NFC East Notes: Williams, Gettleman, Hill

The NFL and NFLPA will conduct a joint investigation into claims made by Washington’s LT Trent Williams, according to Ian Rapoport of Williams has been one of the best left tackles in football since entering the league in 2010. After solidifying the blindside in Washington for nearly a decade, Williams had been holding out for all of the 2019 season.

The team refused to move Williams before the trade deadline, but the tackle finally reported to the team on Tuesday. However, he has since failed his physical and publicly accused the team of failing to recognize the severity of a cancerous growth on his head this past summer. The team has since denied Williams’ claims of wrongdoing and called for a third-party evaluation. According to Rapoport, the collective bargaining agreement calls for a joint investigation amidst such accusations.

Here’s more from around the NFC East:

  • Giants general manager Dave Gettleman needs to answer for his trade deadline decisions, according to Darryl Slater of Since the second day of training camp in late July, Gettleman has not answered questions from any reporters. Even more concerning, a Giants spokesperson said he is not currently scheduled to address the media again this season, per Slater. Currently at 2-6, many were surprised to see the team give up draft assets for impending free agent Leonard Williams. Moreover, the team recouped no draft capital for any of their veteran players. Slater maintains it is “part of the job” for Gettleman to take questions from the media regardless of how popular his decisions are.
  • Cowboys rookie second-round pick Trysten Hill has become a problem, according to Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning News. Per Watkins report, the defensive tackle has recently been sent home after arriving late to practice and fell asleep in the middle of a speech by Hall of Fame basketball player Isiah Thomas. Dallas has not been publicly critical of Hill, but Watkins notes that even after losing starting defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford for the season, Hill remains outside the rotation.
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14 comments on “NFC East Notes: Williams, Gettleman, Hill

  1. JJB0811

    The NFC East was so fun to watch during the 80’s and 90’s. Now they’re lame.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I guess the fun ended when teams no longer had the Cardinals to kick around twice a year…lol.

  2. Gettleman has no plan. Giving up assets for a rental player that you could have just pursued in the offseason when you’re supposed to be rebuilding is madness. Getting a poor return for OBJ was bad. Signing almost exclusively ex-Cardinals and ex-Panthers rejects was bad. Signing Solder was bad. Signing Bethea was bad. Not trading Jenkins or Solder was bad. Not improving the defense was bad. Drafting Jones at #6 was bad.

    On top of all that, his relationships with both the media and his own players have been strained or non-existent. He’s been a horrible GM and should be fired immediately.

    • matty kid

      You don’t understand how to run a business. DG has zero obligation to discuss anything with the media on their terms. You have zero idea on what was offered for either player mentioned above. Had he traded Solder, who now plays LT on Monday? You say drafting Jones at #6 was bad. Why? You give nothing to support your opinion. Your post is irrelevant.

        • Perksy

          That says it all right there. Until they right the ship all the moves have been bad the last couple of years. Williams could have been had in FA. Jenkins and Ogletree should have been traded. And it hurts seeing Jacksonville play watching Josh Allen rush the QB. What could have been. They talk about Giants draft capital, expect all the picks are at the backend. Need more in rounds 2-4.

        • matty kid

          Based on what he had to deal with coming into this job , he’s drafted a stud RB, completely changed the O line in a positive way, got rid of bad contracts, stud D line and what appears to be a great QB (according to Phil Simms). The record at this point is irrelevant. “Just trading” people is something you do on a video game, not real life

      • JoeBrady

        The team has a marketing obligation to speak with the press. Otherwise, why would players want to talk to the press? More than that, it is an opportunity to put a positive spin on everything.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    If your going to be a GM or coach in New York you better have some players that can take the media heat off you. With Beckham gone, Gettleman became even more of a target.

  4. JoeBrady

    Trysten Hill might have issues, but why the heck should he be forced to listen to Isiah Thomas? Except for the racist remark about Bird, the paternity suit, the sexual harassment suit for $11M, and being the worst GM in the history of all sports, what else does Thomas have to talk about?

    I don’t mind working out 6 days a week, or hitting people bigger than me, but I draw the line at having to listen to someone like Isiah Thomas.

  5. gmetwagner

    The GIANTS need to clean house and trade a #1 to NE for Bill. Let him make the decisions from top to bottom.

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