Tom Brady Planning To Leave Patriots?

The Tom Brady rumor mill keeps on churning. Per ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Brady has told those close to him that he believes he will leave the Patriots when free agency opens next month.

Darlington’s sources also say that New England will still have an opportunity to make its pitch to Brady, but the 42-year-old passer is currently looking at his potential options with the mindset that he will walk away from the only NFL team that he has ever known. If that happens, it would bring an end to the most prolific dynasty in league history.

A meeting between Brady and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has not yet been scheduled, Darlington hears. For what it’s worth, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe says that Belichick does not see much sense in talking to the future Hall of Famer until he knows if a new collective bargaining agreement will be ratified (Twitter link). The proposed CBA has been sent to league players for a vote, but the final tally is not expected until early March. That would still give the Pats enough time to sit down with Brady before the legal tampering window opens on March 16, but Brady may have his mind made up by them (after all, agents and teams frequently have back channel discussions well in advance of the tampering period).

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says league-wide interest Brady — who is seen as the linchpin of the QB market — is substantial (Twitter link). La Canfora hears Brady’s age is not seen as a deterrent, and plenty of owners are interested in his on-field and off-field value. JLC also says that Brady is willing to listen to any team with a plan for winning in 2020.

The Chargers, Raiders, and Buccaneers have been definitively linked to Brady, though there are surely other teams who would be happy to at least kick the tires. And if Brady does depart Foxborough, the Pats could target Andy Dalton as a potential replacement.

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50 comments on “Tom Brady Planning To Leave Patriots?

  1. Hannibal8us

    I guess we’ll get to see if he’s the goat or just a very successful system QB.

    • iamhector24

      No we won’t. He’s over 40. How he performs elsewhere doesn’t have anything to do with that.

        • pt57

          How so? I don’t like the Pats, but getting to the SB every other year can’t be done with a system QB, especially with the turnover of other personnel.

  2. ruckus727

    He needs to go to Tennessee. Rivers to Indy. Winston back to TB on 1-year tag. Cincinnati, Miami, SD get Burrow, Tua, and Herbert respectively. NE drafts Love or Eason later in the first round and signs another veteran, perhaps Tannehill.

      • ruckus727

        You don’t think Tennessee would prefer Brady? They’re so close to a SB. That’s a really talented and well coached team.

        • Marner#16


          They might but man what are you smoking that you think that would happen ? Titans aren’t close to nothing. They are a Henry injury away from being a bad team. KC is stacked.

          • dynamite drop in monty

            …. you realize this team just went to the AFC Championship , no? And is not KC one Mahones “injury” away from being “a bad team”?

            • ruckus727

              Marner has an infinite supply of ignorance. His comments are always among the worst around here. Just smile and nod.

            • jonesadoug

              Dunbass. Mahomes was hurt this year and did just fine. It takes more than just a QB to win the Superbowl

            • Marner#16


              Mahomes hurt is better then most of the qbs in the league minus Brady. Even with a backup in kc is stacked! Please really dog!

          • Patrick N.

            Every team is one key injury away from being comparably worse. That’s what happens when you lose your key player, genius. KC would collapse without Mahomes, Titans would without Henry, Seattle would without Wilson, etc. Doesn’t take a genius

            • crosseyedlemon

              There are occasional exceptions though. In 2015 KC lost Jamaal Charles to IR after a 1-4 start. Dropped one more game to the Vikings and then won 11 straight.

      • dany8484

        Brady is exactly what Tennessee needs to win ! So ya they won’t sign him lol

    • Marner#16


      tua to miami… they are nuts if they draft him hes injury prone/over rated. I’d take Herbert before him! Tannehill is garbage!

      • ruckus727

        If Tua’s hip checs out, he’s going to shine and is worth a top 5 pick due to need/importance of the position. Look what he did in the SEC. I agree he could possibly be a bit overrratedbut still head and shoulders above the next tier.

        • Marner#16


          Your a tool sec isn’t the nfl wow. Sec don’t mean squat unless you win a super bowl what’s next you okaying a cfl championship common dude!

    • washington_bonercats

      Why on earth would Tampa tag Winston? Where else is he gonna sign?

      • ruckus727

        It’s more about who will QB the Buccaneers. Maybe Rivers but I think Indy will sign him. If so, what are the Bucs options? Any QB at 14 will be a step back from Jameis. He can only cut down his turnovers. Last years rate is not possible sustainable. He never even threw near as many picks. He can only improve. And the kid still makes a lot of plays. Eason or Love is a regression.

    • Decius

      I would love to see the Pats draft a guy named Eason. Lol I don’t know anything about the guy but he would be fighting an uphill battle.

  3. raiderfurlife

    Brady to the Raiders Tannehill stays in Tennessee then went to the championship game Bridgewater to San Diego , Carr coulduld practice throwing the ball down the field to some other team

  4. rgreen

    He’s interested in going to any team with a plan in winning….And the 3 teams named specifically are the Chargers,Raiders and Bucs…. That’s funny.

  5. Bosoxfan9

    The PATS are 3 time CHEATERS. Yes TB12 is the GOAT. The Greatest Cheater of all Time. Interesting how MLB and NFL handle CHEATING. Really INTERESTING…

    • goldenmisfit

      This might very well be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen on this forum. One time you consider cheating they took a little air out of the ball the other two ways filming a sideline. Not exactly Houston Astros worthy of cheating. You are obviously a patriot hater who needs to get a clue.

  6. hoosierhysteria

    Fake news. Mr Kraft won’t let him walk. He retires from Patriots.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Kraft would probably have to lure Gronk out of retirement to ensure that scenario plays out.

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