Giants GM Dave Gettleman On Not Wanting To Fire Pat Shurmur, Coaching Search

Giants GM Dave Gettleman has caught a lot of flak from both the media and fans, but he is surviving for at least one more year. The team fired head coach Pat Shurmur after the season, but announced they’d be retaining Gettleman for 2020. With his job safe for the time being Gettleman made a couple of appearances on ESPN Radio and WFAN in New York and made some interesting comments, via Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post.

Perhaps most notably, Gettleman admitted that he didn’t want to fire Shurmur, the first coach he hired, and that the order came directly from ownership. “Came from above,” he said of the decision. There were reports that co-owner Steve Tisch was pushing for Shurmur’s firing, and his view ultimately won out with controlling owner John Mara. Many questioned the decision to bring back Eli Manning for 2019 and pay his hefty salary if they were going to bench him after only two games, but Gettleman insisted ownership played no role in making that call.

Gettleman was previously the GM in Carolina, where he worked with recently hired Redskins coach Ron Rivera. Gettleman revealed that New York would’ve been interested in a reunion, but they didn’t have the chance because they waited until after the season to fire Shurmur, whereas Washington had a head start. “Before we could turn around,” Gettleman said, “the [Redskins] deal was done.”

The front office head also revealed that it was Shurmur who originally identified and brought quarterback Daniel Jones to his attention. Gettleman then fell in love with the signal-caller from Duke, and ended up taking him sixth overall. Gettleman said on both radio programs that he would be willing to give up some of his power on personnel decisions to a new head coach depending on the candidate. With ownership calling the shots, he might not have a choice.

New York has been busy, already scheduling a slate of interviews, which you can keep track of via our head coaching search tracker. Below are a list of names we’ve heard about as of right now:

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31 comments on “Giants GM Dave Gettleman On Not Wanting To Fire Pat Shurmur, Coaching Search

    • MZ311

      Agreed. Can’t understand why he’s back. He would’ve been a great GM 10 years ago. The game has changed and he hasn’t adapted. Time for new blood.

      • That’s because you’re both idiots. Jones had better numbers as a rookie than Jones did in year 2. I realize Darnold doesn’t have a lot of weapons, but Jones arguably had a worse supporting cast.

        • “Jones had better numbers as a rookie than Jones did in year 2.”

          This should say ‘than Darnold did’, but I messed it up because I am also an idiot.

        • yoyo137

          Jones had Barkley, Engram, Shepard, Tate, Slayton, etc. that’s a pretty damn good supporting cast.

  1. bobtillman

    The whiff was drafting marquee “:skill position” guys and hoping their skills outpace a horrible supporting cast. Terrible offensive line, “meh” receivers, 2nd grade defense (and that’s being kind).

    Shoulda been canned.

    • gmetwagner

      A team can compete when “big name” wideouts and DBs depart. A team cannot compete when the line is abysmal. Very simple concept that everyone seems to forget.

  2. amk3510

    He should be fired because their roster is flat out mediocre but hey at least Daniel Jones is looking like a good pick that people were dead wrong about.

      • Decius

        He is a rookie. While he is no Peyton Manning, look at Peyton’s rookie numbers. A lot is learned during the rookie season. That normally means more mistakes than normal. Cut the kid some slack.

      • He also had 3,000 yards and 24 TDs in 12 games and another 300 yards rushing. And he did it with a weak and injured receiving corps and an injured Barkley. But sure, cherry-pick what you need to.

        Just FYI, Peyton Manning had 29 turnovers as a rookie.

        • Natergater77

          JJB is a hater who always use numbers he wants to make points and ignores those that counter his point.

          To me difference in Jones and Darnold is not in stats. Is leadership. Darnold is still learning to lead, Jones is leading.

      • wordonthestreet

        So what? So you think he is going to fumble 18 times every season. You make it sound like he stinks. Open your eyes. This guy can play.

  3. king beas

    He should’ve been fired when he took a rb at 2 when they had real needs all over the roster. Rbs are the easiest position in the game to find even a stud kicker and punter is more difficult

    • You don’t pass on generational talent. Sarquon Barkley is such a guy. Unfortunately with the rest of the offense the way it is, Barkley might never have clean enough running lanes to show off his talent. When Barkley is out in the open field as a receiver his talent is obvious (60+ yard touchdowns fairly regularly).

      Trading Barkley for a couple of first rounders now might be a good idea if the Giants can find the right buyer.

    • crosseyedlemon

      He will be the first casualty of the 2020 season if the Giants botch the draft and get off to a bad start. Not the most attractive HC job out there considering you could be putting yourself in a lame duck position from the start.

      • jorge78

        Isn’t every coach in reality a “lame duck?” Unless he owned the team like Halas…..

        • wordonthestreet

          No not really at least for the first year or two. Head coaches being fired after one year has happened, even a few years ago, but is very rare.

          Crossy is correct here. Why would you want to be hired by a GM who is most likely going to be fired in a year, so the one hiring you is already gone.

          Head coaches with experience may be wary

  4. metsie1

    The Giants are just built the wrong way. Instead of building from the inside out (OL/DL) they built from the outside in (RB, QB). They went the complete opposite of the Giant “way” if there is one and I am not a Giants fan. Saquon is a great talent and Jones has potential but unless they start to find people to protect them and take the pressure off they will be wasted.

    • bobtillman

      T Nate Solder has been a massive FA bust, and G Hernandez doesn’t start on a good team. The rest of the Offensive Line is waiver claims. The entire defense is useless.

      I AM a Giants fan, and I assure you that is NOT the Giants way.

      Jones and Barkley were good picks; putting absolutely nothing around them is criminal.

    • What this means in the short term is that the Giants should go very long on offensive line and tight ends in the 2020 draft. Defense will have to wait for 2021, even if it means losing more games.

      The alternative is to let Barkley and Jones be beat into IR shells of themselves.

  5. seth3120

    I gotta give him some type of credit. Had the balls to draft Jones and trade Beckham Jr. Pat Shurmur might be able to evaluate talent but he can’t seem to coach it

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