isn’t the alpha in team management, and all of Gruden’s “dude” is not going to save them this season.

    Best of luck.

  19. Al_Vengenace

    There is no room in the world for racism. If Mayock had said something equally as racist to Brown he would no longer be employed and would be blackballed for the rest of his life.

    You want equality? Then Brown should suffer the same fate. He should be released, fined, and get paid absolutely nothing and he should be suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

    This wasn’t bigoted speech. So don’t even go there. Don’t even try to say that certain people “can’t be racist.”

    It is time to stand up to ALL racists.

    • Quit being a baby. Cracker isn’t anywhere near as offensive as the N word. So your imagined Mayock comparison is asinine from the start.

      No one with any sense of history is offended by cracker, and that’s not going to change just because you want to be a victim and also find a way to punish black people. Pathetic.

  20. Al_Vengenace

    “Do you want to be a Raider?”
    “I been a Raider since day one. I been showing you dat on the daily, shouldn’t be no question about me wanting to be a Raider, question is, do you want ME to be a Raider?”

    Correct me if I am wrong, hasn’t he missed most of camp and all because of the helmet issue and then he has his tirade? Yeah, he’s been showing them alright. How to be a first rate punk.

  21. nutznboltz

    Putting everything else aside, because we weren’t there and don’t know the absolute truth, how do you let someone play that missed practice and a walkthrough without permission? This is a joke.

  22. nutznboltz

    We don’t know the truth and the facts about what exactly happened because none of us were there. Putting that aside, how do you let somebody play that missed practice and missed a walk-through without permission? This is a joke. Gruden looks like a clown in all of this.

      • nutznboltz

        Not that I need to explain it to you but when I posted it it didn’t show up so I reposted it. Why don’t you write something of value next time?

  23. Max Jackson

    I just hope Chris Harris Jr. picks off one from Antonio Brown’s hands. That would make me smile for days.

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