Extra Points: Gronk, Patriots, WRs, Draft

Rob Gronkowski debuted as a FOX analyst Thursday night, but his former job continues to come up. Robert Kraft has yet to give up hope on the future Hall of Fame tight end returning to the Patriots.

We all love Gronk, and I think the bottom line is he hasn’t put his retirement papers in,” Kraft said during an NFL Network appearance (Twitter link). “We can always pray and hope …. That’s a good academic argument that there is hope for us still with Gronk.”

The 30-year-old New England icon has continually denied he wants to come out of retirement but refuses to completely slam the door on a possible 10th season. Gronkowski said during his intro FOX broadcast he will “always keep the door open” for a Pats return. He said in August he was healthy enough to play. The team lost Josh Gordon in the first half of tonight’s game, and although it does not seem like the injury is serious — Gordon is questionable to return — the Pats’ offense is not as well-rounded as it was when Gronk created constant mismatches.

Here is the latest from around the league and the 2020 draft:

  • The Patriots’ high-profile attempt at bringing in a Gronk-level talent ended with Antonio Brown‘s release after 11 days. Brown remains accused of sexual misconduct by two women. The first, Britney Taylor, refiled her civil suit against the unemployed wide receiver in Florida state court, according to ESPN.com’s Jeremy Fowler (on Twitter). Taylor’s attorneys categorize this as a strategic move and indicated new counsel has joined the case. A league investigation is ongoing as well. No team has been closely connected to the 31-year-old superstar since the Patriots cut him last month.
  • As for elite wideouts still in the league, evaluators shared some interesting views in a piece by The Athletic similar to its quarterback-tiers arrangement. Odell Beckham Jr. and Tyreek Hill join Julio Jones on the top tier here, with NFL personnel viewing DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas as high-second-tier talents (subscription required). Hopkins’ penchant for contested catches prompted one OC to indicate the fear factor surrounding the Texans wideout is not the same as it is when game-planning for Jones or Beckham.
  • Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses is set to miss all of his junior season because of a knee injury, but the might-have-been first-round talent still has NFL supporters should he declare for the 2020 draft. A group of NFL evaluators view Moses as being a second- or third-round prospect in 2020, Mike Rodak of al.com notes. Moses would be one of many Crimson Tide draftees in the 2020 draft, should he declare, with ESPN.com’s Todd McShay ranking six Alabama standouts in his top 30.
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10 comments on “Extra Points: Gronk, Patriots, WRs, Draft

  1. Steezy

    Just curious. You don’t have to have been on the active roster during the season to be playoff eligible right? So theoretically he could come back for just the playoffs?

    • Boston2AZ

      Not sure, but one thing no one seems to mention is his admission that he’s promoting and using CBD. That’s a banned substance according to the NFL and I would think that he’d have to serve a 4 game suspension if he tried to come back, no?

      • rocky7

        Maybe he should share some of that CBD wish us viewers because if his debut on the pre-game show was an example of what he will bring to future shows…we’re all in trouble….was it his job to act like some kind of Bozo,, gee he’s not adding anything of substance on football to the show except picking the Pats” athlete?

        • rct

          Agree with you there. Gronk did not add anything to the broadcast and had a deer-in-headlights look on his face the whole time. Unless that’s how he always looks? I can feel myself getting dumber just listening to him.

  2. g8752

    They will bring back Gronk and Antonio for the playoffs as a swan song for Brady’s last season. Brady is selling his mansion and is dropping the price. This is the grand finale for Tom.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolls



    Definitely Rapelisbigchester.

  4. haywire4fun

    of course he hasn’t filed his retirement papers. GrOnK OnLy CaN SpElL GrOnK! GrOnK OnLy SiGn CheCkS No AuToGrApHs!

  5. kylewait89

    Hopkins and Thomas are second tier talents? Get out. I know it’s what was reported but you have one who has 23 catches and a TD and another who has been out. Meanwhile Thomas is leading the NFL with a backup QB in receiving yards. Hopkins has habitually been one of the top WR in the league statistically and through sheer talent. If they are second tier, then a first tier doesn’t exist.

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