Bears To Decline Mitchell Trubisky’s Fifth-Year Option

The Bears will not exercise Mitchell Trubisky‘s fifth-year option, according to’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter).

This will put the scrutinized former No. 2 overall pick in a contract year. Chicago acquired Nick Foles from Jacksonville this offseason. Although the Bears have liked Trubisky’s attitude since Foles’ arrival and are set to make this an open competition, per Pelissero, they are passing on extending his contract through 2021. This was the expected course of action, and the Bears are following through with it.

Because Trubisky was a top-10 pick, his option would have come in at $24.8MM. Based on the fourth-year quarterback’s track record, that price is quite lofty. While the Buccaneers and Titans respectively picked up Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota‘s options last year, the Bears are passing on their respective top-three draftee.

GM Ryan Pace pulled the trigger on a one-spot trade-up for Trubisky, climbing from No. 3 to No. 2 in 2017. At that point, Trubisky was viewed as a top-caliber prospect. But the one-year North Carolina starter has not lived up to expectations. The fact that Patrick Mahomes (pick No. 10) and Deshaun Watson (No. 12) have lapped the Bears starter has opened the door for endless scrutiny. Because Watson was picked 12th, his fifth-year option will come in at $17.5MM.

Trubisky regressed last season, finishing 28th in QBR. This prompted the Bears to bring in competition. They were close to an Andy Dalton trade before acquiring Foles later in March. The former Super Bowl LII MVP is viewed as the favorite to be Chicago’s starter this coming season. That would torpedo Trubisky’s value in free agency.

In 2018, Trubisky posted a 95.4 quarterback rating and threw for 24 touchdowns against 12 interceptions en route to a Pro Bowl nod (as an alternate). Last year, however, marked a step back. Trubisky threw 17 touchdown passes against 10 interceptions, and the Bears’ talented defense couldn’t make up for the offense’s shortcomings. The Bears went 8-7 in Trubisky’s 15 starts and finished .500 on the season, leaving them short of the postseason. Trubisky also battled hip and shoulder injuries, the latter requiring surgery.

Myles Garrett is the only member of 2017’s top five to see his fifth-year option exercised. Trubisky, 49ers defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette and Titans wideout Corey Davis are now on track for 2021 free agency.

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62 comments on “Bears To Decline Mitchell Trubisky’s Fifth-Year Option

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Ryan Pace: “When Mike Glennon gets home can you ask him to give me a call”.

  2. Rondon

    Hellen Keller and a dart board with Mahomes, Watson and Trubisky’s names on it would’ve had at least a 66% chance of hitting one of the 2 QBs that could’ve been the franchise guy for years in Chicago. But instead, it was that genius QB guru, Ryan Pace, who actually trades picks to move up up one spot just to make sure he got “his” guy. He’ll never live that one down.

    • afsooner02

      I get not going with Mahomes bc of the Texas tech system qb crap before him….but Watson was day and night ahead of trubisky who even at his best was just decent at UNC.

      Too bad too bc the bears have a championship defense but by the time they get the O fixed, it’ll be too old and too expensive.

    • Steven Juris

      Considering that the Niners picked 2 busters who combined haven’t even played up to Mitchs level just saying.

      • SheltonMatthews

        That’s the way the draft goes. They picked Kittle in the 5th round that year. Bet if you re-draft, he’s top 10, so potato, potato.

    • excusemeflo

      Let’s be honest, the Bears would’ve found a way to develop either of them into mediocre quarterbacks.

  3. ron swanson

    Surprised they didn’t pick it up. Making stupid decisions to justify his previous stupid decisions is the Pace way. Maybe he’s finally learning.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Pace’s decisions have actually been more effective at convincing fans to stay away from Soldiers Field than Covid. He’ll probably end up with a statue for that.

      • Steven Juris

        Because GMs who had a 12-4 season with executive of the year attached suck. At least he doesn’t pick fights with HoF QBs and draft their replacements while deliberately handicapping their chances of getting to a Super Bowl

          • Steven Juris

            Neither would Gutenkeist. Most scouts had 5r same exact evaluation as Pace did. Should have fired Fox 1 year earlier. The Pack had one of the worst drafts ever this season. Have a short window and decide to trade up for a QB that might be decent in 5 years, overdraft an oversized fat hb in the 2nd round and then draft a FB in the third. Is this the 1940’s? Keep in mind needing a wr and in a draft full of wr ignore the position altogether.

            • Rondon

              There’s a great article in the Tribune about how several top scouts as well as Fox, all thought Watson should be the pick. Pace tuned em out. That’s 3 out 4 1st round picks who didn’t get their option picked up- Miserable.

              • Steven Juris

                Fox shouldn’t have been allowed to say a single word to Mitch neither should have been Loggains. Those scouts also liked White and loved Floyd. More scouts and GMs liked Trubisky. It’s a shame that we had a head coach and an offensive coordinator who absolutely detest offense in modern times.

            • SvenMo92

              Takes a person with a bloated giant ego and their own sense of self worth to claim a draft where the players haven’t taken the field yet to be considered “the worst”…

              • Steven Juris

                When you’re drafting players that will not help you for 2 years because they have players significantly better then them then yes it’s a bad draft. Especially when you are deliberately antagonizing a HOF QB who is a complainer by nature. How is ignoring WRs and defense going to hell a team win. Especially when they got worse in the offseason? Doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Pack deliberately got worse this year. Can’t wait to see Aaron cry some more.

                • SvenMo92

                  Yeah, must be reading what Favre thinks or what all the other “experts” are thinking..

                  • Steven Juris

                    Doesn’t take Einstein to realize the Pack didn’t draft anybody to help this year. Unless pretty girl Erin gets hurt early and then it’s tank for Lawrence anyways.

            • Tankittothelimit

              What do the Packers have to do with it?

              You’re arguing with a fellow Bears fan by the way, genius.

              • crosseyedlemon

                I was wondering why the Packers situation has any relevance to Pace’s decisions too Tank.

        • Rondon

          Sorry Stephen, but it was Vic Fangio’s defense, playing out of it’s mind that year, that got Pace and Nagy those awards.

          • Steven Juris

            Defense is still there it was PACE who got Mack and without Mack no that defense wouldn’t be as good. The offense also was a lot better.

            • Rondon

              You are seriously looking through rose colored glasses. Yes, the Mack trade was great. And several mid to late round picks have been solid. But you CAN’T miss on that many 1st round picks. And completely whiffing on Glennon, Sims and others, then trading up for Trubisky… Against who? And way overpaying for Graham… Against who? Sorry, but one trade does not cover up a multitude of sins.

              • Steven Juris

                Glennon was never supposed to do anything but pacify a really bad head coach and an extremely dumb offensive coordinator. Pace never wanted Mitch to play at all. He is trying to catch up on Angelos mistakes, but Jerry missed on 95% of his picks. The Bears were fielding calls for the third pick in that draft. Why would they feel that a team wouldn’t jump in front of them? Desperation at TE is why they overpaid Graham, but that was a significant problem last year. This offense can’t run at all without a TE who can function. Might be the actual biggest issue with the team. That and some really bad play calling. Trubisky isn’t the only problem. Everyone regressed last year. Yet it’s all the QBs fault.

                • Rondon

                  The #1 problem or solution always starts with the QB. You’re mincing words and arguing for the sake of arguing. Later, “expert”.

                  • Steven Juris

                    You’re as much of an expert as I am. Actually bad experts like you blame everything on the Qb. More problems other then Qb exist, but go ahead and blame it all on the Qb. Qb is also the single hardest position in all of sports to get right. Most teams fail badly at it.

            • imindless

              @steven juris imagine defended drafting Mitch and defending the pick over mahomes and Watson. Lmao then your main argument is packers draft lmao I’d rather have the perennial playoffs appearances and 2 rings over the last 25 years than what the bears have had. Bears are a terrible run organization top to bottom, won’t be suprised to see mack deal fall on its face when raiders picks pan out as well. You look dumb, please stop posting nonsense.

              • Steven Juris

                A well run organization would have won more then 2 Super Bowls with 2 hofers in 25+ years. The Niners pick after Mitch was even worse at least Mitch has done something to earn a paycheck. Can’t say something about your wife Salomon. Perennial playoffs don’t mean anything when you choke in the playoffs just like the Dudgers led by Captain Choke Kershaw.

                • Juris –
                  Dude…what is the deal with your Packer obsession? Your true colors are showing…might be time to pack up and move to WI

  4. Afk711

    How anyone could have watched college football in 2015-16 and thought Trubisky was better than Watson is insane. Kevin White, Lennord Floyd and Trubisky should be enough to get a GM fired.

          • Eatdust666

            They gave him a 3 year $45 million contract but cut him after the first season.

            • crosseyedlemon

              In the 4 games Glennon played for the Bears he had a passer rating of 76.9. That is actually 10.3% worse than what Trubisky has managed at 2.5x the cost.

  5. JohnTheSportsFanatic

    Nice pick Bears, dude will be out of the league in 2 years and Mahomes and Watson are MVP candidates.

  6. jessaumodesto

    As soon as he told people to call him “Mitchell” you knew his career was over.

    Top 5 athletes named Mitchell:

  7. getoffmylawn

    I think there’s a lot of revisionist history going on here. Mitchell Trubisky unfortunately will be forever be a modern version of Sam Bowie, drafted ahead of Michael Jordan (Chicago fans have to acknowledge the irony), as Trubisky was drafted ahead of Mahomes and Watson. At the time of the draft 3 years ago many, many scouts were high on Mitchell Trubisky, not just Chicago, including the Browns, who had no quarterback (thank you Jimmy Haslam, for insisting on drafting Johnny Manziell due in part to the aforementioned Dowell Loggains….ughhhhh) and were giving at least passing thought to taking hometown guy Trubisky over Myles Garrett. While it’s fair to say the Bears overreached on Trubisky considering his average arm strength and limited college experience (13 starts), the only fair complaint is regarding not taking DeShaun Watson, who had a ton more starting experience as well as a national championship on his resume. Sorry, but despite his tremendous arm and athletic ability absolutely NOBODY was pushing for Patrick Mahomes at #2 in 2017…in fact I was hoping that he might fall to the Browns later in Round 1 (#25) and people I mentioned that to either thought I was nuts or had never heard of him. Despite his limited college experience Trubisky has actually played pretty well, and plays in an offense that is not blessed with a great line or great receivers or running back talent…so Mitchell Trubisky is an overdrafted average starting NFL quarterback who is being blamed as the problem in Chicago…I hate to say it because I like Nick Foles, but don’t expect markedly different results with him at quarterback. The problem in Chicago is the Bears’ general lack of talent on offense, which also wears out its talented defense due to being on the field too much. That’s really what having Ryan Pace as GM has gotten you.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      This is accurate. Mitch is a solid, but unspectacular QB. If he’d have been drafted in the late 1st rd, I think he’d get more slack. Draft position unfortunately creates expectation though, and no one wants to draft “steady” 2nd overall.

      Pace clearly doesn’t understand how to build an offense, though. Steady can win you games, but it needs help.

      I think Mitch and the Bears will surely part ways after this season. I also could see Mitch going on to have a career trajectory similar to Ryan Fitzpatrick. They’re not the same QB, so I’m not making a direct comparison. I just feel as if he’ll be a respected journeyman QB who, in the right situation, could be lightning in a bottle on occasion.

      • getoffmylawn

        “Nobody wants to draft ‘steady’ 2nd overall”…”he’ll be a respected journeyman QB who, in the right situation, could be lightning in a bottle on occasion”…great points very well said, I wish I had said them. Kudos to you. It’s funny you mention Ryan Fitzpatrick, when I first saw him play years ago for the Bengals I felt sorry for him because I thought he had one of the worst arms I thought I had ever seen on an NFL quarterback and would be gone at the end of whatever season it was. So I felt bad for an intelligent Harvard grad who wound up having a nice long career spending many seasons earning millions of dollars as a serviceable backup/starter who has caught “lightning in a bottle on occasion.” Shows you how much I really know.

  8. slick222

    My opinion is that the play calling last season was the pits. Over use of Cohen (I love the guy, but running him through the middle as much as they did is insane) and a very predictable passing game did not give Trubisky much of a chance to prove anything.
    During one of the Lion games, I successfully predicted 8 offensive plays IN A ROW! Had my wife and neighbor thinking I was playing TiVO tricks. The year prior, play calling was great, but something happen last season, it was like they wanted to lose.

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