Colts Did Not Meet With Tom Brady’s Camp?

One of the biggest rumors that dropped yesterday was that the Colts (along with the Chargers and Raiders) had met with Tom Brady‘s camp at the scouting combine. Because of another rumor that surfaced a few hours earlier suggesting that Brady is gearing up to leave New England, the Colts-Brady connection garnered plenty of buzz.

However, a league source told Stephen Holder of The Athletic that the Indianapolis portion of that report was “made up.” Per Holder, that does not necessarily mean that the Colts are not interested in the Patriots legend, but they have not yet spoken to his reps. Speculatively, given that Indy is so flush with cap space, it makes sense that all agents would want to publicly connect the Colts to their clients as much as possible.

Holder’s source did say that the Colts are vetting another presumptive Hall of Fame passer, Philip Rivers. We heard several days ago that Indianapolis is interested in the longtime Charger, and that appears to be true. As Holder observes, that vetting can take a number of forms, including gathering intel on Rivers from around the league. The Colts are also said to have an eye on Titans QB Marcus Mariota, though Holder’s report did not specifically mention him.

Obviously, if the Colts were to sign someone like Mariota, there would be an open competition for the starting job between him and incumbent Jacoby Brissett. If they signed a player like Brady or Rivers, Brissett would either become a highly-compensated backup or trade bait.

In any event, Holder confirms that all options are on the table when it comes to the Colts’ quarterback decision. They could continue to roll with Brissett, who was performing well in 2019 before being sidetracked by an injury, they could sign a vet, or they could draft a collegiate signal-caller.

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9 comments on “Colts Did Not Meet With Tom Brady’s Camp?

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Oh wow the media made something up to cause a stir?? Say it ain’t so

  2. phillyballers

    Requirement 1: Alex Guerrero is allowed on the sideline at all games.

    Requirement 2: Any WR that drops a ball will be chastised and possibly have their hands removed.

    Requirement 3: All members of the offense must adopt thr TB12 program, at the friends and family discounted rate.

  3. JJB0811

    Funny that the Colts claimed they wouldn’t trade Jacoby for a 1st now might not get more than a 5th for him. Lost that bet!

    • The hot issue the Colts are facing is that they are ready to win now (last season and the coming season). If they miss the window, no Super Bowl in Indianapolis until the next rebuild.

      Will Brissett be Super Bowl starter ready in 2020? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • dcahen

      JJB0811 – where did you come up with the Colts might not get any more than a 5th round draft choice for Brissett???

      • JJB0811

        Just a guess. But when 2 teams trade you and the 1 year you start, you weren’t very good doesn’t equate to a whole lot of value. Plus $15m owed.

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