Contract Details: Zuerlein, Bills, Cardinals

Here are the latest details from the second wave of free agency. All links courtesy of the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson, unless otherwise noted.

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15 comments on “Contract Details: Zuerlein, Bills, Cardinals

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Cowboys should look to the bargain bin of the CB market and pick up two cheap deals on Trumain Johnson and Dre Kirkpatrick.
    Yes both players aren’t going to be great, both might not even be starters all year but more competition for places will give you better players. Johnson a couple years back was a top CB maybe a new environment can help him find form and Kirkpatrick he was actually decent last year and could be a nice hard working pick up.
    I’d give both players 2mils deals for 1 year and have them compete with Lewis, Canaday and Awuize

  2. abssamanta

    Speaking of bargain bin players, I’m kind of shocked as to the names of some of the players getting released and/or are already free agents… Wonder if their markets would fare any better without the virus. I mean there are too many good, or just guys whose names people have heard somewhat about and/or are big names, players out there…

  3. abssamanta

    Also, I wonder why the Cowboys re-signed Kai Forbath if they were just going to sign Greg Zuerlein anyways… I mean it will just lead to an unnecessary cut that may not have happened, unless the monetary loss is not that much.

    • byrddude88

      I heard it was because the price on Zuerlein was too high when they signed Forbath. It’s also possible that they could keep both kickers now that rosters are expanding.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Coaches don’t like to place themselves in a position where they can be second guessed (for obvious reasons). I doubt the Cowboys would carry two kickers on the roster simultaneously.

        • crb15

          I mean Baltimore was able to trade their backup kicker for like a 5th or 6th last year. You get two guys that are good, increase the competition and hopefully get the best one at the end of the day and possibly something for the other one (undoubtedly a long shot on the second part).

        • abssamanta

          In response to crosseyedlemon, yeah I also think they won’t keep 2 kickers. Still, was this potentially avoidable? I mean I’m not a Cowboys fan but I’m trying to make sense of this as a general NFL fan, I guess.

      • abssamanta

        In reply to byrddude88,so Zuerlein dropped his price then? I mean he is the best kicker out there, so there was no need for him to drop his price. Oh well. I don’t think 2 kickers is something that NFL teams will do anymore. I mean maybe but I’d say it probably won’t happen.

        • earmbrister

          abssa …

          In response to your questions:

          When the Michael Brockers/Ravens deal fell apart, the Rams re-signed him to a $24MM (up to $31MM) contract. That commitment to Brockers prevented the Rams from re-signing Z at a price acceptable to Z. So the Cowboys, whose new Special Teams coach came from the Rams, pounced and signed Greg the Leg.

          Back when Dallas signed Forbath weeks ago, it was with the understanding that Z was going to re-sign with the Rams. The Rams dissolving commitment to Z made him suddenly available to Dallas. Also, the guaranteed money to Forbath is less than $200k (did Dallas see this coming?), so he’ll be the one looking for a new job. I don’t see Dallas carrying two kickers.

          • byrddude88

            I think it’s a possibility they could. Rosters are expanding and Zuerlein has some of the worst percentages from 40 to 50 yards while Forbath has some of the best percentages from that distance. Zuerlein is basically a long distance kicker. He is also injury prone.

            • abssamanta

              byrddude88, hmmm. Ok I will give you that, since you do make good points. Still, it feels a bit wrong to carry 2 specialist Special Teamers, whether it be 2 kickers, punters, or long-snappers. But I mean I guess I understand better now if they did keep 2 kickers.

            • earmbrister

              Bird – Zuerlein only had a bad percentage LAST YEAR in the 40 to 49 yard range. He’s played for one team, and only one team, for his entire 8 year career (119 games). Forbath, while perfect for Dallas last year, has played for SIX teams during his 8 year career (81 games). His kicks last year looked like Biily Kilmer passes – i.e. wobbly/painful. I’d be shocked if Forbath made it to the regular season, though I’ve been wrong before. Zuerlein is the better kicker, and as usual, the contracts show that.

          • abssamanta

            Just call me Abs, earmbrister. Ohhh, right. That’s true, the Rams re-signing Brockers took away any chance that they could have tried to re-sign Zuerlein. Makes sense now. Yeah, Forbath shouldn’t be able to beat out Zuerlein haha.

      • Greg the leg kicking in Jerry’s place half the year , that’s at least 6 points extra a game at home. Cheap points! Ya heard it hear first 65 plus yard field goals coming to Jerr’s place

  4. abssamanta

    In response to crb15, yeah I guess you are right about that. However, I find it odd that they signed 2 guys who have a legit chance at being the starting kicker. I mean Kaare Vedvik was never going to displace Justin Tucker. But in any case, you are correct about the competition.

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