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Antonio Brown has been granted bail by a Broward County judge following his arrest for burglary with battery. Brown’s bond was set at $100K for this particular charge and he also faced two other charges related to an incident at his residence earlier this week. 

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A moving truck driver accused Brown and trainer Glen Holt of striking him after they refused to pay for his services. Holt was also arrested on one count of burglary with battery. When police arrived at his home, Brown refused to speak with them and locked himself inside.

The judge also ordered Brown to undergo a mental health evaluation, once he’s released from custody. Those close to Brown have been concerned about his mental state over the past year, including longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus, who says that he will not work with Brown again unless he gets help.

Brown is on the commissioner’s exempt list while the NFL continues its investigation.

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26 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown

  1. twinsfan368

    This guy just needs to take a lifelong break from football and focus on his mental state of mind for a long while

  2. Coach Him

    That’s nice of Drew after AB made him all that money. Next guy to exploite

    • snotrocket

      You have to be joking. Brown hired Rosenhaus, and most agents would have dumped that clown a while back. Why Drew waited so long is beyond me. Can you imagine Brown trying to negotiate his own contract? The guy can’t go a week without doing something completely moronic, and probably can’t count to 100.

      • Al_Vengenace

        And he can’t go a sentence without using one of the expletives relating to a female dog, another word that has some same letters as my friend, or the N word.

        If he doesn’t have something wrong with him, then he is one of the closest examples to human garbage I’ve seen.

        If there is something wrong with him then I hope he gets the help he needs. Trying to get help for drug addictions and mental health seem to be a real problem where I live. Nobody wants to deal with it or take the responsibility. They just kick people down the road to the next person who also wants to pass the buck.

    • Sirsleepit

      You’re seriously giving Drew crap? Have you ignored how AB has been acting? He lined up a mega deal for him and he acted like a clown, over and over and over and over and you expect drew to stick with him? Gtfoh

  3. fungie22

    He guy needs help. What is agent supposed to do? I’m sure he tried to help him.

  4. TJECK109

    100k bail is no joke even if the guy makes millions. They can’t set it based on how much he has for what he is accused of.

  5. Marshawn tried to tell them. Mind your mentals and take care of your chickens.

    • DVail1979

      And then punched the court clerk for having the audacity to actually expect the bail money

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      If it was done right (which I have very little faith in), it could be the best thing to happen to AB in quite a while.

  6. deal1122

    Wait, I thought brown wasn’t on the exempt list??? Articles have always said that IF, he gets signed, he will most likely be placed on it…

    • seth3120

      If they keep including every new incident as part of their investigation we may never see a conclusion at this rate

  7. crosseyedlemon

    What odds are the sportsbooks offering on Antonio getting arrested while attending the SB?

    • mcdusty49

      He probably has neurological deficiencies as well if it makes you feel any better

  8. compassrose

    Here is the list of events.

    Brown gets mental health check up.

    Dr calls in staff they taze Brown inject solution to put him to sleep and put him in a straight jacket.

    He wakes up in jacket still but the walls are white and padded.

    The world never hears from him again. There is this zombie looking dude living in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico that people see once a month to pick up meds. Always has some big dude with him.

    Speculation is they drugged him up so much he forgot about FB and the life he had all he knows for sure is his name has always been Tony Soprano.

  9. halofanatic

    The very best part of the situation is that a judge has ordered a mental health evaluation. He needs professional help.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Agreed. This is actually the best thing that could happen to him.

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