Colin Kaepernick Still Wants To Play In NFL

Colin Kaepernick is long removed from his last snap, but he’s not giving up hope on returning to the NFL. The former 49ers quarterback tells Jarrett Bell of USA Today that he’ll be ready to go if he gets a call.

My desire to play football is still there,” Kaepernick said. “I still train five days a week. I’m ready to go, I’m ready for a phone call, tryout, workout at any point in time. I’m still waiting on the owners and their partners to stop running from this situation. So I hope I get a call this offseason. I’ll be looking forward to it.

At this time, it doesn’t seem likely that Kaepernick will get that opportunity. Late last year, the NFL organized an open workout for the QB, a tryout that came without much in the way of prior notice for anyone, including Kaepernick. Instead of going through with the one-man combine at the Falcons’ facility, Kaepernick pivoted at the last moment and staged a workout of his own elsewhere in Georgia. Afterwards, Kaepernick’s camp sent footage of the workout to all 32 teams. Still, his agent admitted that the odds of his client signing an NFL deal were slim.

In the midst of all of this, there have been murmurs of Kaepernick joining up with Vince McMahon’s reboot of the XFL, which kicked off its 2020 season just after the Super Bowl. There’s no movement on that front, either, and it doesn’t sound like things will change anytime soon. Recently, XFL commish Oliver Luck reiterated that Kaepernick’s salary demands were too high, and also said that the league would not be willing to bend on its policy on standing for the national anthem.

Kaepernick, 33 in November, hasn’t seen live action since January 1, 2017. Since then, the Seahawks have been the only team to bring him in for a workout.

From 2011-2016, he went 28-30 in his starts for San Francisco. Following the 2012 season, he took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. In the 2013 season, he was under center as they reached the NFC championship game.

Later this year, Kaepernick will release a memoir via his newly formed publishing company and a partnership with Audible.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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66 comments on “Colin Kaepernick Still Wants To Play In NFL

  1. BallzDeep

    kap, put what you want in one hand and I’ll s**t in the other and let’s see which one fill up first!!!! you will never be seen in the NFL ever again.

  2. cleve1969

    He could of played in the XFL but he wanted too much money … more than all of the other players on a team combined

    • fungie22

      Sorry but he fuels the fire by saying he wants to
      Play but makes no concessions. He just wants to keep saying he’s not getting a chance so it help his other endeavors.

  3. cleve1969

    He could of played in the XFL but he wanted too much money … more than all of the other players on a team combined.

  4. scotthhh

    Wow, lots of haters! If the guy can still ball, he should be given a shot. Lots of disreputable characters playing professional sports, and this guy, political views aside, seems like a decent human being. Good god, he’s trying to play football, not run for office!

    • fungie22

      He doesn’t want to comply with anything. Tryouts? And his salary demands are high for a no starter

    • chieflove42

      agreed but when you want a job from someone you have to have a mutual agreement for the work and compensation.
      the ravens almost signed him and his girlfriend the same day tweeted a picture of the owner comparing him to slave owners.
      he then was offered a workout for the NFL and he refused to sign a waiver if he got injured which is standard.
      he then has salary demands that are preventing other football organizations from being able to offer him a contract.
      in what world would these types of actions get you a job in any field?
      imagine a lawyer who publicly criticizes a law firm demands partnership money and refuses to follow any HR procedures. would you say hey that law firm should just give him a job?

      I could care less about the flag thing but this is not the actions of a man who wants a job.

    • Ironman_4life

      You may wanna get out more. The guy scheduled a workout , move the site without much notice and then wondered why people didn’t show up. Every time he gets his name out there it gives him just enough attention to make people feel sorry for him.

  5. fungie22

    Go away! You’re
    Team cut your before all the nonsense started. You’re not good and now you’re a distraction.

  6. fishy14

    Yea i wonder if he can just keep on with the league doesn’t want him cause he’s black narrative

    When a black qb was picked #1
    Won Rookie of year

    Another one won MVP

    And another one won the Super Bowl

    • sigdawg25

      and he’s not black. he’s biracial. which means he’s as much white as he is black. so as far as I’m concerned, the race card don’t fly in this situation.

  7. em650r

    He had his shot months ago and then played some Nike commercial game with the NFL

  8. GiantsX3

    Someone out there continues to pay this guy to keep his BS in the mainstream.

  9. Big Angry Baby

    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN KAP … you are too big of a PR Headache for Owners who love their Country and their Fan Bases; you are a back-up QB at best who had ONE good year in the NFL; you want too much money; everytime the NFL bends over for you … you make a big scene as you just did for this special try-out.

  10. sufferfortribe

    Sure he does, and I want In-N-Out for lunch.

    Who has the better chance of getting what they want?

    • Kwflanne

      Great….. now I have to go to In-N-Out once they open or it’ll be on my mind all day

        • compassrose

          We don’t have an in and out so who has it worse?

          OH and I want to play in the NFL. I am almost 60 and disabled because of back surgeries and bad back. Kap we are 50/50 on who gets on first.

  11. 377194

    Yeah, and I want to win the Power Ball, but we don’t always get what we want.

  12. renegadescoach

    Guess he shouldn’t have acted like an entitled child at his workout then.

  13. leprechaun

    I want to win the power ball this week bit chances are it’s not happening

    • txjags

      I still wanna play in the NFL too. But I’m 46, overweight and never played above 7th grade….soooooo

  14. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Even looking beyond the PR nightmare that signing him would cause anybody at this point, he’s currently 32 and hasn’t taken a snap in over three years. I honestly think he’s smart enough to realize that he’s not suiting up for an NFL team ever again, but it doesn’t hurt to make the occasional comment to keep your name in the news…

    Keeps all your other sources of income fluid. He still probably makes more money than most NFL players, and a quick google search listed his net worth at $20 million.

    • AndyMeyer

      The redskins plucked Josh Johnson off the street in 2018. 32 years old and out of the league since 2014

      • Ironman_4life

        2014 – 2014 : San Francisco 49ers
        2015 – 2015 : Cincinnati Bengals
        2015 – 2015 : New York Jets
        2015 – 2015 : Indianapolis Colts
        2015 – 2015 : Buffalo Bills
        2016 – 2016 : Baltimore Ravens
        2016 – 2016 : New York Giants
        2017 – 2017 : Houston Texans
        2018 – 2018 : Oakland Raiders
        2018 – 2018 : Washington Redskins
        He might’ve been out of the league but he wasn’t out of the NFL

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          And even if he was out of the NFL, picking one human who beat the odds (in a very unusual situation) is hardly an argument that will 99.6641782% of the time be true.

  15. K3vin

    Kaepernick is taking a stand against oppression, while Nike pays minimal wages to people making its products, while he and other athletes make millions in endorsements.

  16. sports is life

    Stop already

    Clown given a NFL forced tryout and he imploded the entire thing for the victim card to write a book

  17. crosseyedlemon

    I would appoint him the NFL ambassador to London if that would get him to stop talking about a comeback as a player.

  18. twolvesaremynightmare

    Why would you even write this article when he’s proven he doesn’t wanna play. If he did wanna play he’d be in the XFL with all the other guys that actually wanna play in the NFL

  19. axisofhonor25

    If you wanted play so bad you should hace agreed to their terms for the workout and stop telling them to quit running. They would like you to stop running your mouth and take a pay cut.

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