Police Investigating Antonio Brown

8:30pm: Despite Brown not being charged, he remains part of the Hollywood, Fla., police’s investigation, Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports. Brown refused to speak with police officers, locking himself inside his home.

6:50pm: This investigation stems from a moving truck driver accusing Brown and trainer Glen Holt of battery, Wolfe reports. Holt was arrested on one count of burglary with battery. Brown is not in custody and has not been charged. The NFL is monitoring this situation, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo.com notes it will be folded into the league’s ongoing investigation of the former All-Pro wide receiver (Twitter link).

3:40pm: More potential trouble for troubled free agent Antonio Brown. Florida police are investigating Brown for possible battery at his home on Tuesday, ESPN.com’s Cameron Wolfe (on Twitter) hears. 

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Details are still trickling in, but as of this writing, Brown has not been arrested at his Hollywood, Florida home. Wolfe hears that it is not a domestic violence situation, though it is a possible battery that warranted police attention.

Brown has been out of the NFL since being dropped by the Patriots midway through the 2019 season, but he’s been in the news at least twice per week, and the updates have hardly been positive. Most recently, Brown broadcasted a profanity-laced argument with police officers and the mother of one of his children. Soon after, longtime agent and ally Drew Rosenhaus dropped him and said that he would only resume the relationship if Brown made wholesale changes to his life.

Despite the erratic behavior towards the end of his Steelers tenure, the Raiders rolled the dice by trading for Brown and giving him a whopping new contract. At the time, it seemed like a savvy move to breathe life into the offense. Today, GM Mike Mayock wishes he could undo it all.

I put that on me,” Mayock said. “My anticipation was that he was coming off a situation in Pittsburgh where he wants to prove everybody wrong and he wants to ride into the Hall of Fame. That he was going to come in with Jon Gruden and Derek Carr and our offense and lead the way. … I really thought we were going to get the best out of Antonio Brown and we didn’t.”

Even after Brown’s practice blowups and retirement threats, the Patriots were willing to gamble. They bailed, but for different reasons – Brown was accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Talent tends to prevail in the NFL, but Brown has likely exhausted any chance of another opportunity. The Saints auditioned Brown late in the season, but opted to hold off and wait for the NFL’s investigation to conclude. At this point, the league wants nothing to do with Brown, who once ranked as one of the game’s brightest stars. Brown won’t be cleared to play by 345 Park Ave. anytime soon, and even if Roger Goodell allows him back at some point, he could be categorized as untouchable by all 32 clubs.

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40 comments on “Police Investigating Antonio Brown

      • DarkSide830

        only came here to say this. heck if i need to read ths story to know what’s going on. itd be news if he *wasnt* doing things like this

        • windycitykid89

          Ok so why just skip past it and not read/comment on it, instead of drawing attention to yourself?

          • DarkSide830

            you dont get my point. NOBODY cares about AB’s escapades at this point. they are expected and mean nothing given he’s probably never playing in thr NFL again.

            • floridagators

              He gets media coverage because people are interested in it. Hence you posting here 3 times.

  1. Tazza

    Antonio Brown is NEVER getting back into the NFL.

    He better take that fight offer from Logan Paul and keep making bad rap music cause he’s not getting money on the field anymore…

    • DarkSide830

      an AB and Logan Paul fight would actually be funny, because AB would take it seriously and lay that fool out.

    • depressedtribefan

      wow. always nice to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and make really stupid comments in regards to a human life.

      • Vin Scully

        depressedtribefan.. How was it in school having “Depressed” as your name? Pot meet kettle.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    I was really hoping they would shoot Antonio out of a cannon at halftime of the Super Bowl.

  3. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I’m hearing details: his girlfriend sent a moving truck to move out her belongings and he beat up the driver. He has been arrested.

  4. abgb123

    This guy has not been right in the head Vontez Burfict helmet to helmet.

      • gozurman1

        The guy has not been right since the Steelers players voted,for JuJu instead of him for team MVP. That is what set him off

  5. Polish Hammer

    Think of what could’ve been if only they let him play with that helmet…

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Have the “Colbert is a bad GM because he ONLY got a 3rd and a 5th for him” and “Tomlin is a bad coach because he can’t control him” takes been revised?

  7. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “Brown refused to speak with police officers, locking himself inside his home.”

    Yeah, that’s gonna help…

  8. mcdusty49

    He probably got mad at that cracker moving guy for touching his belongings

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