East Notes: Giants, Love, Cowboys

Holding a top-six pick for the third straight year, the Giants have been linked to either Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons or a tackle. The Giants are immersed in thorough examination of Simmons, with Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports noting the team is determining how he would fit in its scheme. Simmons saw action all over the formation for the Tigers but is viewed as either a linebacker or safety in the NFL. Some teams view Simmons as a safety. It is unclear where the Giants place him, though Joe Judge comes from a Patriots organization that valued versatility among defenders.

Regardless, rival GMs expect Dave Gettleman to select a tackle at No. 4 overall. Gettleman’s offensive line overhaul has not accomplished what he’d hoped, and a first-round pick could be slotted at right tackle before taking over for 2021 cap-casualty candidate Nate Solder on the left side. The Giants have been connected to Iowa tackle Tristan Wirfs at multiple junctures this offseason.

Here is the latest from the East divisions:

  • Gettleman has taken his share of heat since becoming Giants GM in December 2017. He has, however, made some philosophical changes since taking over. He admitted to have miscalculated the Giants’ ability to be competitive in his first season as GM, per Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. From October 2018 to March 2019, Gettleman traded big-ticket free agent additions Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon while also dealing Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Apple. In addition to accepting this is a rebuild, Gettleman is now OK with negotiating contracts in-season, Schwartz adds.
  • Were the Lions to trade out of the No. 3 slot or pass on Jeffrey Okudah, the Giants may still pass on the Ohio State cornerback. Given the Giants’ 2019 first-round selection of Deandre Baker and their recent James Bradberry deal, Ralph Vacchiano of SNY would expect them to avoid picking a corner fourth overall.
  • A bold Dolphins strategy would be passing on a quarterback at No. 5 and preparing a Jordan Love move later in the first round. Other teams are convinced the Dolphins are intrigued by the Utah State prospect — whom Miami secured a visit with before the NFL shut down that process — but doubt they will gamble to that degree, La Canfora notes. The Dolphins’ actions over the past year and change have been centered around landing their franchise quarterback in this draft. Although they hold the Nos. 18 and 26 picks, it would be a risk to let Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert go in hopes of landing Love later.
  • The NFL’s decisions on Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith are not expected to come until after the draft, but the Cowboys may have some different plans for them under DC Mike Nolan than they would have under Rod Marinelli. Instead of using their edge defenders as pure 4-3 defensive ends, Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones said (via USA Today’s Jori Epstein) he could envision Smith and Gregory as hybrid-type players who rush from linebacker positions as well as defensive end slots. Gregory has only played defensive end as a pro, while Smith has mostly worked as a 3-4 outside linebacker.
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21 comments on “East Notes: Giants, Love, Cowboys

    • CursedRangers

      Yeah, it was a perfect headline! They are America’s team after all. The red headed clapper must have convinced them to become fans

  1. king beas

    Giants fans are going to cry hearing this but if the Bucs offered pick 14 for barkley I think they should take it. I don’t think with how far away from competing as they are that a star rb does anything to speed up the rebuild in fact I think them picking 6&4 the two years following the barkley pick it shows what little impact he’s had in turning the team around. Getting pick 14 allows them to possibly get a tackle or wr1 that are more important to today’s nfl

    • ‘I don’t think with how far away from competing’

      It’s the NFL. No team is that far off from competing. They could draft strong this year, sign some FAs next off season, and look good heading into next year’s draft and season.

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      #14 isn’t enough for Barkley.

      It’d be #14 this year, 1st or 2nd next year, plus other draft picks.

      Little impact turning the team around? Is that how you judge a player lmao? Ladanian Tomlinson played on some awful charger teams his first couple years 5-11, 8-8, and 4-12. I’m sure charger fans are glad they didn’t abandon ship and trade a HOF running back.

      Saquon isn’t the issue. Unless the Giants get a kings ransom in picks they should keep him. Trading saquon just opens up another hole on the team at RB. He’s a capable runner and pass catcher, which for a young QB like Jones a safety net is important.

      • king beas

        You wouldn’t get that for barkley. Rbs just aren’t worth that much. I do judge a high pick on turning a franchise around because why else are you selection them to pick top 5 again? No the point is winning. Saquon isn’t the issue he’s great there’s no denying that but running back isn’t a hard hole to fix compared to the other holes on the giants. Giving jones an offensive line is much more important or giving him a defense so he isn’t losing the entire game. The value of a running back in today’s game is lower than it has ever been using pick 14 on a more important position and taking a rb later in the draft would make the giants a better team

        • “Rbs just aren’t worth that much.”

          David Johnson and a 2nd round pick just got DeAndre Hopkins. I realize the consensus is that the Texans got hosed, but Barkley is way better and worth far more than Johnson.

          • king beas

            Texans got absolutely destroyed for that trade. I don’t think any other gm in the league makes that trade and I don’t think there are any happy Texans fans regarding that trade. I think barkley is worth a first plus maybe couple other non first rounders. I don’t think he’s fetch 2 1st with the fact that he’s going to want more than cmc next offseason

  2. I’d be really happy with Simmons. Giants have been absurdly reluctant to draft a linebacker in the first round (hasn’t happened since LT nearly 40 years ago). As a fan, I really want to see an improved defense. Get a tackle in the 2nd round.

    • vladdy27bo11

      exactly i feel like they could get a steal like they did with hernandez 2 years ago

    • Perksy

      How about trade down a couple of spots, still get Simmons then take 2 Oline with the next 2 picks in the 2nd round.

  3. bobtillman

    “Holding a top 6 pick for the third straight year”…..that about sums up Gettleman’s tenure…..

    • Perksy

      Well you can’t count the first year, that wasn’t part of Gettlemans tenure. He took over in Dec 2017. Season was pretty much done

  4. of9376

    I’m torn on Simmons. He is undoubtedly a playmaker but I wonder if he can thrive in a singular role. Prob have to play him at multiple positions which leaves said other positions vacant or scheme specific.

  5. mlbnyyfan

    The Giants draft choice would of been an easy one if only they would of lost to Washington and Miami at end of the season. The Giants should be at #2 and take Chase Young. Now just trade down with Raiders possibly and get two first round picks. Barkley trade a decent idea but it’s going take a Herchel Walker type trade.

    • of9376

      I concur. Barkley is the entire offense so I’m not sure how trading him would help the G-men in the short or long.

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