Antonio Brown Surrenders To Police

Jan. 23rd: TMZ Sports reports that Brown surrendered to police on Thursday night. The embattled wideout turned himself into Broward County Jail after an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday.

Jan. 22nd: Another day, another Antonio Brown story. Following a confrontation at his home on Tuesday, the Hollywood, Florida Police Department issued an arrest warrant for the star wideout this evening (via Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 on Twitter). The active warrant is for burglary with battery.

We learned yesterday that Florida police were investigating Brown for possible battery at his home. A moving truck driver accused Brown and trainer Glen Holt of battery, with Holt later getting arrested on one count of burglary with battery. Brown refused to speak with police officers, locking himself inside his home.

Brown has been out of the NFL since being dropped by the Patriots midway through the 2019 season, but he hasn’t been absent from the news cycle. Most recently, Brown broadcasted a profanity-laced argument with police officers and the mother of one of his children. Soon after, longtime agent and ally Drew Rosenhaus dropped him and said that he would only resume the relationship if Brown made wholesale changes to his life.

Amid the most recent fiascos, consistent (and bizarre) social media rants, and multiple accusations of sexual assault, Brown has sat in indefinite limbo by the league office. We heard yesterday that the NFL was monitoring this most-recent situation, and the inevitable arrest will be included in the league’s ongoing investigation of the former All-Pro wide receiver.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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68 comments on “Antonio Brown Surrenders To Police

      • paddyo875

        Lol that may only need to “inappropriate religiosity,” as another impending Dx.

      • joparx

        He needs a doctor to help with CTE, Netflix started production on his special right after they finished Aaron Hernandez’s

      • TheBlueMeanie

        Please stop with the religious BS! He needs professional help, not imaginary superstitions. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a professional athlete self-destruct the way Brown has done. He’s his own worst enemy.

        • saluelthpops

          And the professionals will tell him to find something to add meaning to his life. Religion is one option. Don’t be so quick to dismiss simply because you have an aversion to it personally.

          • graysondecker

            He’s already religious, or at least pretends to be. Religion can’t save everyone. Some people are just lost causes, and there’s nothing that can be done.

            • twinsfan368

              Ok I consider myself religious but I’m not super religious like some others. I’m smart enough to know that God can save you from anything and something can be done. Nobody is a lost cause so you should shut up bro

  1. phillyballers

    Like a day before this news broke I said it will probably end in Jail or Mental Institution. Part of me thinks this is a result of the hit he took from Burfict. Pretty much went downhill, his antics got worse and worse.

    • gozurman1

      He really never went off the deep end until the Steelers players voted JuJu the team MVP instead of him in 2018. That event is what really set him off. His ego would not allow another WR to be viewed as more important than him to the teem.

      • joparx

        The hit from burfict is what me and my coworkers/friends always chalk this up too, he lost his grip after that

        • BertMacklin

          Tbh, i doubt one hit broke this man. I think it’s more likely that the Steelers, a well run organization with great leadership, was able to curb his craziness. But he’s gotten older, with more success and more money and the cracks have just gotten too big.

          • metsie1

            You mean the Steelers the well run organization with great leadership that was “enabling” this degenerate until they could no longer control what they helped create? You mean those guys right?

      • phillyballers

        I think the hit was 2016. 2017 was that Facebook live locker room nonsense.

  2. cyyoung24

    I understand why so many people don’t like this guy but this TMZ report has me kinda scared for his life.

    Antonio Brown Arrest Warrant Issued, Beware of Guns link to

    “The arrest warrant warns officers that Brown has a concealed weapons permit “and is known to carry.”
    “Brown had a firearm stolen out of Dade County in 2018. Officers should use caution when approaching Brown, as he is known for being confrontational when dealing with police.”

    I hope this man surrenders peacefully and let it be what it be. And no cop tries to be a hero…

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      I’ve been warning he’s going to the next Chris Henry for awhile.

      Before his CTE, AB was an affable dufus. Now…Mr. Big Chest has almost no grey matter left.

      And there is no one in his life who can or even wants to talk sense to him, if that’s even still possible. The worst kind of enablers.

      I don’t see anything that will stop his spiral.

      • paddyo875

        Your thinking might not be that far off. Yet your Dx sounds as if “speaking” from the wrong orifice.

      • Vin Scully

        “Before his CTE”. When did you examine Brown and determine his diagnosis? Brown and his lawyer haven’t claimed this yet you know his medical condition. Maybe he is just a pampered spoiled a-hole that has had his way since High School?

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      My evidence that Antonio Brown has CTE is Antonio Brown.

      What evidence do you have to contradict that?

      • bigdaddidave

        There is no way to determine if he has CTE until he is dead and examine his brain.

          • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

            Those are still in the very early stages of testing. While it’s a very good and encouraging development, it’s still years away from being useful yet. However, it’s fantastic that they’re working hard to find ways to diagnose the disease in the living; often, it’s the first step to finding if a cure (or at least some sort of maintenance) is possible… besides “stop getting hit repeatedly in the head.”

            • Polish Hammer

              The 1000s of football players that banged their heads more than this clown and behave in an acceptable manner take offense to people trying to just easily excuse away this idiots behavior to CTE.

              • layercake

                Well youre not a doctor and no two heads are alike. The makeup of the brain is vastly unexplored nor understood. You and I dont actually know who, what, when, where or why it went downhill for him

                • Polish Hammer

                  Yeah, when he was acting like a jerkoff at age 8 it was because of CTE from playing in the playground. When he started getting tossed from school in 6th grade it was CTE from playing kickball, when he went from school to school as a teenager it was still CTE…the guy is simply an idiot long before he ever took a hit to the melon and to make millions only made him a worse person.

          • gozurman1

            Where are those tests documented. Everything that I have read from medical publications is that they are still trying to get a test developed but no reliable test exists at the moment.

    • Polish Hammer

      Sadly this moron will end up doing something bad to an unwitting innocent person that isn’t bad.

  3. amx19

    I thought it was all kind of an act that he had cuz it had never been this severe but damn this is serious he needs help

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Antonio probably figures that if he acts crazy enough he will be chosen as the guy to replace Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner.

    • Begamin

      not the worst strategy. him acting crazy got him on the patriots after all. so the more crazy he gets the better spots he’ll be in?

    • gozurman1

      I believe they did. Mr Big Chest went of on his Dad on social media after his dad said that Mr. Big Chest was seeking help and getting help.

  5. fieldsj2

    It would be great if they pulled a Roger Stone on him early one morning. Maybe have a news team happen to be there. He would get all the attention he so desperately craves.

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Was he always dumb? Yeah.

    Was he always a jerk? Yeah.

    But, if you can’t tell the difference between a dimwitted diva who keeps people waiting at appearances and drives fast and a brain damaged man on a death spiral…

    He needs help. Fast.

    And it’s all but certain he won’t get it.

    • Kwflanne

      Agreed. It’s not to say he’s a good guy…. he isn’t. It’s completely indefensible to say this is a role model/quality character guy. He’s just not. That being said…. what we are seeing goes far deeper than just a plain a****le (which I think he is). There are some pretty obvious mental issues going on here. That’s not to excuse his behavior…. it’s possible these things would’ve happened even without the mental issues. It’s just pointing out the obvious…. there’s something wrong with this guy. Mental, drug use, both? Whatever it is…. it is clear he is not a rationally thinking person these days.

  7. jorge78

    Good riddance! The Po Po will not put up with his foolishness!
    “Officer! This orange outfit is not my color!” “Officer! This food has not been approved by my nutritionist!” “Officer! These handcuffs don’t fit me right! I demand another brand of handcuffs!” And so on and so forth ad nauseam…..

  8. jorge78

    What is robbery with battery?
    The moving guy was bringing him his stuff. Did he not want to pay him and then give him a ghetto check?

  9. phillyballers

    “Bro Ward” sounds like the perfect holding facility for him. He’s in there with other instagram stars like Brad, Chad, and Thad.

  10. johnnybadd2019

    Is it bad I kinda enjoy the Self Destruction of Antonio Brown…….I want my cut if Netflix uses this title.

  11. findingnimmo

    How come there are no screams for the injustices he has been surrounded by? How come all his actions aren’t the fault of everyone else and not himself with this? I’m so confused! (Sarcasm for those that don’t know it)

  12. Wise Old Owl

    He is a man with unresolved and unintegrated childhood trauma. His anger and violence stem from internal strife and turmoil that need healing. He is a troubled man with an ego that makes his self importance grand…especially because he has $$$ that allow him to think he’s impressive.

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