Dolphins Expect Ryan Fitzpatrick Return

The Dolphins “fully expect” to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick back on the field in 2020, GM Chris Grier told reporters this week. This jibes with previous comments from the GM, who earlier this month said that the plan “right now” is for FitzMagic and Josh Rosen to stay in the fold. 

The Dolphins will almost certainly select their QB of their future early in the draft, but in any circumstance, they’d love to have the veteran back. In 2019, Fitzpatrick was a bright spot for the Fins in an otherwise rocky year. The 37-year-old would be the perfect bridge for a young QB and his $8MM salary for 2020 would not be cost-prohibitive – particularly since the Dolphins have ample cap room heading into March.

Fitzpatrick has indicated that it would be difficult for him to walk away from football this year and his bond with the organization is evident. It all adds up to an obvious match, though the same can’t be said for Rosen, a former first-round pick who has yet to make a dent at the pro level.

Last year, Fitz threw for 3,529 passing yards with 20 touchdowns against 13 interceptions. He also helped the club end the year on a high note with back-to-back wins over the Bengals and Patriots.

The Dolphins will go into the draft with an absolute stockpile of draft capital, giving them the ability to move up for a signal caller that might not be available at No. 5 overall. However the QB room shakes out, we know this much – the offense will be guided by Chan Gailey, who was hired to replace Chad O’Shea on New Year’s Eve.

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11 comments on “Dolphins Expect Ryan Fitzpatrick Return

  1. DarkSide830

    they should just get whatever they can at this point for Rosen and draft Tua.

    • kevin

      na . keep Rosen develop him cuz he is very cheap in terms of contract. and I disagree with Tua . I haven’t seen any Bama qb become a starter a good starter in the nfl and with his prior injury proness and his current injury id say no . I’d be ok with a flyer in day 2 or 3 but not 1st rd. I’d trade up to get the get the other qb or de or better yet trade down a few times id trade down 5 or so spots then just keep trading down gain capital then use the other 1st rd picks for other needs then next yr go get the top qb in that class from Clemson. just my opinion

      • Phattey

        Trevor Lawrence just had a train ran on him by lsu but yea if you want the dolphins to keep drafting bum qbs pass up on tua

  2. dust44

    I could 100% c Rosen traded to the Rams, Chargers or 49ers in the offseason and he will collect his checks as the backup. He’s a California kid and really doesn’t seem to love football. Watch him on the Elite 11 show when he was in HS and he says he has more interests then just football back then.

    • highplainsdriftr

      I agree with the personality type. Nothing against it. But winning QBs in the league have to be the maniacal competitive types

  3. fungie22

    Leave Rosen as he doesn’t costs much. And it Fitz gets hurt you
    Put him in. You don’t want to put rookie out there with that line

  4. h0wmyd0ing

    You will get nothing for Rosen… so keep him, and if Fitz gets hurt throw him out there. Especially if you take Tua. Give him time!

  5. Tazza

    Keep Rosen as QB for now and draft Tua.
    I’d be trading FitzMagic for draft capital, you may be able to get back a second for a third which would be good for a rebuilding team.
    Fitz would still be good on a number of teams

    • Mjm117

      It would do more harm to trade Fitz at this point. The offense did well with him at the helm. They need to build on that while Tua masters the offense and gets healthy.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Is Fitzy planning on growing the beard until the Dolphins win a playoff game?

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