Trade Notes: Falcons, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Jets, Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Bills, Packers

Teams continue to ask about Austin Hooper, whose 526 receiving yards sit 11th in the NFL entering Week 8. However, the Falcons have spurned suitors who’ve called about the emerging tight end, Albert Breer of notes. Hooper is in a contract year, but the Falcons believe they have a chance to re-sign him. The Falcons, though, are the team doing the contacting regarding Vic Beasley. Atlanta is shopping its former All-Pro defensive end, who is playing out a $12.8MM fifth-year option. Pass rushers are obviously valuable, but with Beasley’s play having fallen off since that 2016 breakthrough, the return might not be what the Falcons seek.

Here is the latest from the trade market:

  • The Redskins continue to respond with hard nos when asked about Trent Williams, but Breer adds Josh Norman‘s name has been floated around. With Norman having not lived up to the $15MM-AAV contract he signed in 2016, it would be hard to imagine the Redskins getting much value for the eighth-year cornerback.
  • A cornerback performing better continues to look likelier to stay put. Chris Harris does not expect to be traded, and Troy Renck of Denver7 notes the Broncos are not as motivated to deal their four-time Pro Bowler as they were to ship out Emmanuel Sanders. A second-round pick would likely be necessary here, per Breer. Considering the Broncos’ issues finding corners as of late, dealing Harris would create a massive offseason need in Denver.
  • The Bengals are 0-7, and A.J. Green continues to come up in trade rumors. But the old-school organization isn’t budging. Mike Brown has not signed off on a firesale, Breer adds, instead preferring to provide first-year HC Zac Taylor with a foundation. That project is not going well so far, with the veteran-laden team performing poorly. Cincinnati’s potential trade chips also include franchise sack leaders Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Neither appears to be a departure candidate. Tyler Eifert is a name Breer mentions could be dealt, but the tight end obviously has a significant injury history that would limit a return.
  • As for the expensive New York corners, Janoris Jenkins has generated more interest than Trumaine Johnson. The Giants have shopped Jenkins around some, per Breer, while Ralph Vacchiano of SNY notes it would require “a miracle” for a team to take Johnson’s salary off the Jets‘ payroll. Jenkins is signed through 2020, with $5.37MM remaining in 2019 salary.
  • In addition to the Saints exploring receiver additions, the Bills, Eagles and Packers are as well, Breer notes. This could heat up the Robby Anderson market, but Breer adds Browns wideout Rashard Higgins has been discussed in advance of Tuesday’s deadline. The backup is in a contract year. However, Higgins has battled knee issues and has only played in one 2019 game.
  • With Mark Andrews having outproduced Hayden Hurst, the Ravens have received calls on their 2018 top pick. As of now, however, Hurst is not believed to be available, per Breer.
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17 comments on “Trade Notes: Falcons, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Jets, Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Bills, Packers

  1. tank62

    The Redskins continue to give a hard no showing they do not know what they’re doing
    Trumaine Johnson draws no interest because he is bad at football and has a big contract

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    The Bengals are the worst professional franchise in all of sports. It is so disheartening to be a Bengal fan, but it’s not I can say, ok today I’m a Packers fan. Can’t do it.

    • rct

      Redskins are worse, imo. So much crazy dysfunction and they can never do the smart thing. It’s all about Dan Snyder and his ego. They could have traded Williams a long time ago and got some real value. Instead, they’re insisting on keeping a player who they pissed off to the point that he refuses to play for them. To annoy a player that much is rare in the first place but to dig in an spite only themselves by not trading him makes them number one in dysfunction in my book.

      • Really? Marlins are widely considered the worts franchise of the 2010s before and after the sale and I don’t think most people would say that it’s very close between them and anyone else.

        • Natergater77

          The Bengals are having their first really bad year in how long? Marvin Lewis maybe never wind bug playoff games but gave Cincy stability and winning culture. People were quick to want him gone and now rebuilding has started and you want to whine about how bad the team is?

          • Dorothy_Mantooth

            Rumor has it that Marvin Lewis will be considered for 2020 head coaching vacancies given how bad the Bengals have played after he left. He is getting a lot of credit for the production he got out of this minimal talent team.

        • rct

          The Marlins don’t have much of a fanbase. They’re terribly run, don’t get me wrong, but the Redskins have the leveled playing field of the NFL, an enormous fanbase, and plenty of resources and yet they consistently make even the most basic of errors and it’s almost purely due to the ego of Dan Snyder.

  3. halofanatic

    How do the Broncos not trade Chris Harris? I would trade Chris Harris and Royce Freeman as a starting point to the Carolina panthers for Cam Newton.

      • halofanatic

        Injury prone Cam with almost a full calendar of rest till next year. It’s not as if Chris Harris is getting any younger and his contract is up this year.

  4. bravesfan

    Dear falcons…. you can trade Matt Ryan and Hooper and no one will care

    • RBI

      You clearly are not a Falcon’s fan because trading either the Duece or Hoop would tick off every Falcon fan. In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon”!

    • fieldsj2

      They will extend him. He’s made it clear he wants to be here and the Bengals want to keep him.

  5. phillyballers

    Eagles should be sellers. Fan base is ALWAYS pissed anyway win or lose so don’t let that dictate anything, season tickets are sold out for years and there is waiting list.

    Sell off the expensive parts, retool or just be mediocre. Should have traded Wentz after the Super Bowl. 4/88 is better than 5/128-144M. Can’t predict injury either nothing says he would have gotten injured as an Eagle.

    Jordan Hicks looks pretty good in Arizona, good thing they value LBs… Zach Brown was 2nd leading tackler and they cut him while having Bradam out. Smart move.

    Secondary was garbage last year, and they came back with the exact same players. They got false hope bc Foles took them to the playoffs. Guys off the street are guys off the street for a reason.

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