Patriots WR Julian Edelman Arrested

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested on Saturday night after allegedly jumping on the hood of someone else’s Mercedes, per TMZ Sports. Edelman was cited for misdemeanor vandalism and released.

Edelman was reportedly walking around Beverly Hills with friends around 9pm when he leaped onto the vehicle for some unknown reason. Officers were in the area working on a robbery case when a bystander flagged them down and alerted them of the incident.

TMZ’s law enforcement sources say that Edelman was drinking, which is hardly surprising. And given the nature of the transgression, the LA County district attorney may not file charges, especially if Edelman pays the vehicle owner for damages.

Edelman was also arrested in 2011 for allegedly groping a woman at a bar, but those charges were later dropped after video evidence proved inconclusive. Given that, the current allegations probably will not lead to an NFL suspension.

As one of the few reliable weapons in the Patriots’ passing game this year, Edelman hauled in 100 catches for 1,117 yards and six scores. The 33-year-old is under contract through 2021.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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61 comments on “Patriots WR Julian Edelman Arrested

      • afsooner02

        The alcohol part wasn’t in his original story you moron. Think first, then type.

        • fluffernutter

          Seeing as how the story doesn’t indicate it’s been updated since it was published, I don’t understand why someone would be a moron for assuming you didn’t read the entire article.
          You on the other hand, clearly have some significant emotional issues.

          • Rory Parks

            In an effort to diffuse this enthralling dispute: the story was posted with a one-line lede so that it would hit Twitter as quickly as possible, as is our custom with breaking news. It was then fleshed out to include more details, including the alcohol-related detail.

            • WubbaLubbaDubDub

              Great content control. That desire to hit the wire first would also account for the sloppy writing and incredible number of typos in all the posts, right?

        • fluffernutter

          The article doesn’t indicate it was updated you emotional infant. Take a deep breath, then type.

  1. h0wmyd0ing

    Doesn’t know what to do with his free time, being out of the playoffs this early is new for him.

  2. cubsfanbudman1908

    Must’ve been trying to stop TB12 as he was running from Boston for LA.

    • TJECK109

      That’s your defense? If the worse you do is commit a crime then you had a good life? I don’t know why we have prisons then

        • TJECK109

          You really need to learn to read. Regardless of “it’s just a damaged car” or not the whole idea of saying if the worse thing a person does in their life is commit a crime then they had a good life is bogus. Kind of like your reply

    • Sheep8

      Found it! Who would of thought u could have just Googled it instead of posting here and waiting for people to tell me what happened! **mind blown**

  3. rxbrgr

    Not hardly surprising because the act was one of a drunkard, or because Edelman has a history of being a drunkard?

  4. bens04ter

    I’m sure it wasn’t an SUV because he cant jump that high even if he was all drunked up

  5. Vin Scully

    Drunky needs a trip to the Betty Ford clinic. Two drinking incidents is a pattern.

  6. htbnm57

    Cheating , prostitution and drunk and disorderly: rough year for the Patriots.

  7. findingnimmo

    At least he did it in California. Smart on that part I guess. The state where anything goes! Even pooping on the streets! Classy state for a classy man. Good fit!

  8. crosseyedlemon

    I’m expecting the Patriots PR department to spin this so it appears Julian was just in Beverly Hills scouting out locations for the next video documentary.

  9. madmanTX

    He should be cut immediately and banned from football for life. Teach the Patsies another lesson.

  10. crazylarry

    Too many roids for the clown that plays for the circus. Probably thought it was a Volkswagen and time to get his werewolf clown looking self in the car.

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