Patriots Trade Demaryius Thomas To Jets

The Patriots have traded wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to the Jets, according to’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). In exchange, the Jets will send a 2021 sixth-round pick to New England. 

It’s a rare intra-divisional trade for two teams that have a storied history together. But, after the Patriots used draft capital to strengthen their offensive line in August, they were eager to recoup some ammo. Meanwhile, head coach Adam Gase was eager to reunite with Thomas, who was among the league’s best receivers during their time together in Denver.

Thomas is now on to his fourth team in the past year after being traded for the second time in 2019. The first swap saw him traded from the Broncos to the Texans just prior to the 2018 trade deadline. Now, after a cup of coffee with the Pats, he’s on to the Jets.

The Jets believe that Thomas can help them move the chains, even though he’s clearly not the player that he once was. The Patriots, meanwhile, will have the services of newcomer Antonio Brown, one of the game’s greatest receivers of all-time.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “Patriots Trade Demaryius Thomas To Jets

  1. DarkSide830

    lots of praise heeped on AB any second he isnt being a big fool lol.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    I doubt the Jets would have found another Joe Klecko in the 6th round so this is a good move by them.

  3. rkmarx

    It’s only a matter of time before a jealous hater says something ridiculous like: The Patriots cheated again! They planned this from the start, ever since he was traded to Houston last year when the Patriots made an offer for him. The Patriots made DT hurt himself on purpose last year so that they wouldn’t have competition to sign him this year. They then resigned him after releasing him and gave him a 300k raise because they knew that 300k would eventually end up costing the Jets. Proven cheaters again!

    • 58camsnightmares

      You’re protesting a bit much.

      Might want to consider the “haters” just find your insufferable behavior to be, well, insufferable.

      East coast trash is as east coast trash does!

    • Roll

      this has no fishiness to it that i can see. Are you one of those guys that cheer for the team but secretly hates that he knows his team has black stains on all their “wins”?

      you probably think that barry bonds was using an “ointment” as well and its all a conspiracy against him and someone switched the vials on him.

      • Berger

        Hey Roll you one of the haters that believes what they want and disregard actually facts?
        Black stains on wins huh? Whatever you need to fuel your hate man…just don’t confuse your opinion with actual reality.

        • Roll

          I do believe in facts such as facts that they have lost picks / team been fined multiple times during their superbowl “wins.” I think last year was the only one where there wasn’t issues. I am a fan of a couple of their players (edelman and welker) but their always seems to be an issue every time they win. But i guess those are not facts even though they have actually happened are conspiracies.

          I dont remember the eagles losing picks or having fines, nor the giants nor the broncos or seahawks or any conspiracies against them.

  4. Roll

    Demaryus must have something wrong that he cant stay on a team. I think he is solid wr and last year was just a bad year with just a bunch of bad luck (Horrible qb in denver and kind of buried in houston). I hope he gets back to where he was.

    wonder how this will shake out on the depth chart. anderson not going anywhere and crowder looked pretty good in his role. Guessing Enunwe drops down maybe gets pushed to that hybrid TE role he started off with earlier in career.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think he can provide good insurance no matter where he lands on the depth chart and if you have the cap space the Jets have you should be using it for exactly those types of players.

  5. phillyballers

    Well they didn’t need him. And they got a pick and will get a 3rd when Brown bolts.

    • Roll

      Brown … bolts …. are you saying there are secret meetings with brown and chargers and this is just another step in ABs master plan? .. Sorry had to :)

  6. Bluemarlin528

    I bet the Patriots wish they hadn’t pulled the trigger so fast now.

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