AFC Rumors: Slay, Anderson, Browns

Not only were the Raiders in on just about every big-name free agent cornerback, they pursued a Darius Slay deal as well. In addition to offers for Byron Jones and Chris Harris, and what turned out to be a failed deal with Eli Apple, the Raiders kicked the tires on a Slay trade with the Lions, Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area notes. A trade target of multiple teams before the 2019 deadline, Slay ended up going to the Eagles for just third- and fifth-round picks. Of course, it also cost the Eagles $30MM fully guaranteed — third-most among corners.

The Raiders’ pursuit of 2020’s group of available corners points to them giving strong consideration to adding one with one of their two first-round picks, and Bair adds there is a “strong belief” corner is a high Raider priority entering the draft. As it stands now, Las Vegas is understaffed at the position.

Here is the latest from around the AFC:

  • For weeks, rumors of a JetsRobby Anderson reunion circulated. Anderson said the Jets wanted him back and that he wanted to stay. The team was reported to be eyeing an Anderson agreement — but only at a price. Anderson instead signed a two-year, $20MM Panthers deal. A report emerged this week about the four-year veteran turning down a four-year, $40MM Jets offer, but Anderson (via The Athletic’s Joseph Person, subscription required) denied such a proposal occurred. The Jets moved quickly to replace Anderson with Breshad Perriman for one year and $6MM. They will likely enter the draft with a big receiver need.
  • The Browns have shopped Olivier Vernon in trades and, as of late February, were not expected to pay him the $15.25MM salary he’s due in the final year of his contract. But a change of thinking may have occurred. The Browns are interested in Jadeveon Clowney, but unless that partnership happens, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer expects Vernon to be back with the Browns in 2020. The Browns still have Myles Garrett on his rookie deal, and Cabot adds that — be it Clowney or Vernon — they are willing to carry a big salary at defensive end next season. Vernon struggled during an injury-plagued 2019 in Cleveland, registering just 3.5 sacks and tallying 11 quarterback hits.
  • Bills GM Brandon Beane sidestepped a question centered around Stefon Diggs‘ satisfaction with his contract. On a $14.4MM-per-year deal, the Buffalo-bound wideout is the NFL’s 13th-highest-paid player at his position. Four years remain on the deal.
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25 comments on “AFC Rumors: Slay, Anderson, Browns

  1. king beas

    First I’d say that slay for a 3rd and 5th on a 3 year deal is better than what the dolphins gave jones even though the dolphins didn’t have to give up draft capital slay is better and at cb I’d prefer the shorter contract. Second clowney isn’t an elite edge rusher but if he can be had within 3 mil of what Vernon makes it’s a no brainer he’s much better than Vernon

    • Yea, I don’t like Clowney much either. But I would rather pay Clowney $15MM/year for a few years rather than Vernon. I had high hopes for Vernon last year, but he’s just fallen off so far from where he was w the dolphins. And then he was injured most of the time. Just no way the browns can pay Vernon $15MM next year. Maybe a 2 year, $12MM contract restructure w guaranteed money for Vernon. That’s something I wouldn’t mind and is probably closer to market value.

      • greenbowlpacker

        Clooney won’t sign a multi year deal at 15 per, he may agree to one at 16. Seattle will give him 1 yr at 15 and he much prefers Seattle to browns. He likes Pete Carrol and Seattle a playoff team.

    • TribeFan4Ever

      Those that value sacks over everything else will state that Clowney or Vernon aren’t worth anything. PFF disagrees in giving Clowney a 87.3 score and Vernon an 80.4 for 2019. Clowney is one of the best on outside run containment. I would love to see Clowney when the Browns play a certain AFCN QB that runs a lot.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Browns still have the most cap space of all team in the NFL with 43 mil. So I think Browns trade Vernon and a fourth round pick for Trent Williams, and give Williams an extension (2/36) and then give Clowney 15 mil. That uses about 16mil of cap space and leaves you still with plenty.

    Browns fix the O line by getting Williams and can pair him with Conklin and Bitonio who are already there that gives them a solid line. Then they have Baker Chubb Janovich OBJ Landry Njoku and Hooper.

    On defence use your draft pick to get Derrick Brown or hope for a Isaiah Simmons to add to a group of Richardson, Garrett, Clowney and Ward.

    • king beas

      Washington trading for an edge rusher?? They arguably don’t even have a need for chase young he’s just too good to pass up

      • Simmons>Russ

        According the NFLDraftWork the Skins biggest need is for EDGE. Plus Williams who say all of last year doesn’t want to be apart of that team. Think they would take Vernon as a 15mil expiring contract who can help that defence over Williams with his distractions and feelings towards to team. Plus they also get themselves back a draft pick

        • jkoms57

          Nfldraftnetwork is obviously saying that to imply they’re taking Young.

          No one is trading for Vernon. He will either be cut if they agree with Clowney, and stick if they dont.

          This article pretty much stated they’ll only cut him if they land Clowney

        • TribeFan4Ever

          Hell, the Browns need an edge rusher too. Just because you need one doesn’t mean to take on a bad contract. The two players may be equal though since Williams hasn’t played as long as A.J. Green.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Good O line, good attacking options, good d line, good rushers and a decent mix of youth and some vets.
        Also like the next coach Stafanski think he’s going to be good

    • CubsRebsSaints

      I like that. But you may have to add a 2021 draft pick (rd 4-6) maybe another 5th (two 5ths) and Vernon for Williams and a 7th
      ORRR… Cle could trade up for C. Young and Williams and 7th rd. In exchange for Vernon, #10ovr , 2020- 3rd pick and 6thrd plus 2021 4th or 5th rd pick
      Wash may demand another higher pick in this year’s draft or maybe next year’s draft.
      Then you save the Clowney money and maybe beef up DT/OL/DB/WR/ etc
      Young and Garrett? What.

    • greenbowlpacker

      Clooney not gonna sign with Cleveland on 1 year for 15. Seattle will give him same and he prefers Seattle, a playoff team and he like coach carrol. Cleveland wants JC they need to pay at least 16, even then not sure Cleveland on his radar.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Think skins value Chase Young to much and wouldn’t give him up unless it’s for a big haul, which is fair. But I like the idea and hasn’t thought about it.

    As for Vernon plus picks for Williams I just thought a third or fourth would be good maybe throw in a 6 or 7th rounder in there too, if that’s what it takes but Williams I think is going to be worth it. Williams is a 7 time pro bowler and has 1 second team all pro and last year he sat out a year. He’s so underrated for what he’s done and he would be a huge addition

    • tjbarnaba

      You’re bad at this. Vernon has little to no value on the trade market, yet they net Trent Williams by attaching a 4th round pick?? They would need to attach more draft assets for the skins to take on salary, not less. It’s laughable. With Vernon having no guaranteed money left on his deal, every single team knows the Browns are considering cutting him; making his draft asset value about a 7th round pick. Study up and stop posting.

      • TribeFan4Ever

        The non informed will always overvalue their CRAP and think everyone else is as dumb as they are …… or he’s 10 years old and doesn’t know better.

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