Cowboys To Meet With Marvin Lewis

Things are moving fast in Dallas. Following news that Mike McCarthy will interview for the Cowboys head coaching job, ESPN’s Todd Archer reports that the team will also meet with former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis today. We heard earlier today that Lewis could be a candidate for the gig.’s Ian Rapoport tweets that the interview has already taken place.

While Lewis didn’t help the Bengals achieve any playoff success (0-7 in seven appearances) during his 16 years in Cincy, he did finish his tenure with a 131-122 record, including 10 seasons with at least eight victories. While the Bengals struggled between 2016 and 2018 (20-28), it was still a bit of a surprise when the organization moved on from Lewis last year. We heard that the 61-year-old would be well-positioned to secure another head coaching gig this offseason.

However, Lewis didn’t take any interviews last offseason, and he later revealed that he didn’t expect to coach again. He joined his friends Ray Anderson and Herm Edwards at Arizona State University as a special advisor back in May, and it’s believed that Lewis would consider an NFL gig if the right opportunity presented itself. The coach was mentioned as a candidate for the Redskins job before the organization hired Ron Rivera.

For those questioning the fate of Jason Garrett, ESPN’s Ed Werder opines (on Twitter) that the organization will simply allow the coach’s contract to expire. The soon-to-be-former head coach’s deal expires on January 14th.

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48 comments on “Cowboys To Meet With Marvin Lewis

  1. bhannah8213

    I don’t buy it. 1 of 2 things are happening. Jerry is either distracting us from who he really wants or hes showing us the horrible coaches that are available once Garrett is gone

    • I don’t buy it, either, but I also don’t understand it. One of the knocks on Garrett is that he can’t win in the playoffs. Well, Lewis is worse in that regard.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Marvin would be a solid choice as a DC for some team but I don’t like him nearly as well as a HC.

    • keyser_soze

      Coached over 250 games and owns above .500 record, but he makes a solid choice for DC, but not head coach? So, what he’s 0-7 in the playoffs, but at least he guided teams there consistently, compared to some of these bums who coach teams now.

      • So what that he’s 0-7 in the playoffs? The whole point of professional football is to win the Super Bowl!

        • keyser_soze

          Well… you can’t Win a super bowl if you can’t get to playoffs, whic GIVES team a chance to WIN a super bowl. But, I’m sure you know A LOT about football.

    • Marvin Lewis is basically Jason Garett with a longer record (and substantially worse if one looks closely, both in win percentage in regular season and in post-season success or lack thereof).

    • wordonthestreet

      He has not been a defensive coordinator in over 15 years so why would he be a good DC now

  3. jonnyzuck

    Marvin Lewis isn’t the sexy pick but he could be exactly what Dallas needs

  4. Wade Herbers

    Prolly yanking him around to fulfill some minority hiring process requirement.

    • seth3120

      The Rooney Rule has become a joke and an insult to black coaches being strung along to meet a quota

      • bradthebluefish

        While I do agree, the Rooney Rule is how Mike Tomlin got an in with the Steelers and made his case and got the job. Turned out well for the Steelers.

  5. itslonelyatthetrop

    I think DAL needs a defensive HC, not sure Marvin Lewis is the guy, tho. He should get a second chance as HC somewhere, but that market with that owner… brutal.

  6. justinkm19

    No way is Lewis going to be the coach. Why bring in a coach with a losing record. He had talent on the Bengals team when Dalton got drafted.

    • fieldsj2

      131-122-3 regular season,131-129-3 including playoffs. Close but not quite a losing record. He was able to get Mike Brown to make a lot of changes for us in Cincinnati. (which is amazing in itself) Wouldn’t mind seeing him get another shot with a team with good ownership, however I don’t think he’s a fit for in Dallas. This is nothing more than a Rooney rule interview.

  7. mario crosby

    Considering what Cincinnati was like before Marvin Lewis took the job, and the Bengals have been like since he left, I would say he did a pretty good job under the circumstances he was given.

    • amk3510

      Thats too smart for these people. They never saw what the Bengals were before he showed up.

  8. compassrose

    Are they interviewing coaches before Garrett’s contract expires? That is a bit awkward. This is your office once Garrett gets out of here. In the meantime we cleaned out a broom closest. Ignore that cleaning fluid smell our medical staff said it won’t hurt you. The headaches you get will go away in time.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Been following the league since the early 60s and can’t remember a HC allowing an owner to humiliate him to this extent.

  9. Miklo916

    From my understanding he really didn’t have a good QB
    Dalton average
    Palmer average
    I really don’t know who was there before them but I know they wasn’t good

  10. Polish Hammer

    He ran a halfway house for years in Cincy, so he’d be perfect to oversee the type of players Jerry likes to employ…

    • crosseyedlemon

      Then they would just have to bring in Sam Wyche to teach someone the finer points of the “Ickey” shuffle.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Wasn’t aware of that. Always liked Sam who will be best remembered for his “You don’t live in Cleveland” zinger.

    • fieldsj2

      Give it a rest guy, it’s in the past yet for some reason you can’t let it go.

  11. PhilliesBob1980

    They might as well interview Jeff “7-9” Fisher with the rest of the lousy retreads.

  12. lyingsfan

    This is an insult to every black coaching candidate looking for a head coaching job.

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