Titans Discussing Long-Term Contract For Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannhill‘s surprising resurgence continues, and Dianna Russini of ESPN.com reports that the Titans are internally discussing a new contract for the 31-year-old signal-caller (Twitter link).

We heard several weeks ago that Tennessee would make an effort to retain Tannehill this offseason if he continued to perform well down the stretch, but Russini’s report suggests that the Titans are now sold on the man who has led them to a 5-1 record since taking over for the disappointing Marcus Mariota.

Indeed, despite rumors that Tennessee could put the franchise tag on Tannehill, Russini suggests that the Titans are not considering the tag but are thinking about the type of contract that would definitively make Tannehill their starting QB for the foreseeable future. That is quite a development for a player who rarely lived up to his billing as a first-round pick with the Dolphins and who was only acquired by Tennessee in an effort to push Mariota.

But Tannehill has the 7-5 Titans in the thick of the AFC playoff race, and outside scouts have been just of fond of his play as Tennessee. Plus, he has been much more than a game manager, as he leads the league with 9.1 yards-per-attempt and a 113.9 QB rating. Given his history, contract negotiations could be complicated, but at this point, it would not be surprising to see Tannhill land something akin to the four-year, $88MM pact (with over $50MM guaranteed) that Nick Foles received from the Jaguars this year.

Interestingly, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com says the Titans have not discussed an extension for running back Derrick Henry, who is also eligible for unrestricted free agency this offseason. While Tannehill has been great, Henry is the motor that makes the Titans’ offense run, and the team has finally committed to giving him a bell cow workload in 2019. With four games left to play, he has already set career-highs in rushing yards (1,140), receiving yards (200), and total TDs (13).

Of course, teams have been hesitant to pay top-dollar for running backs in recent years, and some of those who have taken the plunge have been burned. But given his fairly light usage over his first two years in the league and his ability to dominate a game, Henry would seem to be a good bet for a second contract. The Titans have a policy of not negotiating extensions in-season, but the fact that they have not internally discussed a Henry re-up is surprising.

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16 comments on “Titans Discussing Long-Term Contract For Ryan Tannehill

  1. diller1340

    This is the worst case scenario for the titans because Tannehill is not the answer long term but he is playing well enough to trick a team into thinking he is the long term answer

    • afsooner02

      Would it matter? There won’t be any QBs in this draft when the titans pick that are going to be franchise worthy. You had a chance to tank with MM and you benched him. Now you’ll be picking in the 20s and burrow/Herbert/tua will all be gone by then. Too many QB needy teams this draft.

      So sign tanny and enjoy mediocrity for 3 years. Least he’s better than MM.

      • diller1340

        Id go after Andy Dalton or Cam Newton or maybe even Philip Rivers if he’s available. The titans have the roster and coach to win now and Tannehil is not the guy to get it done.

        Also could be some later 1st round or 2nd round QBs who will be solid in Fromm and Eason. I also think with how Lamar Jackson is playing now that will open the door for Jalen Hurts to be successful (all three of those are better options going forward then Tannehill)

        • afsooner02

          Dalton or Cam isn’t the guy to get it done either for that matter. Tanny is about on par with those 2. (Cam isn’t the QB he once was.)

          I have seen nothing from fromm, Eason or hurts that makes me think any of those 3 are going to be long term solutions in the nfl.

          • keyser_soze

            Outside of about 8 teams, WHO has franchise type QB’s in the NFL? You make it seem like every draft class has them, or even most teams have them already.

            • afsooner02

              Not to say I told ya so….but….as mentioned earlier. Tanny is your best option.

    • ffjsisk

      To be fair, nobody outside of Dan Marino has succeeded in Miami in close to50 years. Tannehill was always under appreciated in Miami.

  2. Mjm117

    I think the Titans offense is built perfectly around Tannehill. He still has the same physical attributes that make teams drool. The pocket awareness is still dreadful, which has always been his Achilles heal, but he makes enough plays and again has a solid offense built around him to keep him an at best above average QB. Which he is currently playing like one.

    A 2-3 year deal seems about right but a Nick Foles type might seal the deal. Although I wouldn’t commit that long.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Shadows and dust. The Titans offense is not good enough to keep a mediocre QB like Tannehill above water for long. OL is among the leagues worst and even with the solid effort of Henry they are a dismal 27th in time of possession.

  3. bradthebluefish

    No need to sign Tannehill when many QBs are expecting to hit free agency this year.

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