Poll: Where Will Jadeveon Clowney Sign?

It’s April and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is still without an NFL team. The former No. 1 overall pick isn’t coming off of a banner year, but he plays a premium position and has 32 career sacks to his credit. So, what gives? 

Of course, his price tag is his biggest blocker. Clowney came into the offseason seeking a deal worth $20MM per year. Recently, he backed down from that position, though the incumbent Seahawks are believed to be offering between $13-$15MM per annum, which is still probably less than he’s willing to accept.

A reunion still seems possible, but Clowney’s camp is working to find a better deal in the interim. Late last week, the Browns entered the sweepstakes and some league officials believe that they have the strongest interest of any suitor. The Browns have tons of cap room – about $43MM – and they might be willing to use some of it to swap Olivier Vernon for Clowney. Of course, that might be easier said than done, since the Browns would still have to find a team willing to take on the rest of Vernon’s contract, which is set to pay him $15.25MM.

The Jets could use Clowney’s edge rushing ability, but they’ve been taking a conservative approach to free agency after whiffing on their preferred targets in March. The Titans have also been linked to him, thanks to Clowney’s relationship with head coach Mike Vrabel from their Houston days, but they’re less inclined to spend on the pass rush after committing $9MM to outside linebacker Vic Beasley.

Other teams have been connected to Clowney, like the Giants, Colts, and Dolphins, though their pass rush needs have already been addressed. The Eagles remain an interesting landing spot for him from a football perspective, and they have breathing room to work with for right now, but their 2021 situation could complicate things. In theory, Philly could still land Clowney if he is willing to accept a one-year deal. The Ravens – with less than $11MM in cap space for the current year – seem less likely to sign him. For the sake of casting a wide net, we’ll include all of those teams in our poll.

Where do you think Clowney will sign? Cast your vote in the poll below (link for app users) and back up your pick in the comments.

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28 comments on “Poll: Where Will Jadeveon Clowney Sign?

    • Jcool90

      The browns R a JOKE and BAKER is a JOKE!!! HE n the BROWNS wont win a SB. Lamar my team since they came to charm city will win a few. Sooo ha. And why would clowns go there lol loser bum team. Ravens don’t need em or want em. 2021 SB CHAMPS Ravens if we have nfl

  1. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Not impossible to unload Vernon.

    Final year of his deal. 1 year roughly 16 mill. You include the 3rd round pick #97 which you got from Houston….in fact.

    Offer Houston Vernon who’s lost dline this off season, plus their 3rd round pick back, and get back the Texans 2 compensatory 7th round draft picks.

    Browns unload Vernon and pick up 2 7ths while free up cap space to sign clowney, don’t think the browns should seems like a bust waiting to happen. Texans add depth to their dline who’s lost Mingo and Reader this off season and pick up a 3rd.

    • Michael Chaney

      Why would the Browns give up assets to unload Vernon when they can cut him and clear his salary at no cost?

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Misread his cap hit. Thought it said he’d cost his salary as a dead cap hit. Which made more sense to trade him than cut him.

    • myaccount

      Basically this is swapping a 3rd for two 7ths. No reason to do that with just 1 year left and no guaranteed money. Cut him instead.

  2. mitchrapp

    So six seasons after being the number 1 pick in the draft and he’s got 32 sacks? Not to mention playing opposite of a defensive player of the year who is always double teamed. In the real world we call that a bust.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      They didn’t really play together

      2014 clowney played in 4 games.

      2015 they played together and in 13 games (9 starts) Clowney had 4.5 sacks

      2016 watt played in 3 games

      2017 watt played in 5 games

      2018 played together and clowney had 9 sacks.

      2014 clowney missed 12 games. 2016 watt missed 13 games. 2017 watt missed 11 games. Combined they didn’t play with each other in 36 games on record, that’s not counting leaving games early due to injury. 2 seasons worth of games they didn’t play with each other.

    • Polish Hammer

      Exactly, Clowney has generational talent and any way you slice it he never really put it all together for any prolonged period. I agree he’s an overpaid bust.

  3. jetup12

    Vernon’s money isn’t guaranteed. They could cut him and save his entire 15.5 million cap number. The issue is probably the years and the guaranteed money.

  4. Michael Chaney

    The Browns can cut Vernon and clear his entire salary with no cap charge. The idea that they need to unload him to another team is crazy; they can just cut him if they want to.

  5. Dwindy1

    Yeah… Let’s all line up to pay $6-7 million per sack… Plus he plays an average of less then 11 games per season. Right… Pay the man…

    • dugdog83

      Pace has only one move left before a he’s fired in Chicago, he’s not dumb enough to waste it on another overpay.

      • fishy14

        I don’t no man y not go all in lol I’d trade up in draft if
        Lamb fall Some of next year capital

        Be nice on a 3rd 10 have hicks over center with

  6. skrockij89

    I’m going with Seattle. His camp is just trying to get Seattle to up their offer. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t helping him at all.

  7. jpeezy43

    What about New England? I mean obviously they are tight on cap room but let’s say they manage to clear cap and Clowney takes a pay cut on a one year deal and he proved himself for a huge contract next season. New England desperately needs linebackers and edge especially with the loss of Van Noy.

    • jjabrony

      Pats don’t sign guys like this, they trade them away a year before other teams would have.

  8. greenbowlpacker

    To just use JC sack stats is short sighted. He is great against run. Despite constant double teams he had high # of an pressures. His injury history is a bigger concern. Obviously not getting 20 million. Seattle will not over pay, and at some point will move on. If he signs a one year deal for 15 million he will be lucky. I predict Seattle for 14 on a one year deal… we will see what happens. He likes playing for Pete carrol and wants to be on playoff team.

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