Dolphins Prepared To Move Up In Draft?

If the Dolphins want to move up to the No. 1 pick for LSU’s Joe Burrow – or to another pick for any other player – they’ll have the ammunition to get a deal done. This week, GM Chris Grier, who has a bevy of picks this year, publicly acknowledged the potential for a big jump on the board. 

At the same time, Grier pointed out what we all know – around this time of year, teams are eager to spread information that benefits them in order to drum up leverage. In other words, the Dolphins almost certainly want to come away with their quarterback of the future in this year’s draft, but their eagerness to land Burrow or any of this year’s other signal callers might be overstated.

Alabama star Tua Tagovailoa is among the prized QBs in this year’s crop and many have connected the dots between him and the Fins. For what it’s worth, Grier says he doesn’t feel pressured to roll the dice on the one-time consensus top prospect who has serious question marks due to his hip injury.

We’ll evaluate him just like every player,” Grier said. “When people were talking about [us taking him], we said we weren’t tanking. We were trying to win and build. And so to say one player was attached to us, you can’t control what fans and people in the media say. So there’s no pressure for us. The pressure for us is to find the right guy to be the quarterback for the Dolphins, whether it’s him or someone else. That’s the pressure. Finding the right guy to lead the organization.”

For now, the Dolphins are slated to pick at No. 5 where Tagovailoa and other top QBs besides Burrow will be available. After that, they’re up again at Nos. 18 and 26.

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14 comments on “Dolphins Prepared To Move Up In Draft?

  1. h0wmyd0ing

    Any number of free agent quarterback to go after this offseason and use those picks in a pretty stellar first round to accumulate other talent.

    Every year the pundits salivate over the top quartbacks and few pan out, fewer still do with the crap talent around them like the Dolphins have.

  2. wright0525

    The Lions are taking Tua, but I’m sure if the right deal comes about, they could slide back, and draft a DE or CB.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      That would be a stunning development.

      Matt Stafford is under contract through 2022. Cutting him would cost the Lions $66mil in dead cap space.

    • Why would the Lions take Tua? Stafford is only 31 and hasn’t really lost anything. Also, as the other poster points out, he’s under contract. And they have plenty of other needs to fill.

        • Mjm117

          Absolutely except for the fact that All advance metrics show Staff as at least as top 10 Qb in ‘19.

          I def see Lions trying to trade him if they fall in love with Tua which a lot teams are.

  3. JoeBrady

    Burrow is pretty good, but he is going to be really expensive if you want to trade up. And I am not sure Tua is worth a #5, unless the medicals come back real clean. With the number of picks they have, they can afford to gamble on guys like Love, et al, later.

    That’s going to be a fun war room on draft day.

  4. davidmp2

    The Dolphins’ 3 first rounders in 2020 won’t get the number 1 pick. They’d need to include other picks/potentially future 1st rounders as well.

    • phillyballers

      5, 18, 26 is slightly above fair value using the old Jimmy Johnson chart. 3000 vs 3300

  5. Tazza

    The only real competition for Tua is possibly the lions and like I’ve said you should trade up with them.
    Swap their pick 3rd for your picks 18th and 26th and throw them a 4th aswell.

    You can make sure you get Tua then you can grab another high quality player to build your defence around. I think Derrick Brown would be perfect for them, but they could also take Jeff Okudah.

    The Lions will get two good picks and a later pick to help build that team up. With those later picks I think they should get AJ Epenesa and CJ Henderson if they are available.

    • Perksy

      Detroit is not giving up their 3rd for 18 and 26. Maybe for 5 and either 18 or 26.

  6. Marner#16

    Only thing good about Miami is the weather they suck where draft picks go to rot in the nfl.

    • Perksy

      Good weather for hanging out and going to the beach. 80 degrees and humid in pads playing football doesn’t sound ideal.

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