Drew Rosenhaus Parts Ways With Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is without an NFL team and without an agent. On Thursday, agent Drew Rosenhaus “conditionally” dropped the wide receiver as a client (Twitter link via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com). 

Rosenhaus informed the NFLPA of his decision in a letter, explaining that he will not represent Brown until he seeks counsel. The agent says he would like to work with Brown, but he will not do so unless he gets help.

Brown, clearly, has bigger fish to fry before he resumes his focus on the NFL. Since being placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, Brown has made a number of bizarre posts on social media, ranging from unprofessional to downright scary. Most recently, he broadcasted a profanity-laced argument with police officers and the mother of one of his children.

Rosenhaus has fought Brown’s battles in radio interviews over the past few months, expressing his frustration with the league’s slow-moving investigation that has kept Brown in a holding pattern. At this point, the NFL has no real motivation to hurry things up and it’s unlikely that Roger Goodell wants Brown back on the field as he continues to find off-the-field trouble.

For many years, Brown was the focal point of the Steelers’ passing attack and one of the league’s very best wide receivers. Things deteriorated over time, however, leading him to the Raiders. The late summer drama over Brown’s helmet and his willingness to play now seems like a distant memory. Since then, Brown has faced multiple accusations of sexual assault, been released by the Patriots, and placed in indefinite limbo by a sport that doesn’t know exactly what to do with him.

In spite of all of this, teams expressed interest in signing Brown, pending the outcome of the NFL’s investigation. The Saints worked Brown out just a few weeks ago, then passed on him. Brown, who came to the audition flanked by an entire camera crew, later accused the Saints of working him out as a publicity stunt.

Brown has now lost one of his biggest allies and it’s clear that he’ll have to make wholesale changes to his life before he can get anywhere near the field again.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 comments on “Drew Rosenhaus Parts Ways With Antonio Brown

    • gozurman1

      Considering he had such issues since he was leaving high school and getting thrown out of Florida International for an altercation with security, I would say he always had these issues and that money and fame made him worse. I do not believe CTE is the issue

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        I’m not saying he wasn’t a jerk before the CTE but the difference between AB and Mr. Big Chest is pretty clear.

        The former could function and the latter is about to become the next Chris Henry if someone or something doesn’t intervene soon.

    • Rocket32

      DarkSide830 It’s about time. No matter what he says or may have been telling his agent his actions make it clear he’s not interested in getting back on the field.

  1. echozulu88

    This only adds to Tomlin’s resume for keeping this guy “in line” and all of this from getting out all those seasons with Pittsburgh. Turns out the drama he did show was only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. jorge78

    Sad to see anyone fall down the rabbit hole of mental illness and refuse help. Looks like he will have to hit rock bottom before he gets help, if he ever does. Sad….

    • gozurman1

      I believe what you say. I think he as had issues for most of his life and had been propped up and enabled for years because he could play football. He does not believe he has a problem. It is everyone else who has a problem in his mind

      • Max Jackson

        It is sad. Life is the pursuit of happiness and I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t want to play football again.

        Dude’s lost it. If this clinically stems from narcissism his odds don’t look good either as that’s considered an axis-2 disorder.

  3. K3vin

    Take a look at Brown’s last video with his behavior and language in front of his small child. Is this the behavior minority child grow up to? Maybe this is why violence and defying authority brings their culture down. You want respect and to be treated right, this isn’t the way you get it.

    • kevincwilson

      Are you saying you don’t treat minorities correctly or with respect? That seems like your problem…and a really serious, racist one at that…

      • K3vin

        I was making a statement about being treated based on behavior. I don’t base my treatment of others on race, because aholes come in all colors.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      You do understand that Mr. Big Chest’s behavior is only representative of himself and not all minorities and/or their culture, right?

    • kevincwilson

      That’s extremely racist. You’re judging an entire race based on the actions of one man? You’re no better than AB himself, how can you even say something to that effect. Get some help, change your morals! Treat people based on how you want to be treated and how they treat you. They don’t have to EARN respect, that’s a human right.

      • K3vin

        My statement was asking if children growing up in disrespectful environment recycle that same behavior? Bottom line what do you think about Brown’s actions and language in the video with his child there?

        • fluffernutter

          You didn’t ask about children, you asked about MINORITY children. You seem to think minority children are exposed to disrespectful behavior more than others.
          Bottom line, you made a flat out racist comment. Now you get to ask yourself why it is you viewed the actions of an individual as representing all minorities. Have fun wrestling with that.

          • K3vin

            The comment is because AB is a minority. With all the protests of how blacks are treated in this country, my comment is questioning behavior in the culture. Is his behavior and attitude the norm?

          • K3vin

            Fact -blacks have a higher percentage of its population incarcerated compared to whites. Explain that?

            • fluffernutter

              Maybe our criminal justice system is skewed against minorities. There’s centuries of evidence to support that. While things are better than they were a few decades ago don’t pretend that it isn’t still the case.

              • K3vin

                Your right, it’s very difficult to obey the law or know the difference between right and wrong.

      • K3vin

        I was question his behavior. What do you think about the video of his interaction with the police and the mother of his child? He did this in front of his child.

        • joparx

          You are a joke for saying “minority” in that post, Antonio Brown is Antonio Brown, he isn’t every minority…there are terrible parents of all races and there are phenomenal parents of all races, and sometimes people rise up from having terrible parents and lead lives worthy of celebration, and sometimes people who grow up with privileged lives with parents who try to be the best end being the worst people, every situation is different and race does not matter, blood is red when oxygen hits it no matter the shade of skin

    • BuckarooBanzai

      so my reply to your blatantly ignorant post that you’ve tried to back peddle on several times get deleted yet this still stays?

      “Idiocrasy” wasn’t just a movie; it was a prophesy

  4. Tazza

    Who cares stop giving him attention.
    He’s not in the league and hasn’t been for a few months that doesn’t look likely to change.
    Brown is a nut case, but of the positive side he’s turning into a rapper and boxer

    • the preeminent nfl outsider

      He’ll be boxing OBJ on some celebrity card 3 years from now.

    • Max Jackson

      He probably finally ‘forgot’ to pay the one bill that matters (his agent), and Rosenhaus’s response was that he really does need to get his head checked.

  5. TheBlueMeanie

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a player act like a petulant child and self-destruct as much as Brown has in the last few years. The dude is his own worst enemy.

  6. HailRodgers12$

    Wait just a second here..He’s accusing the Saints of doing something solely as a publicity stunt?
    Ech. I hate myself for even reading 1 sentence about this clown. Why can’t we stop making him famous? He said he was done with football (lied, obviously..), why can’t football be done with him?

  7. bradthebluefish

    Unfair that Goodell and the NFL can lollygag on certain issues. Unfair to the player. Investigation should be time limited.

    • gozurman1

      Well, when the player that is getting investigated keeps adding new incidents to investigate ever couple of weeks, the investigation will never end……..

    • There’s no hurry on the Antonio Brown investigation. He’s not an employee of any NFL team. He burnt his bridges successively in Pittsburgh, Oakland and then New England. Most recently Brown was seeing burning his bridges in New Orleans (arriving for a workout session with an entourage, despite being warned against doing so).

      Brown had a golden situation with the Raiders (who probably would have made the playoff with Brown on the field). He had a silver situation with the Patriots (Brady was willing to go bat for him, with some support from Belichick). Unbelievable squandering of opportunities.

  8. letmeclearmythroat74

    What goes around comes around. He’s one of the most selfish players in recent history. TO on steroids. I hope he never plays again and is bankrupt…. what a disruptive clown

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