Myles Garrett On Racial Slur: I Know What I Heard

Myles Garrett is doubling down on his claim that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur in the buildup to the infamous brawl that occurred last Thursday night, as the Browns defensive end indicated on Twitter.

“I was assured that the hearing was space that afforded the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the incident that led to my suspension. This was not meant for public dissemination, nor was it a convenient attempt to justify my actions or restore my image in the eyes of those I disappointed.

“I know what I heard. Whether my opponent’s comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, I cannot say. But his actions do not excuse my lack of restraint in the moment, and I truly regret the impact this has had on the league, the Browns and our devoted fans.”

As the NFL indicated in a statement earlier today, the league found no evidence that Rudolph used such a slur before or during the fight. Microphones are all over the field during an NFL game, so it seems likely that any slur would have picked up. Nevertheless, Garrett is standing by his claim.

Garrett’s appeal of his indefinite ban was denied today, meaning he’s suspended for at least the rest of the 2019 regular season and playoffs. Meanwhile, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey saw his suspension reduced from three games to two.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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90 comments on “Myles Garrett On Racial Slur: I Know What I Heard

  1. joesmith9809

    Very classy by Myles. Rudolph the Racist Reindeer should thank his lucky stars he’ll probably never play against him again. Browns will win the second match up I predict, especially if the reindeer remains as QB.

      • joesmith9809

        If anyone knows what was said, it would be Myles. He said he knows what he heard and I believe him.

        • locotrouble

          You believe someone that hit someone else in the head with a helmet that could have killed them. You believe a piece of trash like that. Right…. I’m glad he is gone… someone like that shouldn’t be in the league. Mics are all over the field and nothing was picked up.

          • jleve618

            Mason tried to rip Myles helmet off first. You don’t think had he succeeded, everything would have happened exactly the same but in reverse?

        • bigjonliljon

          Yeah…. but the hundreds of microphones on the field didn’t seem to pick it up. What a joke.

          • Daynlokki

            Did they release the footage of the mics? No? Wonder why that is. NFL never buries things that make the league look bad right?

        • CubsRebsSaints

          The ole’ race card. Played out. Take your medicine. Shut up and go away. And maybe have a comeback and open your mouth before next season.

        • TJECK109

          Of course, who wouldn’t believe a guy who waits till his appeal to bring this up. He should have been screaming this all over right after the game.

          And besides who wouldn’t believe a guy that feels he can swing a helmet as a weapon at an opponent?

    • amk3510

      Welcome to 2019 where conjecture and hearsay make someone racist, and physical assault is ok based on that.

      • mitchrapp

        True. Even if he did say the n word he was probably just signing his favorite top 40 rap song being played over the stadium speakers. No biggie

        • layercake

          Not the same and you know it. That’s rave baiting and youre justifying it if Rudolph did say it.”but rap says it” is the epitome of a pre-school excuse/validation to use it. I’m assuming youre not a child so why dont you go get your crayons and a piece of paper and scribble why people “shouldnt use derogatory words”.

          Now about the Myles/Rudolph I don’t care if he did call you that man, you clubbed him with a blunt object on national television…. You could have made a public declaration of what he called you immediately after the game and do more damage than you did with that wild swing

          • mitchrapp

            Wait… You suppose I’m not a child but I’m suppose to go get some crayons? I think you mean I am a child if I need the crayons. Maybe get your kid to proof read for you fats.

        • Daynlokki

          You gonna let your kid call you a motherfucker to your face after they hear it on a song too?

    • bklynny67

      You’re a true moron. How was that classy? And how is Mason a racist? Because one person says he used the N word while no other player on the field happened to hear it? And not once did Myles apologize for crushing the man’s head with a helmet. He only regrets the impact it had on the league, ect. Not for nearly causing serious injuries to someone intentionally.

      Hopefully he never plans again.

            • CubsRebsSaints

              Dodge! You’re stupid. I can say this with confidence by the one sentence you wrote. You’re dumb. Don’t talk anymore. If you think it’s a good idea to type again, you are wrong. Shut the hell up!

        • locotrouble

          Rudolph came out and said he had nothing but respect for Him. I believe that is an apology- before you type and look dumb know your facts.

          • coltsrocker1

            you say you BELIEVE it ds an apology then say get his facts straight? and you say here looks dumb?

          • Daynlokki

            I have nothing but respect for him and yet he’s lying. Do you see the contradiction from Rudolph?

    • Phattey

      Myles is a good dude doesn’t deserve all the hate all he was trying to do was help mason put his helmet back on smh

      • joesmith9809

        I like to be the first to comment so everyone can go berserk on my thread :)

    • Greg M

      It’s a beautiful bridge and I will give you a great price on it! Should I get the paperwork going?

    • seth3120

      Joe you seem to be quite the Garrett fan. You refer to him as Myles in another thread as well. I believe Rudolph instigated Garrett’s reaction but with his physical action there is nothing to support Garrett’s claim of a racial slur. Personally I find the timing to be convenient. Clearly Garrett would have been upset by Rudolph’s actions and likely just took it too far. He doesn’t mention anything until he speaks to the NFL which doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m sure it happens there are racists everywhere but the NFL is a tough place for one to get away with saying things like that. Use that word and everyone from either team will turn against you

  2. highplainsdriftr

    It’s just hard to believe considering his own teammates are saying today that this is the first they heard of it. I can’t imagine his friends in the locker room being out of the loop like that even if he has been away from the buulding

  3. carlos15

    Funny he says it’s not excusing his actions while excusing his actions. If he heard a racial slur it was probably from other black players on the field. The only people I’ve ever heard use those words are the people who claim to be offended by them.

    • Ironman_4life

      Right. Ever go to a basketball game and sit close to court. Easily hear the n word 100 times a game

    • Patrick N.

      Your experience isn’t valid for projecting upon the rest of the world. Your life experiences are unique and if you aren’t black, odds are you don’t get called the n-word. Likewise if you aren’t white you wouldn’t get called a cracker or honky. That’s extremely ignorant to say..

      • Ironman_4life

        I dont care either way. Its 2019. Grow a pair. I dont get offended by words.

  4. JJB0811

    This Browns’ season is special. Thoughts of division titles and, gasp, SB ambitions!

    All those top 5 picks and this is the result. Kicking players in the face, purposely wearing watches & wrong cleats, INT’s, indefinite suspension.

    The other morbid franchises are boring to watch, but the Browns’ have the cameras rolling!

    • DarkSide830

      Kitchens is clearly a joke. no reason this team should not be better than it has been.

  5. fieldsj2

    He so full of it! I know what I heard, but it took me a week to remember it. I hope they suspend this liar for next season too. Maybe him and Jessie Smollett can hang out!

  6. amk3510

    You heard nothing and are trying to use the “he he he said the N word” card to try and get out of this. Sorry Myles not even the woke mob can save you.

  7. c.fisher

    Maaaaan if this is somehow proven to be a lie then this guy is done forever.

    • twentyforty

      The NFL is too afraid to do the right thing…which is ban this criminal and liar for life.

      • Daynlokki

        All they have to do is release all the mic footage to the press, let them sort through it and prove it’s fake. They have chose not to.

  8. DarkSide830

    Myles has a fair point here. slur or not, his claim didnt need to be public if the league really thought there was nothing to it.

  9. Daynlokki

    Why hasn’t the NFL released the helmet mic footage from Rudolph’s helmet? Everything gets recorded. Probably for the same reason they sat in the Ray Rice DV tape.

    • markburgh

      Fox/nfl has mikes on field so does nfl films and Westwood one im sure the nfl researched them all why did he wait till his hearing to say this and nobody on the browns heard it or him telling anyone should of used the mental card

  10. goldenmisfit

    The fact the NFL is refusing to release the helmet Mike footage is telling me they know Mason Rudolph did it and are trying to sweep this under the rug. It’s like I have said for a while now the NFL always goes out of their way to help out the Steelers. You got Pouncey stomping someone with metal cleats and get his suspension reduced, juju Smith Schuster helmet to helmet hit then stood over the guy while taunting taunting him and the one game suspension is reduced to a fine and don’t get me started on all the infractions early in the career of Ben Roethlisberger that the league just let go. This is all one big pattern of the NFL always trying to help out the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let’s also work at Le’Veon Bell, he has been “random“ drug tested five times in 10 weeks funny don’t ever recall that happening when he was a Steeler. Then there is Antonio Brown, the allegations of sexual misconduct came out over two years ago but the league did not step in until after the Steelers traded him. No one can tell me these are all coincidences

  11. BuckarooBanzai

    He’s lying just as much as anyone here who was there
    … except none of you were there

    • nutznboltz

      Ya league is racist too?I guess you’ve never heard of Ritchie incognito.

      • Daynlokki

        Richie incognito? You mean the guy who tried to use a helmet as a weapon already and only got a two game ban? Another white guy also did it TO Incognito and got two games. How many did the black guy get again? Oh ya,indefinite suspension. At least 6 games. Seems legit since they were all handed similar suspensions right?

        • kylewait89

          Antonio Smith is black. The guy that swung his helmet at Incognito. He’s a black man, not white.

          Also, when did Incognito swing a helmet at someone’s head? Or at someone period?

        • nutznboltz

          I was answering Bowser hound who asked who was the last white guy to get suspended Marinovich? My answer was incognito. He was insinuating that white guys don’t get suspended.

        • nutznboltz

          Did the other two connect? If memory serves me right I don’t think they did. That’s probably why the discrepancy in the amount of games suspended. I guess you don’t want to look at that you just want to look at color.

  12. afsooner02

    Garrett shouldn’t be allowed to play football ever again. Using the race card and lying about it shouldn’t be tolerated in the league. What a garbage human being.

  13. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    “NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league investigated Garrett’s alleged claim.

    “We looked into it and found no such evidence,” McCarthy said in a statement to the Tribune-Review.”

    Rudolph needs to sue.

    Two separate defamatory assertions with zero evidence.

    • Daynlokki

      NFL is refusing to turn over the mic footage to any media source so far. Last time they did something similar Ray Rice was involved. Wouldn’t put it past them to lie and sweep this under the rug as it’s an extremely bad look to have that end up be true while Rudolph doesn’t get a suspension.

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        Multiple players have said Rudolph didn’t say anything like that. No other players besides the desperate and unethical Garrett claim that he did.

        A truly vile thing to do.

      • gozurman1

        Not one of the other Browns’ players said that they had heard about any kind of racial slur until the reporters asked about it yesterday. You know that if Rudolph had said anything close to a racial slur, everyone in the Browns locker room would have known about it within about 5 minutes after getting into the locker room after the game last Thursday. Garrett would have been incensed coming off of the field and would have been ranting about it in the locker room.

    • SueJen

      Garrett is a lying embarrassment. He did not play the race card for 8 days after the game. He was interviewed and never mentioned this. He apologized to Rudolph and made no mention of a Rascist comment. He mentioned Rascist comment at hearing to get his penalty hopefully reduced. He threw Rudolph under the proverbial bus. What a disgrace. Not a teammate came to his defense and not a mic in field picked anything up. Regardless u don’t attack the way he did.

  14. findingnimmo

    Falsely accusing someone of a racial slur is in my opinion worse Than hitting someone on the head with a helmet. How does any athlete, so called actor, or anyone making such an accusation help further the cause and work and lives of our civil rights leaders from the past and present. They risked their lives and even lost their lives for civil rights. And anyone who falsely accuses anyone of a racial slur is just trash at its lowest level. If by chance he did say it, hitting him on his head with the helmet still isn’t the answer, but there is no evidence of him saying it, including no mics or cameras picking it up. All there is is a person hitting a man in the head with a helmet….and how do racists look? That’s just a racist and prejudice statement in itself. Race isn’t a joke to throw around. And if in fact this is a cry wolf scenario, then that is the biggest crime or misbehavior here. Follow the evidence, that’s what this country is about when it comes to things like this. You can’t presume something happened. All we have is evidence and there is only one clear cut action that takes place and that 100% does not include a racial slur.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I find it rather amusing that you think athletes wake up each morning with a mission to further the cause of civil rights leaders from the past and present. Some athletes are so dumb they couldn’t tell you the difference between Denzel Washington and Malcolm X.

      • findingnimmo

        I see you totally missed the point. Nowhere did I say they aim to further civil rights (kneeling excluded I guess maybe lol) but instead I said they hurt the civil right activists of the past. Try reading the full post before commenting

  15. enricopallazzo

    So all of the other players within inches of them during this also never heard him say this or are helping cover it up. Riggggght.

  16. Dorothy_Mantooth

    The league has said there is no audio to check for that play. If an independent media company picked up ANY audio from that exchange, you know it would be all over the Internet right now, racial slur or not. I don’t know either player, but from all accounts, Myles is a pretty even-keeled guy so Rudolph definitely did something to put Myles into a blind rage. Unless one of his Pitt teammates heard it and comes forward, we’ll never know the truth.

    • findingnimmo

      How is that conclusion made again? One part of the sentence you say you don’t know either person, the next you say one is even keeled and the other must have done something to produce a blind rage. Interesting flow to that sentence. The rage is inexcusable no matter the cause, but again, just as what has happened in our country numerous times especially recently, if there is no direct evidence of an accusation actually occurring, you cannot conclude on what your presume to be the result or want to be the result.

    • TJECK109

      The guy had already punched another player in the league in Delanie Walker. Yeah he’s even keeled.

  17. TJECK109

    Remember when the NFL took a stance and announced that they would flag anyone for using racial language and unsportsmanlike trash talk?

  18. TJECK109

    I’d also like to point out that Rudolph has been playing football for quite some time. And yet you haven’t heard any teammates, coaches or former opponents come out and say he called me the same thing.

    On the other hand we have a guy who has already punched another player and now swung a deadly weapon at another player and he’s the even keeled guy that wouldn’t lie to save his own backside?

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