Browns Notes: Johnson, Garrett Interview, Contract

Running back Duke Johnson was acquired by the Texans from the Browns earlier this year for a conditional draft pick. Johnson has met the conditions in the agreement so Cleveland will receive Houston’s third-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Johnson was holding out for the duration of the offseason attempting to force his way out of Cleveland. The Browns honored his request in the first week of August after they found an amenable agreement with Houston. Since joining the Texans this season, Johnson has appeared in every game of the season for the Texans, rushing for 287 yards on 54 carries, while hauling in 22 receptions for 228 yards.

Here’s more from around the Browns notes:

  • Suspended Browns defensive end Myles Garrett had agreed to an interview with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, but Cleveland’s higher ups called the first overall pick in the 2017 Draft into their office and told him he could not do the interview, per Glazer. After Garrett’s unprecedented fight against the Steelers, which included swinging a helmet at quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s bare head, it would obviously be valuable to hear from the rusher. However, the team is also working in its best interest being cautious with Garrett’s persona given the drama surrounding his current situation.
  • Garrett’s suspension will obviously cost him a substantial amount of money, but Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap details the specific ramifications for the young star. Fitzgerald notes that recent changes in rookie contract structures that have de-emphasized signing bonuses and placed more emphasis on base salaries has cost Garrett and could have ramifications for prospects in the future.
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20 comments on “Browns Notes: Johnson, Garrett Interview, Contract

  1. joesmith9809

    Myles should only have been fined and suspended for three games imo. If he appeals and gets four games that would be fine, but there has been an extreme overreaction to the fight. Good move not letting him do the interview, I would still be worked up if I were him. Let Myles tell the NFL what happened, and they will likely reduce the suspension.

    • H3ads40T73

      Calloway got suspended 10 games for weed. Which is worse? Weed or bludgeoning someone with a helmet.

    • dcahen

      You’ve got to be kidding, he should be banned for life & should be looking at prison time. No matter what Rudolph did (& I’m not a Steeler fan), it doesn’t justify bashing someone’s head in either a hard object.

      There should also be heavy suspensions levied against Kitchens & maybe Dorsey. Maybe even the owner. Cleveland is still a joke of a franchise!

      • afsooner02

        Lol….wow….and the completely way overboard other side of the take….

        He’ll get suspended the season, a huge fine/loss of salary and that’ll be it.

      • Michael Chaney

        I disagree that Garrett should only be suspended 3 games; I think 6 games and a fine is reasonable, and since there are 6 games left in the year anyway I think it works out well. (I’m also a Browns fan.)

        Your take is even worse though. Albert Haynesworth spiked a guy in the face and Ndamukong Suh has done plenty of similar things too. Neither of them faced criminal charges, and they both went on to keep playing in the league.

        I’m not endorsing Garrett’s actions (I’m embarrassed by them honestly), but you’re very strongly overreacting.

      • bostonbob

        Dcahen , way overboard dude. Should be fined and suspended for remainder of the year. First offense, hit him with OPEN part of helmet, not crown. Pouncey should be suspended for remainder also.

    • cyyoung24

      Josh Gordon received a lifetime ban just for failing drugs tests, never doing anything violent.

      Tom Brady was suspended 4 games, NE was fined $1m and lost 2 draft picks including a 1st round pick. “For violating the NFL policy on the integrity of the game.”

      If a violent attack using your most dangerous piece of equipment as a weapon does not violate the policy on the integrity of the game then the league truly needs to reexamine it’s leadership. Just think of the potential extreme terrible long term ramifications that could have occurred if Rudolph was seriously injured. Fractured skull, brain damage, spinal damage…legitimate life changing disabilities and for what??

      Not to mention they were WINNING THE GAME!! How can you be so frustrated and lose complete control of your emotions in that moment?

      Considering the league is parading the narrative that player safety, specifically head injuries, is their biggest priority, 3 games would be an absolute disgrace.

      League should start with a lifetime ban and let him appeal down to a year. That was one of the most egregious acts I can recall seeing in the recent past .

      It’s like a baseball player charging the mound and assaulting a pitcher with his bat after he strike out.

      • burrdeuces

        ….Or a pitcher hitting a batter in the head with a baseball at 100mph….

    • chieflove42

      I agree with you for the most part. the hit was clean and Rudolph’s reaction was out of frustration and garret greatly overreacted. I’ve seen similar fights during 2 a days. although the helmet thing is new.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      I can only assume that your parents hit you in the head with a helmet as a small child.

      Why do stupid people love to defend criminal behavior?

  2. JJB0811

    Do the Texans even have a pick next year or the following one (minus rounds 5-7)? And Watson still gets the crap kicked out of him after spending 4+ draft picks this past offseason.

  3. sufferfortribe

    The Johnson trade has worked out well for the Browns. Disgruntled player for a 3rd. Works for me…..if Dorsey doesn’t screw it up.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Kudos to Duke for taking the chip off his shoulder and providing some value to his new teammates instead of tweeting endlessly about how unfair life is.

  4. joesmith9809

    Lol you guys are acting like he swung at him with an axe or something. The red nosed reindeer clearly wanted to fight so Myles gave him what he wanted. He shouldn’t have swung the helmet but he did and now he’s public enemy #1? Three to four games is fair but indefinitely is ridiculous.

  5. madmanTX

    How is doing an interview a smart move for Garrett when the Browns know he has the potential to make his situation worse by saying things that might make him look unapologetic or playing the blame game?

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