Cowboys Could Consider Coaching Change In 2020

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has insisted that head coach Jason Garrett is not in danger of losing his job this year, but as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes, Garrett’s future in Dallas beyond 2019 is still very much in doubt.

Of course, that isn’t a huge surprise given that Garrett’s contract expires at the end of the current campaign. Jones was perfectly content to let Garrett coach through a lame-duck season and revisit the situation next year, and he is fully expecting a strong playoff run.

Jones apparently views the Cowboys, who have lost two straight after running off three consecutive wins to start the season, as a legitimate championship contender. As such, Garrett may have to win at least one playoff game to land a new contract with the Cowboys.

Garrett has been on the hot seat several times during his Cowboys tenure, but he has still managed to hold onto his post since he was given the permanent HC title in 2011. And, now that Sean Payton has signed an extension with the Saints, one of the biggest threats to his job is off the market.

However, Jones is intrigued by Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley, who has seen his name come up in plenty of NFL coaching rumors before. Riley, though, is reportedly willing to seriously consider opportunities in the professional ranks in 2020, and obviously the Dallas gig is one of the most high-profile jobs around.

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16 comments on “Cowboys Could Consider Coaching Change In 2020

    • Ironman_4life

      They go through this two or three times a year. Then they win two games in a row and it’ll be forgotten

    • Tha Dilla
      Tha Dilla

      Hes gonna get sick losing in the first round of CFP like the sooners do every year pretty soon.

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    This Cowboys team has only “good but not great” potential. It’s too easy to figure out – stop Zeke and you stop Dallas. Mediocre to poor teams can’t do that, championship calibre teams can. 10-6, maybe one playoff win is the apex here.

    • justinkm19

      SB win is the apex and possible. 10-6 and a playoff win is more likely though.

  2. crazylarry

    Garrett never peaked. He is a puppet and everyone knows it. They played 3 patsies to start the season and it was all DAK all SUPERBOWL awaiting. Garrett shouldn’t still be coach and in a good ran organization ( one without an owner who thinks he is a GM) wouldn’t be. Lincoln Riley is a man and is never going to cower down to someone like Jones. He will have to hire another Garrett coach.

    • compassrose

      I very rarely agree with a Cowboy Fan but I have been saying this since the beginning of the year. They have played nobody and looked good doing it. Dak was a $40 mill a year QB and they better pay him before it hits $50 mill. If there are any fans that think Dak is worth more than Wilson you need to get out of your jailbird unis and wake up.

      Garrett has been fun to watch and Jerrah is looking for his next puppet. When he finds him Jason will be gone. I hope stays on for a few more years. You put Seattle out last year but we weren’t supposed to make the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the year. We probably won’t see you in the playoffs since we will show SF the imposters they are. Another team that has started the year off with cupcakes. Meaning we win the west.

  3. metsie1

    As a Packers fan I say let’s keep this bum er I mean Jason Garrett right where he is. He’s doing a GREAT job!

  4. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Jerrah views the Cowboys as a Championship Contender and Dak as “showing the ability to handle adversity and basically go out and make the kind of plays that win important games for the Cowboys in the future. I see that.”
    Dallas is a perennial playoff contender, nothing more with this Coach/QB combo.
    I’m gonna say it again… I wish Jerrah would make a trip to the Optometrist.

  5. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    As lifelong Cowboy fan, I can’t stand to see this guy continue to clap on the sideline. I don’t care for any offensive coach right now. Kellen Moore hasn’t shown me anything to make me a believer in the play calling, our o-line is definitely not playing up to caliber we have been used to seeing, and Dak is just Dak. His highs are incredible and fun to watch,but his loss are so painful it makes me hate him. This is the best D we have had in years and I love Rod M and Kris Richard. I really hope we don’t waste it this year, and even if we won a Super Bowl this year, I don’t want Garrett back. He is a puppet, and if Jerry would come to agreement with a strong coach to let them do their job, I’d love to see Tomlin on the sideline. I’m also down to see Lincoln Riley, it can’t get any worse. I don’t expect a ring this year, furthermore I hope Garrett and Dak both pack their bags together after the season. Do not pay either guy.

  6. jeb39999

    Garret hasn’t shown anything special so it would make sense to look elsewhere. They also need to look outside of the organization to bring in new ideas, and fresh perspectives. But it’s Jerry’s world so expect someone in-house to become the favorite to replace Garrett.

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