NFC East Notes: Cowboys, Garrett, Redskins

The Cowboys aren’t planning to fire head coach Jason Garrett during the season, but some reports have indicated needs to lead Dallas to a Super Bowl victory in order to keep his job. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has offered his fair share of criticism of Garrett this year, and earlier this week, he made a peculiar comment sure to draw the eye of observers. “In my opinion, Jason Garrett will be coaching in the NFL next year,” Jones said this week on 105.3 The Fan (Twitter link via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News). Notably, Jones didn’t say exactly where he thinks Garrett will coaching in 2020.

Here’s more from the NFC East:

  • Don’t expect Trent Williams to mend fences with the Redskins any time soon. Williams, who didn’t play this season while holding out, holds a great deal of animus against the Washington organization for how it handled a cancerous tumor that appeared on his head. “I don’t see how it can be reconciled,” Williams told Les Carpenter of the Washington Post. “At the end of the day I’m a human being, I ain’t like a dog and you can slap s— out of me and I’m going to come back the next morning with my tail wagging. This was a conscious decision, they didn’t burn the bridge by accident. This was something they felt comfortable doing, so I got to feel comfortable with moving on, too.”
  • Most of Williams’ ire is directed towards Redskins president Bruce Allen, per Carpenter. Williams claims Allen ignored calls and texts from Williams and his agent while the club was searching for a helmet that would accommodate Williams’ pain. Williams believes Allen did so that the Redskins can argue Williams still has two years left on his contract, which could raise his trade value this offseason. Allen, for his part, calls the allegations “comical.”
  • Group Giants owner Steve Tisch with those who think Colin Kaepernick‘s workout session in Atlanta last month was botched by the NFL. “I just felt, you know, what happened in Atlanta was unfortunate,” Tisch told Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic. “It didn’t seem to be very well organized. And I just, I don’t know how it all sort of fell apart.” Tisch also said he hopes the issue is brought up during next week’s league meetings.
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21 comments on “NFC East Notes: Cowboys, Garrett, Redskins

  1. JJB0811

    Such a funny post. It’s both the Skins and NFL fault that Trent and CK are mad. The players are never at fault, its always the ‘greedy billionaires.’. Those poor multi-millionaires just might not make it…boo hoo.

    If the Skins medical staff screwed up as bad as proclaimed by Trent, then he’d be after a lawsuit, not a trade or release.

    • layercake


      Also, lawsuit on what grounds? It would be dismissed immediately. It would be different if say for example, he played with a cancerous tumor and the medical staff knowingly withheld the dangers from him that then led to a severe injury. All you have here is the organization trying to get him on the field and the player refusing to play.

      • JJB0811

        ‘It would be different if say for example, he played with a cancerous tumor and the medical staff knowingly withheld the dangers from him..’

        Isn’t that his complaint? He was told its no big deal and play for years.

        As for the lawsuit, since every 1/5 commercial on my TV is from a law firm suing about this or that, I’d bet a DC firm would take on his case.

    • joparx

      Billionaires are notorious for having everyone’s best interest in mind, what are all these poor people’s problem?

      • JJB0811

        If you think NFL players are poor, then how much do you make? Trent has been paid as a premier LT for a decade. CK singed a great deal w/ the 9’ers, then with Nike after his career ended. Tough gigs for those poor guys.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I won’t comment on the medical aspect of Williams case because only the doctors are qualified to do that. Bringing legal action against the Redskins is a tricky proposition though. He wants to continue his career with another team but he won’t make himself popular among other owners and GMs if he gets labelled as an ambulance chaser. Redskins clearly won’t get any more production from him so they need to trade him. They could probably get a first rounder since many teams are hurting at LT.

          • JJB0811

            You’re right to an extent. If a helmet doesn’t fit or work for him by the Skins, then why would it work from another team? All helmet companies are verified by the league. Ask AB about that.

            Medically speaking, if he can document that the Skins said ‘no big deal’ to his growth, then he’s worth $200m in that lawsuit.

            • crosseyedlemon

              The helmet complaint sounds like a smoke screen to me. It’s possible he felt discomfort after the procedure he underwent but that would likely decrease with time. If he had a golf ball sized tumor he wouldn’t be permitted to play anyway.
              All lawsuits can be dicey affairs. I don’t think the Redskins or any other NFL team doctors suggest to players that they are qualified experts on cancer or neurological matters. They are hired by owners to give players their best opinion of how normal football type injuries will limit their play. They will normally refer a player to an outside specialist for medical matters outside their scope of expertise and I think they did that in Williams case.

  2. badco44

    Yeah, Trent does not need someone to go hold his hand to the doctor/?specialist

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Falcons haven’t won anything meaningful in over 50 years so I would expect them to at least kick the tires.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Sure, why not? Hiring Garrett would keep their streak of futility alive.

      • Falcons were in the Super Bowl three years ago with this same coach. Granted they botched that worse than any game I’ve ever seen, playoffs or not.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Be thankful you didn’t have to watch the Redskins in the 1940 championship game Alec.

  3. “…Kaepernick‘s workout session in Atlanta last month was botched by the NFL.”

    It was NOT botched by the NFL. It was botched because the loser Kaepernick and his posse played the media like they have for the past three years.

  4. goldenmisfit

    If Jason Garrett wants to keep his job he is going about it all the wrong way. When the Dallas Cowboys were 13-3 and the number one seed in the NFC how did they get there? Running the ball and using play action off of a great running attack. Now, Elliot is lucky if he gets the ball 15-20 times a game and Prescott is throwing the ball 50 times a game. When the Cowboys were a force they were rushing 40% of the time now they are running 25% of the time. This is a coaching issue and it all starts at the top with Jason Garrett he needs to go and go now!

    • AndyMeyer

      Agreed. They think Dak Prescott is their best player when he clearly isn’t

      • crosseyedlemon

        16 of Prescott’s top 20 passing efforts have resulted in wins. Maybe that doesn’t make him the best player but he’s definitely among the top 53.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Also, before the Chicago loss, the Cowboys were the #1 ranked offense in the league.

        • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

          The Cowboys are probably still the #1 ranked offense in the NFL after the loss in Chicago last night, but who cares? They are 6-7, and listless. Over 200 of Prescott’s 300 meaningless yards came in the 2H when the game was already decided, the defense had one of the worst tackling efforts I’ve ever seen, and Garrett just sits there with that dumb look on his face for 4Q. He’s not even clapping anymore, he just stands and stares cluelessly, my hatred for him is no longer, I now feel sorry for Coach Howdy. He has no more tricks up his sleeve or win one for The Gipper speeches, he just wants to go home, but Jerrah won’t let him go. Veterans like Witten and Bennett are losing their minds in the sidelines, Zeke can’t get enough touches, the kicker has the yips, the defense won’t tackle and all Howdy can do now is sit and stare blankly at the field….The only chance this team has of making any noise in the playoffs (and trust me it’s less than a 1% chance at this point) is for Jerrah to break his foot off in Garretts a** and promote someone, anyone off the current staff that can light a fire under this team, because THE DALLAS COWBOYS HAVE QUIT ON JASON GARRETT!

          • crosseyedlemon

            When an owner tells the world that the HC is going to be a lame duck for the final 6 games of the season, there’s absolutely no reason to expect that the players wouldn’t quit on that coach. Jerry Jones is the Cowboys biggest liability.

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