Raiders To Suspend Antonio Brown

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There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the Raiders and Antonio Brown. The wide receiver and GM Mike Mayock got into an argument on Wednesday, and the team is now planning to suspend Brown, league sources tell’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). 

Here’s where things stand at the moment:

  • The Raiders have yet to formally suspend Brown for Week 1 (Twitter link via CBS’ Jason La Canfora).
  • The incident between Brown and Mayock did not get physical (via Ian Rapoport of However, there was a screaming match, and Brown told Mayock that he would hit him in the face. Then, Brown punted a football and said, “Fine me for that.”
  • A fun side note: Vontaze Burfict, who has had incidents of his own and has a history with Brown, held Brown back from escalating things with Mayock (via The Athletic’s Vic Tafur).
  • Some around the league believe the Raiders could suspend Brown with the idea of trying to void his $30.125MM in guaranteed money (Twitter link via Schefter). Of course, Brown would not take this lightly, and this would result in a serious showdown involving the Raiders, the NFLPA, the NFL, and Brown.
  • As noted by former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum (Twitter link) – If Brown is on the active roster on opening day, his $14.625MM salary for 2019 will become guaranteed, because he meets the service time requirement for veteran status. It’s not immediately clear whether today (Thursday) is “opening day” for these purposes, or if that corresponds with the Raiders’ Week 1 opener.

For those of you who haven’t been following this summer’s craziest NFL storyline, here’s a quick recap. Brown, who was acquired via trade from the Steelers and given a lucrative new contract, missed time due to a combination of a cryotherapy session gone awry and a battle with the NFL for his right to wear his favorite helmet.

This week, the Raiders sent Brown a letter informing him that he would be fined for missing a practice and a walkthrough last month. Brown, in turn, posted a picture of that letter to social media to inform the Raiders (and the world at-large) that he would not be paying said fines.

Along the way, Mayock indicated that Brown would have to decide whether or not he was “all in” with the team. At this moment, it’s unclear as to whether Brown is “all in” with Mayock & Co. – and vice versa.

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81 comments on “Raiders To Suspend Antonio Brown

  1. RootedInOakland

    Goddamn jus quit fool lol, crazy how hard it is for him to jus give in a little and not be such a diva got a lot of money on the line

    • I honestly feel like he has some mental health problems, maybe we should be afraid for him more then anything.

      • I give no fox

        That’s because you are easily replaceable at whatever common job you have. You aren’t an elite athlete, completely different circumstances.

        • burrdeuces

          Pretty bold statement given you have zero clue who this person is… Clean it up, meat

          • I give no fox

            Is it bold? I think it’s pretty obvious that anyone that uses “what would your boss tell you” in a debate about how athletes should behave is not working in an extremely niche position with the skills to do the job that only 1500 people in the world can do. But hey, maybe I am off base and this cat is that guy. My bad bruh

      • bencole

        You’re not the same as him. He’s among the best in the world at what he does. The rules that apply to you don’t apply to him necessarily.

        • al avias phone

          your right were not.but, he should act like a grown man and I dunno,maybe,a ok human being?!! and your forgetting one thing.if the Patriots have shown us ANY PLAYER can be replaced.just like we can.

          • bencole

            And I’m not saying he’s right at all… but this “I can’t do it at my job so he shouldn’t be able to either” stuff is silly.

  2. ruckus727

    On the increasingly growing totem pole of douche bag prima donna WRs in the history of the NFL, Antonio Brown is approaching the top. It’s quite the achievement considering his peers.

    • mcmillankmm

      I’d say he’s at the top of the non-domestic violence group…although he did have that whole fiasco with his ex

  3. graysondecker

    I thought Brown was a joke in his time with the Steelers, but he’s turned into a full-blown egomaniac since they caved in to his trade demands. This is bordering on career-ending stupidity. There’s simply no way to defend him anymore. It’s a shame, honestly. He has the talent to be the best of his generation, and yet he can’t keep his mind, or his game, on the field.

  4. dtrainriotmaker

    Would the raiders already consider trading him ? And let’s say they did where or who you think would want him or afford him ?

    • ruckus727

      I doubt there would be a huge amount of interest. I’m sure a teams teams would consider it but I think the majority would say, No thanks! Don’t need that headache in our locker room. I personally can’t think of a realistic, great fit. Maybe Seattle!

    • mgrap84

      Gruden has done it before with Keyshon Johnson. Hes only going to cause more problems. Sometimes you just got to cut the guy lose no matter what the cost is and say “damn we fucked up”

    • Don’t worry, you may never need to know who he is if he never shows up and never suits up.

    • bklynny67

      You can’t be a diehard fan of any football team without knowing who one of the top 3 WRs in the game is for several years now. Sounds like you’re just a fan who doesn’t actually watch much football.

  5. Stillers12

    But it was the Steelers who “did him wrong” according to the talking heads and the media. Looks like a 3rd rnd pick was exactly what he was worth.

    Who won that trade?

    • goldenmisfit

      LMAO! Seriously? You do realize your quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger right? The same guy who got his offense of coordinator fired just because Todd Haley suggested to Ben that he focus more on football and less on partying. Basically what you had with the Rothlisberger-brown situation is two walls in the henhouse.

      • Stillers12

        Oh, hello straw man! Who is talking about Berger?

        But since you brought it up… I’m sure that’s why Haley was fired. Even if it was… GOOD. HE WAS HORRIBLE.

        YA DOPE.

      • TJECK109

        You do realize your QB is David Carr right? And considering Haley’s own personal history of off field issues I seriously doubt he ever had that kind of conversation with Ben. And now that he’s in Oak, Brown can’t blame Ben anymore. How much drama has been in Pittsburgh this offseason? Anyone show up in a hot air balloon?

        • Pablo

          Nah – AB just gets dumped. When you give a player control of the entire team like Ben you end up with lebrons legacy. Winning followed by complete train wrecks of a team for years and years in the wake of devastation left behind.

      • Not a Steelers fan by any means (I like the Giants), but Ben had one of his best seasons last year at age 36 after Haley left. Career-high 5,129 yards and 34 TDs. 144-69-1 record as a QB.

        Haley has a 19-26 record as a coach and his Browns (as OC) scored the 20th most points in the league. So maybe Ben has earned the right to tell Haley off.

  6. yoyo137

    “Planning to suspend” him but no mention of how many games. Looks like it’ll be one game and then when their offense gets shut out and can’t score with Tyrell Williams as the #1 receiver, they’ll bring him back and say he learned his lesson, etc. And then he’ll have all the leverage again. They need him more than he needs them. Gruden and Mayock need to stop playing good cop bad cop to the media about it too, looks bad on the whole organization when the Steelers used to sweep this stuff under the rug.

    • jhesuss

      I’m not so sure they need him more than he needs them. If his contract were to be voided, how many teams do you think would jump into the AB sweepstakes? My guess is not many. And those brave enough to enter would do so only at a reduced price. No way would he get close to the type of money he is in line to receive now. He needs the Raiders more.

  7. joparx

    Terrell Owens is shaking his head somewhere, he’s lost his spot as worst headache of all time

  8. Thronson5

    This guy is a idiot. Plain and simple. He needs a reality check, needs to get over himself. Playing for the raiders and for Carr is a good reality check after playing for the Steelers and Big Ben but obviously not enough. Suspend his ass with no pay until he can come back to plant earth and apologize publicly just as he went to social media to blast the team and say he wasn’t paying the fine. Make him say he is sort and will pay it or he can sit. Sick of this clown taking off the headlines none stop it this amazing sport we all love

    • Pablo

      He’s playing under a terrible coach whose claim to fame is stealing a team who Dungy made good. I’m sick of that clown pretending to be a head coach.

      It’s a game with white people who think they own black players who are there to make profit for them. I would love to just see a minority only strike and see how many “fans” enjoy watching White players wreck their brains and shorten their lives to amount to high school level play without the top players giving their all.

      • depressedtribefan

        here it is… here’s the douchebag making everything a race thing…

      • graysondecker

        This has nothing to do with race. This is a player whose ego has gotten way out of hand, and needs to be contained. He has been given privilege beyond what any of us would receive. He makes more than enough money to make himself and his children happy for a long time. He wanted traded simply because his teammates voted JuJu Smith-Schuster as team MVP over him, and got his wish. He has repeatedly refused to show up to the job for which he is being paid, and yet for all of the times he has screwed up and made a fool of himself and the league, he still has that job, and he still gets paid. Anyone else comes close to doing what he does in the workplace, and they get fired. He’s a headache, and he’s getting what he deserves, not discriminated against because of his race.

    • bigjonliljon

      Well said. People forget this is a team game. Not just AB. The team is bigger than any one player. No matter how talented he may be

  9. Max Jackson

    AB will be out of the NFL by end of 2020.

    That’s the trend for WRs who reach self-glorified diva status in the media. After 2 years or so you don’t hear about them anymore AT ALL.

  10. ahale224

    AB is a crazy person, but the Raiders haven’t really handled this well. They let it get personal I think.

    • bigjonliljon

      And you know this how? None of us know what is really going on behind closed walls and such. Cmon man!

    • mcdusty49

      Seems to me like they’ve been very accommodating and gave him plenty of rope to hang himself with…apparently AB just doesn’t know how to be a professional

  11. esaskgd2

    First he blamed Ben, now it is Mayock and who will be next.
    Who wants to sign him up to be on their team?
    Probably get him for a 5th round and a new contract.
    It is all about money and not football

    • stubby66

      Wait what if Oakland is willing to throw in a first rounder with AB I think the Packers will give you a UDFA off the practice squad lol

  12. nelsonj6

    This is the guy that said he’s going to “bring accountability” to the locker room.

    If anyone believed that, Send me $10k… I got a stock tip that’s a sure thing that I’ll invest for you.

  13. I would imagine if the raiders released him, they could recoup all guaranteed money paid out… there are certain requirements that need to be met to fulfill the minimum standards of any contract. My guess is that Brown not only failed to meet those minimum standards, but he failed to do so in such an indefensible manner that no court would allow Brown to keep any paid out money… great trade Steelers

  14. madmanTX

    No sign of TheFraud12 who always defends Brown and blames ownership and management when Brown does wrong. Shocker.

  15. al avias phone

    I want the raiders to take away that signing bonus only cause I wanna sit back and watch the train wreck that’s sure to follow!

  16. lannonrich

    What a waste of talent. Just doesn’t want to be part of a team, just wants attention for himself. I don’t understand why.

  17. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I assume this is ALSO Ben Roethlisberger’s fault, right?

    Let’s ask LeBron.

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