Browns’ Myles Garrett Suspended Indefinitely

The NFL has suspended Myles Garrett indefinitely for his actions on Thursday night. Garrett, at minimum, will be banned for the remainder of the 2019 season. The rest will be determined at a later time and will likely involve a lengthy process of hearings, meetings, and appeals. 

In addition to Garrett’s suspension, the league has also suspended Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey for three games and Browns defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi for one game. Garrett will not be paid during his ban and Ogunjobi and Pouncey have been fined.

In the waning moments of Thursday night’s win over the Steelers, Garrett ripped the helmet off of Mason Rudolph and smashed the Steelers quarterback in the head with it. The brutal incident could even have consequences beyond football. Rudolph’s agent says the QB’s camp will review the matter thoroughly and intimated that the matter could be taken to the legal system.

Garrett’s actions in the brawl were somewhat reminiscent of former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s actions years ago, when he stomped on the forehead of Cowboys center Andre Gurode with his cleats. Haynesworth got a five-game ban for that, but the league has stepped up its punishments for brawls and between-the-whistle violence recently. Vontaze Burfict, for example, was banned for the entire 2019 season after his latest safety violation.

Garrett, 23, was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 draft. On the field, he’s been mostly exceptional – he notched 13.5 sacks in 2018 en route to his first ever Pro Bowl nod and, through ten games this year, he has ten sacks. He will not record another sack in the 2019 season and it remains to be seen whether he’ll be permitted to play in 2020.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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145 comments on “Browns’ Myles Garrett Suspended Indefinitely

  1. Dennid

    Interesting. I wonder how many questions they asked before handing this down? It just seems quick to me. No investigation.

      • Dennid

        Because that’s the way it’s supposed to work. I’m not saying it isn’t deserved but the entire situation should be investigated before handing down punishments.

        • CubsRebsSaints

          You investigate to find out what happened. Everyone saw what happened. What a stupid thing to say.

        • Did you read, I don’t know THE SECOND AND THIRD SENTENCES of this article?

          “Garrett, at minimum, will be banned for the remainder of the 2019 season. The rest will be determined at a later time and will likely involve a lengthy process of hearings, meetings, and appeals.”

        • Phattey

          It’s true they should be investigating to see if anything was provoked or anything like that even if it seems quick and obvious you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to someone’s income

          • locotrouble

            That could have seriously hurt the QB. The ban is justified and correct. Stupid fool

    • BrewCrewDS

      what is there to investigate. he used a deadly weapon and hit another player in the head with it. it’s on film dude

        • your right there was …. he ripped the helmet off his head that alone makes him suspended for atleast a game. Also his record doesnt speak volumes for him as well with many late hits on his record and i believe a couple of fines already.

          With Burfect being suspended for 12 games and never doing anything close to as bad as this, 6 games seems a minimum. Haynesworth kicked a guy when he was down and got 5 … swinging a helmet and hitting someone with a helmet can cause serious damage.

          • JoeBrady

            Yeah. I’m a Raiders’ fan. Burfict didn’t get an investigation, nor was one needed.

        • PhilsPhan

          Dude, are you for real? There are no questions here. It could not be more cut and dry.

        • jwr0223

          It’s very sad that this is where we have fallen to as a society.
          You actually have someone trying to make excuses for a player swinging a helmet down on another player’s unprotected head. Wow.

    • rxbrgr

      “Excuse me Mason, could you tell us whether you were trying to insert your head back into your helmet when you moved it so aggressively towards the helmet in Garrett’s hands?”

    • Being suspended indefinitely is a placeholder. In situations like this, immediately making sure that the player is not on the field is the number one priority. They’ll assess everything and hand out a full, detailed punishment afterwards.

    • aamatho18

      Read the article. There’s going to be more to this. The 6 games is the minimum.

    • i hate my father

      What is there in investigate? He took his helmet and used it as a weapon. It was on national TV.

    • Ironman_4life

      Um. Undefinitely just means that he’s not gonna play until they actually sit down and determine the proper punishment

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Question 1: How stupid are you?
      Question 2: Is your mother a prostitute?

    • JoeBrady

      They did investigate it. They saw a player hitting another player in the head with a helmet and decided that was enough to warrant a suspension.

      It’s like the difference between the video of that player knocking out his wife, or someone accused of assaulting someone, like Brown. Not everything needs a long investigation.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        In the Ray Rice incident she wasn’t his wife at the time. They got married after the fact and before the trial because a spouse is not required to testify against their partner. She got a nice big, fat wedding ring out of the deal and the potential promise of lots of money as Rice was in the middle of a big contract extension. His suspension nullified all of that money and his actions cost him any future job in the NFL and making millions as a FA signing.

    • manos

      Is that a serious question? Maybe because Rudolph didn’t take of Garrett’s helmet and try to kill him with it? Check your bias. The suspension is a no brainer. Garrett used a piece of equipment as a weapon and could have caused serious injury.

      • Mo Vaughn

        Rudolph tried ripping Garrett’s helmet off first, Garrett just succeeded

        • Crycket

          Yep, he TRIED. Ultimately, he didn’t , and he definitely didn’t use it as a weapon. But yeah, blame Rudolph for Garrett’s violent behavior.

          • Thomas Bliss

            Must had been Walker’s fault that Garrett punched him in week 1 or Siemian’s fault he was hit late a few times in week 2 ending his season.

        • yogineely

          Yeah after Garrett pushed him back 10 yards then threw him on the floor, ball was gone for a while too

      • cysoxsale

        Exactly. The NFL also needs to investigate other browns actions and also look into a possible bounty situation. Cleveland clearly has dirty players with malicious intent to injure. Shuster and Johnson were also hit, for example

        • fieldsj2

          Where in the world are you coming up with a bounty situation? Do you have any proof of this?

          • compassrose

            I don’t like either teams in fact dislike Pitt more. There were a lot of players on the field from both teams. The ones not playing should be fined also. They are not supposed to leave the bench this isn’t baseball.

            I literally sat with my mouth open for a few minutes after that. He swung that thing hard. I am surprised it didn’t cut him. Would have for sure if he got caught with the end of the mask. I have had a helmet fall on m my head and gotten a bruise he must have a good one now. Just awful I hope he gets a good ban next year too.

        • yogineely

          I agree because there was odb and Landry doing yawning gestures to taunt tomlin

      • bucketheadsdad

        Here is the point that I think people are trying to make here. They’re not excusing Garrett’s actions. I’m a 50+ year Browns fan and I was disgusted by I saw from him last night. But to simply give Rudolph a pass because he went to the pressroom after the game and called Garrett something akin to “gutless and cowardly” doesn’t warrant him getting a pass for twisting Garrett’s neck, and kicking him in the twig and berries.

      • Polish Hammer

        Rudolph tried ripping his helmet off and also tried kicking him in the sack. He is not innocent in all of this and Pouncey deserves some game too.

    • deal1122

      You can’t possibly think that all of this is Rudolph’s fault…? Your reasoning is “he started it, so Garrett finished it.” You realize this all started because Garrett took him down late on a pointless play when the game had already been decided.. classless browns fans man. You’re probably one of the people that thinks Randall’s hit on Johnson, that left him concussed and with a possibly ruptured eardrum didn’t warrant an ejection for targeting

        • deal1122

          Mason didn’t knock himself down late on a pointless play in a game that was already decided..

        • madmanTX

          How did he instigate getting knocked down and laid on for an extended period by Garrett? That’s stupid.

      • ohioplayers

        He *tried* to do the same thing. Myles reacted by doing it in turn. Swinging it was too far, but he had three Steelers on him right away. Pouncey used the excuse of “blacking out” once the fight broke out. Clearly his emotions got the best of him and he should be suspended, but it wasn’t a premeditated act or not worsened by others. What do you think Rudolph was trying to do, get a souvenir? It does seem like too quick of a decision to be made.

        • mcmillankmm

          Seems like Rudolph was trying to protect himself from a known dirty player….and you can clearly see why he was trying to protect himself.

      • Whateverworks77

        The initial hit on Rudolph was not late and it was not flagged. Rudolph initiated this by both trying to gouge at Garrett’s face and twist his helmet while also kicking him. That said, Garrett’s response was still uncalled for and a suspendion is in order.

        • Prospectnvstr

          It was initiated when well after Mason got rid of the ball that he was wrapped up and driven to the ground. What Mason did was in retaliation to that.

          • bucketheadsdad

            That was certainly not being “driven” into the ground. A nice Sunday drive into the ground? Sure. But he wasn’t “driven” into the ground there.

    • frank costanza

      I take it you’re very young and dumb. “But he started it, teacher!” Rudolph didn’t start anything. Garrett, tackled the man clearly late and forced him to the ground.

      • mcdusty49

        Rudolph was ripping at Myles’s helmet while they were tied up on the ground…the tackle was late and the bashing him on the head with the helmet was too far but Randolph was part of this scrap as well

    • dmart93

      It would make no sense at all to suspend someone because he “started it” did he gran Garrett’s helmet yeah but he didn’t strike anybody or harm. At the absolute most he should be fined

    • fieldsj2

      ESPN reports Rudolph is suspended for the rest of the years and post season!

    • By committing an unsportsmanlike 15 yard penalty? Rudolph did the equivalent of shoving a player after the whistle. He should not be suspended simply because the other player erupted and engaged in criminal behavior as a result.

    • MC Tim C

      Actually Garrett started it all with the late hit and then refusal to let go of Rudolph. I have no dog in this fight but Garrett started it with the late hit and then took it waaaay over the line with the helmet swing. Rudolph trying to take off Garrett’s helmet is a 15 yard penalty in a normal game.

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        Agree. And I too have no horse in this race. I respect the Steelers franchise for past accomplishments and the way they are run. Cleveland is just a team much like the Marlins and Trailblazers— no one cares about them outside of their geographic area (if that).

    • CubsRebsSaints

      No he didn’t. Garrett started it when he slammed Rudolph to the turf about 4/5 seconds after the QB released the football.

    • cubsfanbudman1908

      Would you be saying that if it was Tom Brady or any other top tier QBs?

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      I love how people try and say Rudolph started it. One, not that it matters in this situation. And two, what really started it was a very late hit and takedown by Garrett on Rudolph. It was only then that It escalated to the point where Rudolph grabbed him by the head/helmet. So no, Rudolph didn’t start it, it started because of a very late hit.

    • sigdawg25

      I’m a Steelers fan and I somewhat agree. We don’t know what was said. MR could have helped matters by walking away but he went back at MG. Not that this condones what MG did with the helmet but it certainly didn’t help. MR is not without fault. A fine or suspension for MR would not surprise me.

  2. What did he do? You would think the article would summarize but here I am asking.

      • Article only had 2 paragraphs when posted. Weird that they post incomplete articles then fill the rest in later.

        • DarkSide830

          ah sorry about that. i was also confused at first, but figured i had just not read enough.

  3. DarkSide830

    so much guilt to go around here. Garrett was stupid to do that, but we all know if it wasnt an action that could have caused a *gasp* concussion, there wouldnt have been nearly as big of an issue.

    • dray16

      I think most or more concerned with possible death if that hits him a little differently. that’s assault and he belongs is jail

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Incorrect. There was a lot of outcry when Haynesworth stomped on Gurode’s face. There was also a big outcry when a similar incident happened at a Miami Hurricanes game. An announcer who was a former “U” alumni said, “That’s how we do at the “U.” Somebody come in her, embarrass you like dat, den try to rub it in, you show ’em. Matter uh fact, I feel like goin’ dwon on dat field right nah and gettin’ me in some shots too,” lost his job for his stupidity.

    • He didn’t get anything because they’re judging the actions of the players, like any rational person would do. Rudolph was engaging in a scrum with another player, which happens in practically every game and usually results in offsetting personal fouls.

      Garrett could have straight up murdered someone by swinging a helmet with full force at a person’s bare skull. You Browns homers are ridiculous. (I’m a Giants fan who hates both teams, btw)

    • 2012orioles

      So you don’t think a semi late hit, throwing him down, and holding it there in a game that’s over isn’t instigating? Rudolph wasn’t right for his actions either, but that happens in every football game and players don’t rip their opponents helmets off and start swinging

  4. KCChiefs3485

    Rudolph clearly took exception to the hit and did try to yank off Garrett’s helmet. It is plain as day while they are tussling on the ground.

    Also, Garrett had linemen and a very agitated Rudolph coming at him. I understand why he swung the helmet.

    Should he have, no, but not everyone thinks that clearly in the situation he was in. If you think you would have done otherwise in the exact same situation, you clearly think too much of yourself

    Anyone that thinks Garrett is the primary aggressor and should be the only one punished is just not smart.

    Lastly, those that have said (and i am referring to comments made by those on TV and Rudolphs agent) “Oh, the outcome could have been worse (ie Rudolph could have died etc…), that is just over blowing the whole situation. Literally at any point during a game, on a clean hit, that potential is there.

    • 5028892

      Look someone with some common sense who knew people like this were on the app

        • CubsRebsSaints

          You think swinging a helmet as a weapon is a rational response? You are not a smart person if you really believe that.

    • MC Tim C

      Garrett *was* the primary aggressor. But, Pouncey was also suspended. If you’re insinuating that Rudolph should be punished then I can’t really take you seriously.

      • KCChiefs3485

        Two people shooting at each other.

        One person gets shot in the chest. Other gets shot in the leg.

        The one that gets shot in the chest doesn’t get away with the fact that he only shot the other guy in the leg.

        They are both penalized, one is just lesser than the other.

        In this situation, Rudolph is the guy that is shot in the chest.

    • KCChiefs3485

      After Garrett was pulled away, Rudolph continued to be aggressive. He is the one that went after Garrett and it ended up with him getting bonked on the head.

      If he wouldn’t have charged him, you think Garrett would’ve taken on the lineman? Would Pouncey have needed to “black out” and defend Rudolph?

      After Garrett knocked sense into Rudolph, he steps away with his arms out playing the victim. Him getting pushed down by the other Browns player was a bit much, but you see he didn’t charge after that guy.

      There are a lot of angles to view this from.

      Simply put it is the result of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

      Rudolph’s stupid game was trying to pry off Garrett’s helmet and be aggressive towards him after the fact. His stupid prize was a knock on the head and then getting pushed down.

      Garrett’s stupid game was taking down Rudolph after the play and swinging Ruldolph’s helmet and bonking him on the head. His prize was an action that will follow his entire career and a suspension.

      • Stillers12

        Hey there, DIPPY.

        From the video it is plain as day that Garret has Rudolph’s facemask in his hands before he’s even standing up, then he tanks 2 times on it before it comes off of Mason’s head.

        At that point Mason goes after him again, as any MAN should to defend himself.

        Garrett is a known DIRTY PLAYER. Go sell crazy somewhere else.

        • KCChiefs3485

          While you should lose all credibility by having to resort to name calling in your first sentence, I will bite on your comment.

          At what point did I make mention of Garrett NOT yanking off Rudolph’s helmet?

          I simply stated both players did stupid things and then stupid things happened to them as a result of their previous stupid decisions.

          It is not a mystery or a debate. Both of them were aggressive towards one another. They both continued to be aggressive towards one another. One of them got a bonk on the head. The other got pounded and kicked by Pouncey.

          Your idea of “a MAN should defend himself” goes both ways. Rudolph attempted to defend himself by going after Garrett and Garrett defended himself by using Rudolph’s helmet.

    • Greg M

      Is it okay for me to rob a bank if I lose my job? I mean, it would be rational since I have to feed my family…Right?

      • KCChiefs3485

        If you lose your job and think that the only way for you to provide for your family is to rob a bank, I can not judge you for what you thought was right to do for yourself.

        Would I agree with your proposal, probably not.

        I would understand why you felt the need to do it, but I would not condone it either.

      • KCChiefs3485

        Thank you. Apparently it is too difficult for some to comprehend that when you choose to do something stupid, something stupid may happen in return.

  5. Michael Chaney

    This was embarrassing as a Browns fan. You can say what you want about Rudolph starting it or not, but Garrett’s reaction isn’t acceptable under pretty much any circumstances.

    It doesn’t even feel like they won last night. Now their best defensive player is done for the year, and if he’s gone for any time next year then it means they’ll have to draft or sign help they otherwise wouldn’t have needed.

  6. bballblk

    I’m not condoning Garrett’s actions at all, but Rudolph needs to be suspended too. Garrett wouldn’t have ripped the guy’s helmet off and hit him with it if Rudolph wasn’t pulling at Garrett’s helmet first.

    • Rudolph was pulling at a guy’s helmet. If Garrett lets it go or even has a normal NFL reaction, this is a non-story and no one gets punished. You can’t punish Rudolph because Garrett reacted like a psychopath.

      • JoeBrady

        Sure you can punish him. He doesn’t slide simply because he was unable to pull his helmet off.

    • Ironman_4life

      Most people I think commenting are just watching the highlights of this actual play but if you watch the entire fourth quarter a lot of stuff went down.

  7. TheTruth12

    I’m not a child I don’t care who started it, bottom line is he could’ve killed him. Minimum should be 16 games, I’d love to never see him play a down again. No place for that on a nfl field or anywhere.

  8. findingnimmo

    I think when he watches the rest of the season from his house that he should kneel for injustices enacted against him. Such a travesty……can’t wait for this to become a race thing too, that the white man gets nothing and the black man gets suspended indefinitely. Only a matter of time for this to become the story headline. Such gangster thug behavior by people who are suppose to be professionals with children and families watching them. Good behavior Garrett. You deserve all that u get with this punishment. Would be great if they pressed assault charges on him.

  9. Ironman_4life

    Did anyone watch the game or is everyone just making stuff up as they comment. This isnt CNN.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Miles Garrett pulled out an uzi and a few hand grenades and shot Mason Rudolph and then chucked the live grenades on Pouncey and DeCastro. Bigfoot showed up and chewed Garrett’s head off and kicked it 90 yards for a field goal right down the middle of the uprights. Ray Lewis came out of retirement to tackle Bigfoot and then stab him.

  10. hersch

    Someone mentioned that Garrett acted like a psychopath and I agree. (Just to qualify, I watched the whole game live as it happened and I’m not a fan of either team.) I hope they tested Garrett for drugs because the way he acted was just completely inhuman. And for those that keep saying that Randolph started it need to give their heads a shake cause they are not looking at it objectively. Garrett picked up Randolph in a bear hug and threw him to the ground after the play was clearly over. He was like a man possessed. Which I why I wonder if he was on drugs.

    • Max Jackson

      I also agree. Psychopathy is present. Rudolph’s helmet was pulled off and held onto with time to respond. It wasn’t ripped off in a scrappy tangle where hitting ensued and the helmet being in his hand became a part of the melee. Garrett had a moment or two to decide what he was going to do and decided to turn violent. It wasn’t about the adrenaline of the moment, it was about getting even and inflicting pain at the one “in his way”.

      It doesn’t matter who started it. You don’t take a baseball bat to the mound if somebody beans you. This isn’t as bad, but it’s in the same realm of blunt violence. And Garrett looks a lot more like he’s sorry he’s going to be in trouble than at all for his actions.

      Dude’s not right. That’s not bush league, that’s straight back alley. Everybody’s lucky Rudolph’s still walking around.

  11. Decius

    The Steelers have always antagonized more than other teams. As wrong as Garrett was for he did, do we believe he did something that extreme without provocation?

    • findingnimmo

      Does it matter? He is a man. An adult. Grown the heck up. No one should act that way. It’s a football game. He started it. He was provoked. He instigated it. Who cares. Who acted violently and wanted to cause harm
      To the other with a tool/weapon. I don’t think any judge or jury cares if he was instigated. Grow up. Anyone who takes his side is asinine and describes their own character. Nobody should behave that way for any reason and look to give excuses. If he wants an ounce of respect he should just come out and say he wanted to kill him. That way he at least owns it. Otherwise he is a lunatic loser and should just be banned and even brought up on charges.

  12. DarkGhost

    Last 6 games this year and first 4 next year. 10 games total no pay and a max fine. Boiled down what he did was assault with a deadly weapon 99 percent of the population would be fired from their job and in jail so 10 games and a fine is much better then what virtually everyone else is the world would get.

  13. g8752

    A terrible end to an already terrible game. Didn’t think that game could get any worse but it sure did. My only regret was that I watched that stupid spectacle they called a football game and didn’t turn it off when I was disgusted with all the mistakes. However I do think Pittsburgh played a good defensive game. They needed to with the 34 QB rating Rudolph got for that game.

  14. Steezy

    I still think Rudolph should have gotten a game for kicking Garret in the nuts and then later punching him in the nuts lol

  15. MikePLV10

    Slow the video down… Garrett took him down pretty softly and Rudolph pulled on Garrett’s helmet first.. He got pissed and then pull him by and ripped off his helmet. The line man started pushing Garrett away and you can clearly see his hand drop and him stand straight up for a second. It isn’t until Rudolph runs back over and puts his hands on Garrett that Garrett fires the over hand helmet holding right heard round the world!!

      • MikePLV10

        Well if we are looking at it objectively, Once Garret was pushed away and the lineman was between them the altercation was de-escalated, it then escalated when Rudolph ran back over and grabbed Garrets jersey.. So was it ok, yes! In bad taste yes.. had it not been a QB both would miss 5/6 games.

  16. crosseyedlemon

    It’s been a tough year for the helmet makers. First AB, then Trent Williams and now Rudolph.

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