Raiders Release WR Antonio Brown

And just like that, Antonio Brown‘s tenure with the Raiders has come to an end. The organization announced that they’ve released the star receiver. This comes hours after Brown requested his release from the team via Instagram.

Of course, the saga between these two sides is far from over. Brown effectively hasn’t seen a dime from the organization (Jason Fitzgerald of estimates that he earned a week’s salary), as the majority of his 2019 money was via a guaranteed $14.625MM base salary that was voided last night. As Mark Maske pointed out earlier today (on Twitter), Brown’s camp will likely fight both the team’s attempt to revoke the entire $29.1MM in guaranteed money and his $215K in fines.

As we noted earlier, the Raiders told Brown that he would “no longer will be entitled to termination pay” should he be released; former GM (and current ESPN employee) Mike Tannenbaum notes that the organization can’t “unilaterally take away a player’s right to termination pay” (which is a CBA perk for veteran players). On the flip side, the Raiders could pursue a “conduct detrimental claim” to recoup the money. That’s when things get tricky; the organization would then be dependent on the ruling of an arbitrator. If Brown’s behavior isn’t deemed to be detrimental, then the Raiders would have sacrificed more than $30MM and a pair of draft picks for zero production.

Brown has been a constant source of drama throughout his brief tenure in Oakland. Following frostbitten feet and a helmet dispute, it all seemed to culminate this week when the receiver berated general manager Mike Mayock after being fined for missing practices. The organization was then reportedly set to suspended the wideout, although the two sides seemingly made up, Brown was simply fined, and reports indicated that he’d play in Week 1. Then, last night, Brown was officially slapped with those fines, which then voided his guarantees. As a result, the 31-year-old requested his release this morning, and according to’s Ian Rapoport, Brown is attributing his discontent to the team’s apparent lack of respect.

“Told me do not come in Thursday. Bad my name,” Brown told Rapoport (Twitter link). “Then come work, give two papers after the press conference. No guaranteed no way.”

For the Raiders, the drama has seemingly ended for the time being. As Fitzgerald tweets, the move should open up around $28MM in cap space this season (pending any grievances). Meanwhile, the team will now have clarity on their receiver depth chart heading into Week 1. As of right now, Tyrell Williams and JJ Nelson are listed as Derek Carr‘s top targets.

Considering his status as a veteran, Brown isn’t subject to waivers, tweets’s Tom Pelissero. ESPN’s Field Yates tweets that the receiver is free to sign with a new team at 4:01 PM EST today, although he won’t be eligible to play for a new team tomorrow. Agent Drew Rosenhaus indicated that he’ll immediately start looking for a new home for his client.

“Now that Antonio is a free agent, we are focused on the future and I will immediately work on signing him to a new team,” Rosenhaus said (via ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Twitter). “Antonio is looking forward to a new beginning.”

The agent also provided some insight into Brown’s failed stint with the Raiders.

“It’s been well-documented that it’s been a rocky road from the beginning,” Rosenhaus told Rapoport. “Unfortunately, not all relationships between players & teams work out. … Everybody had the best intentions going in but it didn’t pan out.”

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136 comments on “Raiders Release WR Antonio Brown

      • justinept

        It’s over … except for the huge lawsuit coming from the NFLPA that relates to $30 million in lost wages.

        • A lawsuit the Raiders are going to overwhelmingly win. AB is a nut case and a loose cannon. He provided the raiders with nothing and expects to be paid? he failed to abide by pretty much 100% of his contract. How anyone can defend AB at this point is even more insane.

          • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

            Which, regrettably, has little effect on the NFLPA defending him. They’ll hope to get in front of a sympathetic arbitrator and get a judgement… which, of course, will be appealed for half of forever. This could be years in resolving.

            • ruckus727

              AB has zero chance of winning an appeal. His guaranteed money is guaranteed gone. And a lot of the evidence was ironically documented by himself. He’s like trump. Someone needs to take away his social media. AB is a really really stupid individual. Exacerbating the issue is his obvious mental instability. It’s really a tragedy and a waste of a HOF career. Anyone who signs this idiot is asking to destroy their locker room.

              • Actually, Brown is likely to recoup a significant portion. The Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t allow teams – by rule – to diminish or void the veteran guarantee for players with the amount of service time Brown has. So he’s at minimum going to recoup about half.

                • rgreen

                  He did nothing at all for them,fought with the league over what helmet to wear,refused to pay a fine for not showing up,and called the gm a cracker.He’s not getting nowhere near half that money.

                • ruckus727

                  I voted for him brah. Just saying, some people dig their holes deeper with their social media accounts and, as a result, probably shouldn’t have them.

                  • azcrook

                    Trump uses social media because the left-controlled print and broadcast media are absolutely pissed because they got beaten in 2016 and no matter what he says and does…it would and will be reported negatively.

        • Bluemarlin528

          The NFLPA should file a lawsuit against the agent.The language of the contract was clear.

          • bencole

            The NFLPA would get sanctioned by the Court for filing an action against the agent. And no, you can’t survive a motion to dismiss on a lawsuit resembling what you just described.

    • monymgr

      I hope both this (Brown/Dorian news) is over .. A guy can only take so much day after day !!

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Raiders Release WR Antonio Brown

    Praise God!!!!!

    Antonio Brown never developed a rapport with Carr. Brown was like a pitcher who skips all of Spring Training and then expects to be the Opening Day starter.

    What a farce and I am glad it’s over

    • markburgh

      Thank you Oakland for a 3 and a 5 and all the expert talking heads that made fun of the deal

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        It wasn’t a bad deal at first, but it’s a total farce and crock now.

  2. sherlock_

    Unbelievable. We put up with all his crap for the 5 weeks of training camp and now they fulfill his request to release him. I’m calling BS. Part of me thinks he just wanted to be on Hard Knocks…

  3. dtrainriotmaker

    So any team can sign him ? Let’s think teams that might take a chance on him , Dallas , philly , bills , jets ? I mean If his head is straight any team would love to have him but in his current state I can’t see a lot of teams begging to get him

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Gotta take into account, who has the cap space to sign him at this point? Though he may be forced to sign a “prove it” contract if he actually does wish to play again.

    • bigjonliljon

      1st off, this guy never has his head on straight. He is a whack job. 2nd – very few teams have the cap space to sign him the contract size he will want.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if no team wants to sign him and put up with his crap. Just not worth it. He things he is above the rest of the team. No team wants that locker room drama. He has burned his bridges with 2 teams in less than 6 months. Good riddance

    • Decius

      I predict Dallas finds a way to sign him, and as a Giants fan, I can’t wait to watch that team implode when they do. Go get’em, Cowboys!

  4. afsooner02

    Be interesting to see how many teams line up to take a locker room cancer and what AB even gets offered knowing he’s a total cancer on a team….

    • frank858

      He’s on the Patriots now and he’s going to stick it to them. Who’s laughing now?

  5. jacobsigel1025

    As a native Bostonian, Brown fits what Bill goes after but he’d be unnecessary. I see a fit in GB SEA CHI NO

    • yoyo137

      He would get to play with his cousin, would come at a lower price tag than he had in Oakland, and would go to an organization with stability who has an ability to talk to a player like a man instead of playing “whose ego is bigger”. Lamar Jackson, AB, Marquise Brown, Mark Andrews, Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards, and Justice Hill will be way too much for any defense.

        • yoyo137

          Wait for the season and you’ll see even without AB, only reason you don’t know is because you’re just a casual fan

  6. quicsilver

    I see Patriots, Cowboys or Seahawks signing him. Can’t imagine to many places will wanna after all this stuff going.

    • kaehlaone

      Seattle won’t bring him in. He will want real money which the Hawks don’t have. I also don’t think they want his attitude after they just moved on from those types the last two years.

  7. snotrocket

    Hahaha haha. Come down to Campbell now that you have some free time. I’ll hit you harder than any DB is allowed to. No flags, pure hate.

  8. halofanatic

    Browns, Cowboys, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers and Jets, in that order, are my landing spots. They all have the necessary cap space, need and have shown willingness in the past to take on “personality” players.

    • I see a lot of comments on here about “cap space”, why would any FO or ownership group give him a contract more than $2 million w incentives? How can you trust this psychopath to play or even to not be a distraction?

      • DarkSide830

        the same reason the Raiders thought $30 million is a reasonable price tag. character clause included the risk is much less then one would think.

    • trident

      I can see Browns and Seahawks. Cowboys are dealing with resigning vets and can’t afford ab long term. Chargers have their own headache to deal with in Gordon, they don’t need another. Chiefs maybe but they don’t really need him and the drama.

    • Steezy

      He ain’t going to CLE, you think there’s enough touches for AB, OBJ, and Landry? Yeah right lmaooo

    • padam

      Cleveland is already loaded at WR. Don’t think they’re going to strap themselves cap wise for a head case.

  9. clemente3000

    Oakland keeps sending Pittsburgh draft picks for receivers that don’t pan out

  10. axisofhonor25

    Steelers will be back on the phone. He’s definitely going to have to take less money if he ever hopes to play again in his career. The double whammy here also is that Jones just got signed minutes before this announcement. Possible career ending release, very sad, but the Raiders did the right thing.

  11. Z-A

    I think he’ll be playing Madden for the 2019-20 season instead of for the NFL.

  12. jabrandt

    Will be interesting to see on what grounds they fight for any of his salary or bonus to be paid since he requested and they granted his release. And the fine for conduct detrimental (which voided the guarantee) was pretty straightforward given the violent threats and racism used by AB.

    • Vedder80

      They will use the grounds that the team unilaterally voided all of his guarantees for mouthing off to the GM. He is a head case, but he likely wins that one.

      • emac22

        Who told you mouthing off to the GM was his only violation?

        You seem awfully desperate to pretend things that happened didn’t really happen. It really weakens your argument.

      • compassrose

        I kept saying that with Clowney I was wrong. I could see Seattle signing him very low if any guarantee. A few mill in salary plus incentives. That was also stated above.

        I don’t think I would want him unless they could cut him the moment he acts up. Maybe a one year show you can act like an adult. Then they can let him go and get a draft pick for him.

  13. dalealvingribble

    Imagine Brown being reunited with Bell in New York. The Jets would’ve officially caught up with The Kardashians at that point.

  14. graysondecker

    Over the past two seasons, the Steelers have traded two games of Martavis Bryant and zero games of Antonio Brown for two third round picks, and a fifth. One turned out to be their backup quarterback and the other a potential AB replacement. I just find it funny that people thought they lost both trades when they happened.


    I can honestly see the Browns getting him….you know his ego would love the two games a year playing Pittsburgh.

  16. Max Jackson

    Pff whatever, please step in my office, threaten to attack me with racial epithets because I fine you for not showing up for practice.

    No GM (with any brains or) with any question of job security would touch him right now. AB needs help, like, not physical conditioning, mental conditioning before he’ll be worth trusting to be treated like the rest of the team.

    • yoyo137

      Like the racial epithets you don’t like? Or the ones that are okay for a white person with power to say and not the ones a black person will say in response to 200 years of discrimination?

      • Max Jackson

        The ‘cracker’ remark doesn’t really sound off alarms as much as threatening somebody physically in front of the entire team.

        If Brown called him that, he obviously took the fines somehow as a personal offense. Which, forgive me if I’m wrong, but all players get fined if they don’t appear in practice. This isn’t anybody ‘picking’ on AB. The fact he’s taking a personal offense to being a professional and then physically threatening office personnel is not just puzzling, it’s disturbing.

        That’s like being out all week from class, coming in late on Friday to find a demerit on your desk, throw the desk and threaten to punch out the teacher (and not expected to get suspended)…Except he’s getting paid $30 million to show up.

        There’s just no way you can trust somebody who expects to do that and not get a reality check, epithets or not. If somebody said something out of line and realizes their error, that can possibly be mended but…if the Raiders keep him, they’re essentially saying that’s ‘okay’ to threaten people in the office if you get fined.

        Imagine the ripple effect that would have with other players “not being treated fairly”…Good Lord.

        • yoyo137

          Ok then so why was your original comment about racial epithets then you completely backtrack in your response and write a whole essay about… not racial epithets. Speak your mind the first time and stick to it buddy

  17. carlos15

    This site should translate Browns comments since he’s incapable of basic English .

  18. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Brown at his first public presser as a Raider:
    It was all outright filthy lies!!!!!

    On what leads him to believe the Raiders can improve with him in the fold

    “I bring accountability. I bring actions. Not what I say, what I do. You know how I approach things. Holding guys accountable in the receiving room. … Challenging guys. If you drop a ball, we’re gonna have a pot. Just super accountability.

    “Bringing some of the principles and some of the things that make good camaraderie and build good teams to some of the things I know. Whatever needed.”

  19. nutznboltz

    The Raiders finally did the right thing. I have a newfound respect for Mike Mayock. I bet Antonio’s wife along with Drew Rosenhaus are extremely happy right now. Sarcasm

  20. madmanTX

    I think every team not named the Raiders or Steelers will all line up to sign Brown with deals with behavior clauses and some will see the same drama, or maybe one keeps him on sleeping meds every week between games, just to benefit from his numbers. Patsies would take him and Lurch would introduce him to his personal trainer.

  21. compassrose

    They should test him for CTE immediately. Don’t waste time in case the symptoms can come and go. No delay test him today.

    • The only way to test for CTE is a brain biopsy (which they won’t do until postmortem.) Which is what makes it so difficult.

      • brucewayne

        Actually , there are some new tests that use the spinal fluid to test for CTE! It’s new , but currently being advanced!

  22. padam

    Jets. That’s my guess. They have cap space, need a WR, and a RB whose played with him in the past sell him on the concept of being a Jet. Would certainly expedite Donald’s progression.

  23. dalealvingribble

    Losing Antonio Brown’s potential talent will hurt, but one thing I am excited about is that it gives Hunter Renfrow more looks. I believe he will be a beast in the slot kind of like Welker was for so many years in New England. There is a huge difference between Brady and Carr, but Carr does throw the short passes pretty well, and Renfrow will be a huge beneficiary of that. He isn’t the biggest or fastest, but he catches anything thrown near him, an amazing route runner, and clutch. This will be the type of player The Raiders will need to build around long term to have success.

    • yoyo137

      If AB signs with the Ravens I’m buying every colorway of a jersey. Gonna cop a Lamar jersey as well naturally

    • emac22

      He was until it became impossible to cover up for his deteriorating mental condition and general insecurities.

      Why are you unable to hold him accountable on any level?

      What kind of a clown thinks the ravens show more respect for their players than Tomlin and the Steelers?

      You’re a suck up.

  24. of9376

    Is it possible he’s the next Kaepernick in that no one signs him because of the drama?

    I doubt he is willing to play on a “prove it “ deal so that limits the teams even interested in him.

  25. crosseyedlemon

    Even Aldon Smith would have to be impressed with the talent for self destruction Brown showed.

  26. bobby cox

    Just an all around good person. AB is solid. XFL would love to have him,
    He Hate Me and Ritz On same team.

  27. playicy

    Seen this thug getting released and no one should pick up this thug and cry baby all over damn helmet what an idiot

  28. Rondon

    This is what it looks like when the things you were once grateful for become things you expect. The man is lost.

  29. bigeasye

    Drew Rosenhaus should only care about getting this guy well and not signing somewhere. It doesn’t take a doctor to realize AB has serious issues that need to be addressed. Without some real help this guy is going to spiral out of control more than he already has and DR will have only contributed.

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