Kellen Moore To Stay With Cowboys

Kellen Moore will remain the Cowboys’ OC in 2020 as a member of new head coach Mike McCarthy‘s staff, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. In addition, the team will add former Rams special teams coordinator John Fassel to serve in the same capacity in Dallas, and it is also hiring Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator and Jim Tomsula as defensive line coach.

Moore, 30, had drawn interest from Washington for the Pac-12 program’s OC job, but Mike Garafolo tweeted yesterday that the expectation was for the wunderkind coach to stay with the Cowboys.

Despite Dallas’ disappointing season, the team is intent on keeping Moore. Jerry Jones made it a point during the Cowboys’ HC interviews to express his desire for Jason Garrett‘s eventual successor to retain Moore. And McCarthy is a fan of the one-year coordinator. One year remains on Moore’s contract.

Although Moore went to Boise State, he is from a town southeast Washington. So, the Huskies OC job would generate natural appeal. And McCarthy being an offensive-minded coach would stand to lessen Moore’s impact with the 2020 Cowboys. But Jones being in the young coach’s corner will likely make a difference in shaping McCarthy’s offensive staff.

Under Moore, the Cowboys jumped from 22nd in total offense to first from 2018-19. Dak Prescott surpassed his previous career-high yardage total by more than 1,000, and his 30 touchdown passes were seven more than his previous career high. The fourth-year quarterback fell one yard shy of Tony Romo‘s single-season Cowboys record. The franchise appears to be on the verge of a McCarthy-Moore partnership, which would be an interesting meld of offensive philosophies given that the new head coach is steeped in the West Coast offense and Moore ran a version of Air Coryell.

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29 comments on “Kellen Moore To Stay With Cowboys

  1. Phattey

    Bros should go be an offensive coordinator at the ncaa level work his way up to a ncaa headcoach

    • earmbrister

      Wow, I hope your hate doesn’t wear you out …

      Good move by the Boys. People throughout the organization rave about Kellen Moore. I’m guessing that McCarthy can teach him a few things as they proceed.

  2. JJB0811

    Whole lotta white going on for HC’ & coordinators. Other than the Skins getting around the Rooney rule & Dallas talking to 1 guy, it’s been pretty ‘bland’. Soon the hysertia will start. Most likely from BR’s Mike Freeman.

    • bigjonliljon

      It’s possible that each team hired the best qualified person to fill the job. Regardless of color. Since when does a persons skin tone dictate there qualifications. Sad.

  3. Chun

    Bad move! Everyone should have been fired
    Clean slate! Anything associated w/garrett! Needed to be fired!

  4. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Smart move kid, this guy is paying attention to Garrett’s run. If Jerrah likes you can collect $ for 10-15 years minimum whether you do your job or not.

    • earmbrister

      Lord, it’s REALLY hard to believe that you’re a Cowboys fan. Are you always this miserable?

      • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

        Only when my team hasn’t been relative for 20 years. Why are you such a homer?

        • earmbrister

          No more a homer than most. I’ve been following this team, and suffering with this team, longer than you have sonny.

          You don’t need to whine about Jerry Jones and Garrett EVERY post. Jerry Jones owns the Cowboys, and has for thirty years. All of your beatching ain’t going to change that, so why don’t you find something else to complain about?

          • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

            Because it’s my God given right to complain if I want to on this site Grandpa. I got a pretty good life not much else to complain about. BTW I have yet to complain about Jerrah hiring MM. So you’re wrong again.

            • earmbrister

              Well, if it’s your GOD GIVEN RIGHT, by all means keep on crying. After all, you’ve got “a pretty good life” so I’m glad you’ve found something to be negative about. It’s all about finding balance in life.

              As for you not complaining about Jerry Jones hiring MM, CONGRATS! Dunno that I said you would complain about the hire, but ya got me???

              • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

                Well you did say I “whine about Jerry Jones and Garrett EVERY post” so chalk one up for the young whipper snapper.

    • JJB0811

      Jerry runs the Boys’. That’s been known since the late 80’s early 90’s.

  5. Number one offence in total yardage. Career best year for QB. Sounds like Moore is the best qualified for the job. Of course, Moore is being groomed to take over from McCarthy in five years (or less) but McCarthy is not a young man. Those are the risks in life.

  6. sportsfreak52

    People are just jealous their offense wasn’t ranked number one; playoffs or not!
    Kellen Moore is a hot commodity, and if their team had signed him they would change their tune QUICK!!
    Now also watch how much the defensive side of the ball improves thru free agency, the draft and new coaches who are still in their prime!

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